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  1. author

    Alper Durmuş8 시간 전

    I love thailand team

  2. author

    Oscar Fonseca8 시간 전

    7:27 finificaron el partido con el que puntazo tan hp jajaja

  3. author

    Abdulrehman66 Birasdar8 시간 전

    Well played japan

  4. author

    vino vinoth8 시간 전

    Ukkar pandi 🔥🔥🔥

  5. author

    Gabriel Navia9 시간 전

    amazing korean team

  6. author

    홍낙기9 시간 전


  7. author

    Cauã L. Ribeiro9 시간 전


  8. author

    shailendra singh10 시간 전

    my one of fvrt 😊😊😊

  9. author

    Sargas10 시간 전

    куда там, малышкам-мартышкам, против гигантских коров играть?

  10. author

    Tegar Fransida10 시간 전

    38:39 amazing spike

  11. author

    MiguelDraws10 시간 전

    -NEVER GIVE UP Legendary volleyball saves- *nishinoya highlights*

  12. author

    Karine de Souza10 시간 전

    Anderson is a diva. 😂😍

  13. author

    MyCisAwesome11 시간 전

    Where can I watch the full game?

  14. author

    sara vas11 시간 전

    Esa rivera no hace nada, y la brayelin todo le reciben para su altura debe ser una thing zhu, pero bueno. Necesitan otra cuatro y un centro que ataquen mas

  15. author

    Maguiña Polanco Eric Rafael12 시간 전

    korean plastic girls

  16. author

    Myaca Francisco14 시간 전

    So happy Thailand won 😍 my favorite team in the whole wide world ❤️🏐

  17. author

    D. Graze14 시간 전

    Thailand no 4 are so pretty. It's unfortunate but korra deserve this win. Amazing gameplay

  18. author

    JiJhong Chen14 시간 전

    I would thought this was Taiwan's highlight if i did not see the title..... :P

  19. author

    weronika orenczak14 시간 전

    WOW 😃 POLSKA 🏅🏆💕💗 😍 👏👍

  20. author

    Alan Velez14 시간 전

    So, the terrorists can play some ball.

  21. author

    Ninni Vanilli15 시간 전

    Love japan from Turkey

  22. author

    Carnage15 시간 전

    Imagine been slap in the face by any of these guys?

  23. author

    Geremypaul Palomino parillo16 시간 전

    Igual de fracasadas que el equipo femenino

  24. author

    Dominik Pipiro16 시간 전

    Poland the best

  25. author

    Ledge16 시간 전

    The Japanese have been watching Haikyuu man.

  26. author

    Sanjeev Singh17 시간 전

    Amit bhai...you attack well.. but you are playing for india.. not for a local.. service is the first attack.. should be effective..

  27. author

    Daniella Calle18 시간 전

    korea has high, well-timed blocks that slam the ball down, thailand has persistent digs that bring the ball back up... makes for a very interesting game, both teams did very well :)

  28. author

    Yulin18 시간 전

    中國隊~~~ 中國隊~~~~~ 那個拿麥克風的聲音有夠魔性XD

  29. author

    Jackie18 시간 전

    Nishida when he gets a point: :D Nishida when he gets blocked: D: They were both fun to watch and good job Egypt! They're improving a lot. Japan just has so much raw power and speed. It's breathtaking.

  30. author

    Pengangguran Kreativ18 시간 전

    Aku malu liatnya haha

  31. author

    Praya19 시간 전

    Kusida > Hinata

  32. author

    anish saha19 시간 전

    Whole Japan's team look alike KARASUNO High Volly Team... LIKE if you here after watching HAIKYUU......................love from India.

  33. author

    Mr Joseph Joestar19 시간 전

    Seijoh vs shiratorizawa 🧐

  34. author

    Afrighna Naftalena20 시간 전

    Hila berat bener nembus pertahanan dominic

  35. author

    Samrat Rakshit20 시간 전

    My country featured in this video and has the most corrupt Volleyball federation. Guess which country it is?

  36. author

    Şehir Gacha20 시간 전

    Olm simge harbiden kötü oynuyor bazı pozisyonlarda

  37. author

    GB Min21 시간 전

    확실히 공격형 세터라 그런지 월드 발리볼에서도 주목받는구나.

  38. author

    桑蒂21 시간 전

    Vamos Las panteras! A puro ovario!!! Somos locales en todos lados!!🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  39. author

    El Roy21 시간 전

    Konttttooll ajing babi

  40. author

    Edelyn Ello21 시간 전

    grabe Ang bibilis ng china. pati Korea ganda ng Laban.

  41. author

    blow your mind21 시간 전

    Don't mind Don't mind

  42. author

    ZlotoPloto world21 시간 전

    Good play India, loved your game

  43. author

    سردار شنكالي21 시간 전

    my favorite sport is volleball

  44. author

    李明豪22 시간 전

    可以解釋為什麼台灣隊 第三局 最後一球不給挑戰?

  45. author

    Hyeryeong Choi23 시간 전

    1:26 woah chill outtt girl

  46. author

    Techi Cuva23 시간 전

    Lindas Chinita guerreras soy su hincha .

  47. author

    i francis23 시간 전

    Chinese taipei is everywhere

  48. author

    Cauã L. Ribeiro23 시간 전


  49. author

    jdrdnd das23 시간 전

    Love u man

  50. author

    zeck071523 시간 전

    sync plz

  51. author

    แสวง นันชนะ23 시간 전


  52. author

    julie prince일 전

    no.6 Iran and no.17 china are my crush so gorgeous

  53. author

    Adinda Kakanda일 전

    Iran is the best...👍

  54. author

    Jovannie Momo일 전

    Men! I can see so much talent and potential with this kenyan team! I was so impressed, mentally keeping their spirit up all the time. Yes, the fact that they want to win (for sure) but the experience of fighting against a huge team (usa) thats a winning pivot. If they continue to learn and grid, kenya will be seen somewhere at the rankings not far from now! So much love and respect!

  55. author

    Adinda Kakanda일 전

    Bravo for Iran...👍

  56. author

    Triệu Vỹ일 전

    I like and love Zhu ting so much. I want to kiss you Zhu ting 😘😘😘😘

  57. author

    Will Vaine일 전

    The setter of Brazil is their heart

  58. author

    đặng thân일 전


  59. author

    Fun gaming일 전

    Anyone noticed where are the audience

  60. author

    มาวิน หําใหญ่ไซส์13ครับ일 전

    Just only Thailand team is great block, but other teams are just good block....hahahahahhaahhaahhahaa

  61. author

    Marcky Bassi일 전

    China‘s ball are totally everywhere. And just fast. Nobody cant respond to that spike shes just a monster in court.

  62. author

    홍낙기일 전


  63. author

    홍낙기일 전


  64. author

    ねこねこ일 전


  65. author

    莫德里奇Modrić일 전


  66. author

    해사랑일 전

    I Love japan

  67. author

    samir thapa일 전

    like here plz

  68. author

    tilawakoha lamiauy일 전

    how did russia collapsed like this ? they used to be one of the powerhouses in vb? so sad ... they are all lame , no power , as if they havent eaten for a year :(

  69. author

    Just Ride Bandung일 전

    Nice 👍

  70. author

    멧멧일 전

    대 한 민 국 !

  71. author

    tilawakoha lamiauy일 전

    tsunami is very dangerous.. we can be killed by the strong hits...

  72. author

    Nasa T.일 전


  73. author

    Son Goku일 전

    Memalukan ...

  74. author

    Son Goku일 전

    I think commentator volleyball world should netral

  75. author

    Son Goku일 전

    Congratulations Iran , Wellcome to Tokyo

  76. author

    襾襾일 전


  77. author

    Asli Bsgc일 전

    I’m so proud of the Turkish national team ❣️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  78. author

    Jackiey Got Juice Not Tropicana일 전

    KOR 🙌

  79. author

    Prinya Praprom일 전


  80. author

    Son Goku일 전

    I Love Turkey, your wellcome

  81. author

    Kris Latifa일 전

    At least in here thailand won 🤣🤣🤣

  82. author

    Praba karan일 전

    India's attacking is superb but they should improve their blocking. Well tried India i am so proud of you. All the best for the upcoming tournament.

  83. author

    hoho ho일 전

    1:25 oh my..🤢

  84. author

    Jin Jae일 전

    This is biased even though Korea won. Just watch the whole game, at least that won’t be biased. 🤢

  85. author

    Rezky Jeffison일 전

    Taipei go go go 加油加油!!!

  86. author

    villa quintana일 전

    anyareh sa laro ng mga Puti n yan ngaun pinuchu puchu lng sila Tatlong Sets lng akalain mo 😮 dati lakas lakaas nila ah bt ngaun ngibaah na

  87. author

    Wan Jin일 전

    Hope you upload Turkey vs Germany match thank you 🙏🏻

  88. author

    SuperYT4Ever일 전

    ㅉㅉㅉ 빙신들!

  89. author

    산체스아딸리아일 전

    La número 10 la de korea...la vi en un video de mtbc de comedia ......

  90. author

    Kimmy Vlogs일 전

    Queen Zhu Ting❣👸

  91. author

    Hamidreza Khosravani일 전

    Iran is king of ashia

  92. author

    Fabian S일 전

    Sokolov THE BEST!

  93. author

    Onjee Argos일 전

    brilliant play by the japanese libero yamamoto !

  94. author

    TheSleepinDoofus일 전

    That one non-Haikyuu comment your not looking for

  95. author

    동심서일 전

    와!! 이재영선수 공격이면 공격 리시브면 리시브 이재영선수 최고입니다 항상 응원합니다

  96. author

    Victor C.일 전

    usa sucks

  97. author

    oswaldo Lopez일 전

    Mis respetos para Republica Dominicana q esta en un buen nivel lo unico preocupante es que las jugadoras son las mismas de 5 años atras encambio Brasil cada vez que veo sus partidos tienen variedad de jugadoras que nunca he visto. Recuerdo ese brazil q daba miedo con Taisa, Mari, Sasa, Sheyla, Fabiana y Gabi la libero

  98. author

    vitamin jisoo일 전

    *Anarkulova* 💪🔥 love from the Philippines 🙌💝

  99. author

    Molly Moores일 전

    Salah never seems to get a good ball

  100. author

    unalome일 전