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    turkish starligh

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    fighiting :)

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    vıxx sarangheee

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    töki starligh

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    saranghe vıxx

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    cemre çetinkaya5 개월 전

    turkish starligh :) vıxx <3 <3

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    Dany Rodríguez6 개월 전

    La primera vez que supe de este grupo musical masculino surcoreano creo que fue hace 1 año la verdad no lo recuerdo bien y creo que fue a través de alguna lista de reproducción de algún cantante o grupo musical que estuve escuchando la verdad no lo recuerdo bien.

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    Vixxmylight6 개월 전

    PLEASE upload the La la la thank you for your love for intl starlights this is the only way we can heard the album....#intlstarlightsalwayswithvixx

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    Riana Vestalys7 개월 전

    Love from Madagascar ♥♥

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    annida ulya7 개월 전

    Love VIXX always. Thanks for working hard. You are true musician who I adore and respect, VIXX.And congrats for VIXX LR new album, my fav songs are Today and Whisper.Believe us, many Starlights will always beside you, wholeheartedly. #0817

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    Bao zi7 개월 전

    Annyeong~ I love your song 'Whisper', Leo and Ravi oppa! Thank youso much! Vixx fighting~! <3

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    LolitaBanana8 개월 전

    Why no more english subs for VIXX TV ? TT

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    Senti como si hubieran copiado el logo que yo hice especialmente de Vixx para mi canal de KOreporter.

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    hamster lover8 개월 전

    why don't rovix change 2016 to 2017 in the description box ?#The Best Artist of the 2017. VIXX!!

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    Madi Suzy9 개월 전

    Why is Beautiful Liar by Vixx LR not in the Official Video playlist?

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    muy hermoso vixx . los amoooo

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    The views of shangrila mv have suddenly decreased!!

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    Sharon Rae11 개월 전

    Rovix, so upset that Vixx's 5th Anniversary Company video was removed because of a ridiculous 'Dispatch' article. Will you reupload an edited version please? I hadn't watched it yet - was in my Vixx playlist. Starlight's love for Jaehwan will never change, no matter what ignorant people say. Starlight's love for Vixx will never change either. We walk the same road, hand in hand with Vixx ~ ALWAYS!!!

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    Haley Nguyen11 개월 전

    Hello. I am a vietnamese Starlight. Please add Engsub or Koreansub lyrics to all of VIXX's mv. I think it will contribute much to the amount of views, also it will help international fans like me easily comprehend the songs.And it will make others access to VIXX more. I think it will be really helpful. Hope you will considerate it. Thank you.

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    Thank you for verifying your KOreporter channel. It will be of great help for people and fans!

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    thank you the channel is finally verified !!!

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    Please verify this channel before the comeback!

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    please get your channel verified !!!

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    RealVIXX Verify "✅" 주세요! Views 도움이 될 것입니다. 🙏🙏🙆

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    please apply for VERIFIED badge as soon as possible. so people or new fan who search for VIXX will be directly find this channel, instead of another channel. also it will help us to increase the viewers & subscribers numbers, avoid plagiarism and many more ! please please !!

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    @RealVIXX .. Can u pls input lyrics on next original MV!!! So that others won't reupload the MV + lyrics on it! Just in 1day, someone already reupload Ravi's mixtape 자각몽 with lyrics & have few hunders view. ~Viewers will be higher if everyone only stream on RealVIXX MV (if with lyrics). Please.....~ 😌😌

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    please new video . lütfen artık yeni şarkı lütfeeen çook özledik

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    Happy birthday ravi i love you <3 <3

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    annida ulya년 전

    congrats for your first mini album Ravi...~~ we will always on your side! #170109

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    Mellow B. Starlight년 전

    Please release the MVs on KOreporter first, by releasing them on v live first you're taking away from the views which is a problem we always have :(

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    A todos los miembros de vixx les de seo un feliz año nuevo y que recuerden todo lo bueno que les dejo el año pasado y se llenen de emoción por lo que les trae este 2017 los quiero un mucho <3 ravi te quiero eres excelente en todo lo que haces espero que sigas así y des mas de ti <3 hyuk eres muy dedicado o eso es lo que demuestras te felicito <3 N <3 te quiero <3 leo <3 eres muy tierno <3 ken <3 eres muy divertido te quiero <3 bongbin <3 eres muy profesional y tambien te quiero. les de seo a todos un feliz año nuevo desde a qui venezuela los estaré siempre apoyando <3

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    happy Christmas

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    hi how are you

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    최악의 그룹

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    Ana Itzel Landa년 전

    최악의 그룹

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    park년 전

    Come to Brazil, please ❤️

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    Patrícia Isabel년 전

    Sending lots of love and support to ya guys! You guys deserve the best <3 VIXX fighting!! <3

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    an INFINITEly VIXXed VIP!년 전

    Love me do and desperate dance practice please? Is there something we need to do?

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    Our Van Diaries년 전

    adore your content, so inspiring!

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    Nhyla Beaty년 전


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    ST RLIGHT년 전

    dance practice早く見たい!!ㅋ

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    Chinese starlight Vixx fighting!!!

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    The Closer mv look so amazing..~huuuuuu..

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    Pensamentos do Phantom년 전

    Please dance pactice of Love Me Do ^^ 고맙습니다 thank you 나는 당신에게 빅스 사랑

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    Pensamentos do Phantom년 전

    will the Vixx group can make a dance practice love me do?

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    Pensamentos do Phantom년 전

    빅스 그룹은 댄스 연습의 나를 사랑 할 수 있습니까?

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    Alex Manrique년 전

    Cool vids. Im a singer :)

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    Uvinda perera년 전

    I'm a Sri Lankan fan of you. VIXX can you come to my country as well. cheabal!!!!!!

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    Thank you for Hongbin cover T_T I was waiting for it for ages...Thank you!!

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    Claire Higgins년 전

    Come through Hongbin. Love you

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    Fantasy 드라마 뮤비 올려주세요~!! 300만 넘었어요!!!!

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    die hard starlight full heart primadonna년 전

    congratulations VIXX for the first win in Fantasy, lets go for more. Love u gays!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hongbin Dimple년 전

    *keep on staring at the clock and wish that god fasten the time* I NEED THE MV RIGHT NOW!

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    I'm pressing the refresh button...again and again..please be out soon, MV!!!

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    When will fantasy MV be out !!!!! I am done waiting T.T I NEED IT NOW

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    When will the mv will be release?

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    where is fantasy mv!!! im waiting it would come out today

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    ST RLIGHT년 전


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    para empezar un proyecto, hace falta valentía para terminar un gran proyecto hace falta perseverancia ustedes pueden no se rindan

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    Taiger Sandoval2 년 전

    I can´t wait for our meeting #VIXXinMEXICO ¡¡¡¡¡¡ Guys really I´m very proud of you, thank you so much for share each moment of your life with us =´3, we are a big family. VIXX is my inspiration, my happiness, my sunshine, HakYeon, Taek Woon, Jaehwan, Won Sik, HongBin, Sang Hyuk you make me feel alive, stay healthy please, take care We´re going to support you ALWAYS¡¡¡¡ #StarlightForever

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    annida ulya2 년 전

    #DYNAMITE4thWIN, (2nd win in The SHOW) :D #050316 Thank you VIXX, Rovix-Jellyfish team and STARLIGHTs ~~~ this year will become a good year for our family!! I do believe... So Please, always support our VIXX and help them reach their dream, higher. ah, I'm so proud Starlight ^^..

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    ryana c2 년 전

    Love your songs XD Wish you all the best Lots of love from Mauritius

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    Phoebe Tan2 년 전

    22:57 (+8 GMT) ... #Waiting...

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    Nidia Santos Rico2 년 전

    kiaaa nuevo mv vamos rumbo a los primeros puestos vixx and starlight figthing!!!!!

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    Alma Lorente2 년 전

    what is the time to release the dynamite??? plz!!

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    amethyst jane-johnson2 년 전

    please upload dynamite mv !!! i'm dying !!

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    Divya Prabha2 년 전

    OMG its April 19th and way past 00am. Please stop being late for comebacks, VIXX. Anyway saranghaeee

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    kim-R.J vixx2 년 전

    where is the mv

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    Phoebe Tan2 년 전

    Why isnt it out yet...? Im pretty sure it's already 4/19 in Korea.. #20160419_0AM

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    Nabila Harnum Hawariah2 년 전

    Terima kasih untuk semuanya VIXX, terima kasih juga untuk semua STARLIGHT... Tetap semangat ya semua :)

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    Nabila Harnum Hawariah2 년 전

    Yeay, New MV.....

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    Anastacia Orfanou2 년 전

    love you guys :) FROM GREECE <3

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    Chouablai Moua2 년 전

    hi im a big fan i heart you N and all of you guys

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    NS Channel2 년 전


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    Kabao Lee2 년 전

    Wonder if VIXX will do a hidden camera episode?

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    GundamPriest2 년 전

    Jeezus O_O Stumbled upon this while searching for a business law article - so much for my paper! ::Fans self:: Who turned on the heater? It's suddenly really hot in here! :P

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    dear @RealVIXX may I request vixx special video about @moorim2016_ OST recording ?? please ... I really want to see. thanks! @jellyfish_ent

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    MsDreams92 년 전

    Los esperamos en México con mucho amor <3

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    Tin2 년 전

    my favorite group in the whole world

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    natalia mvm2 년 전

    vixx...fighting... i love leo <3

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    Sherylljn2 년 전

    i love VIXX <3 <3 fighting guys!!~

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    Nathaly Nunez2 년 전

    Realmente me encanta VIXX, mis oppas son tan dedicados, siempre son lindos y desbordan talento, ellos realmente se merecen el amor de sus fans de todo el mundo. Me encantaría que hubieran mas programas donde ellos aparecieran subtitulados en español, es una verdadera lastima el que yo no pueda entender coreano. Sinceramente los amo desde lo mas profundo de mi corazón y los apoyare hasta el final, y aunque este en el otro lado del mundo (en Venezuela) haré todo lo posible por ser una buena ST☆RLIGHT. VIXX ANIMO! LOS AMO

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    Lydiale Lee2 년 전

    please let there be a hot enough dance practice video...

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    annida ulya2 년 전

    VIXX, WON again with Chained Up, congrats!! Our VIXX is precious, so PROUD!! Go, Higher!! Starlight Fighting and Thank you! ;3

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    masithoh ekhayani2 년 전

    hmm.,.,.,maze is good.,.,.is it possible to make its music video???kekeke.,.,hope could see the choreography for maze soon.,.,

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    Lillian Behr2 년 전

    How soon before we get to see a live video for That You?

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    Adinda Noviastari2 년 전

    Happy birthday Leo Oppa! :D

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    kim-R.J vixx2 년 전

    اااااه الام في بينزل بعد 30 دقيقه وبعد ثلاثين دقيقه اروح للمدرسه ااااااه ماهذا

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    Lara Ekron2 년 전

    Who knows when Chained Up is out on iTunes? :3 chu~

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    Amelie Hunter2 년 전

    aah it 4:05! where is chained up??

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    annida ulya2 년 전

    For new people, You need to listen every VIXX's songs with your heart too, not just your ear... and You'll fall in love with VIXX and their song! :).. ^^ good luck! D-1 #VIXX #Chained_up

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    annida ulya2 년 전

    Jelpi, thank you for caring our beloved and precious VIXX properly... their 2nd album is very good, I already fall in love with all of the songs! :3

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    annida ulya2 년 전

    Rovix, thank you for the teaser.. :D VIXX Fighting!!

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    CHECK OUT BAP: 'Hands Up!'2 년 전

    I'm really excited for the new video!!!!!!!

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    Stephanie stengel2 년 전

    New Music Video: Chained Up!!!

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    kuro Shii2 년 전

    I love VIXX <3 <3 <3 Espero con ansias Chained up ;D

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    annida ulya2 년 전

    Rovix, when will the comeback teaser out? xD.. It's should be 2 weeks before their comeback, right? ^^ tomorrow? #hope.

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    Bianca Weber2 년 전

    I dont even listen to any other music than k-pop, and VIXX is my favorite group EVER!!!!!!!!! Saranghaeyo N <3

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    Jacey Perez2 년 전

    Omg I LOVE VIXX please come to Chicago soon!!! <3

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    Lea Ddx2 년 전

    I hope they will come to germany or belgium soon ♥

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    annida ulya2 년 전

    Rovix, please upload more VIXX video with English Sub for international Starlights... really want many people know more about VIXX.

  103. author

    Colleen Lewis2 년 전

    Vixx please come back to Orlando, Florida. I missed my chance to see you live. </3 My heart is breaking into little pieces, I love your music so much. For <3 LR | Leo you are so perfect, don't ever change. You are so sentimental and sing like an angel it makes my heart all warm inside. Ravi! Your smiles makes me want to smile too, and when you rap it is so intense and full of passion. Love it! I am a big fan and will continue to support your music as well as all the members of the group.

  104. author

    A EMJJI2 년 전

    Beautiful Liar 티져말고 뮤비 메인에 올려주세요~! 검색해서 찾으려면 티져는 잘 보이는데 오히려 뮤비는 잘 안보여요 :0

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    BTS Biased2 년 전

    Thanks for your hard work, LR ^^

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    Myst1cal2 년 전

    I'm so excited for LR unit!!!! The teasers, the photos, it all seems so great. I'll definitely watch

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    Alaina Cwik2 년 전

    Hello VIXX, I just saw you in perform in Orlando. I hope you will come again soon, I promise to be there enjoying your stage :) You were absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for coming to Orlando! FIGHTING! ~Always your starlight.

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    Dianah Mahmood2 년 전

    Please sing John Legend's All Of Me.....I'm sure Starlights would appreciate it...Just like Ken singing Adele Rolling In The Deep....Now we only listen to Ken's version.

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    Shamell29 Johnson2 년 전

    Hello V.I.X.X,my name is Tiana, this is my mom account.I want to say all of you is so sweet and kind and being a starlight is so special to me and also thank you VIXX for helping my life and being true to yourself.I always support you and love you! V.I.X.X FIGHTING!

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    김 •• 세정2 년 전

    안녕하세요 내가 당신 을 사랑하고 켄 이 너무 재미 프랑스 와 나는 내가 곧 회신 바랍니다 기쁘게 너무 귀여운 중국 입니다 발견

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    Tomanna Lake2 년 전

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday on it's your special day Happy Happy Happy Birthday I hope your day go really really great. I love you VIXX And Happy Birthday N and Happy earlier Birthday Hyuk. 🎊🎊🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂

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    Tomanna Lake2 년 전

    Happy Birthday N & Hyuk❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💞

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    rosela962 년 전

    oppa! the view count of Love Equation is already over 2 Million!!! When will u upload the special video for us!? saranghaeyo oppa!!!! #vixxforever #foreverstarlight <3 <3 <3

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    Namjoo Sarangdungy2 년 전

    Can you upload UNIT 3 (N and Hongbin) video from Hex Sign?? why only th unit 3's video that you didn't upload??? :(

  115. author

    Soldrakenn3 년 전

    could we have an update about VIXX N Kpop? I read the radioshow will be streamed and subbed for international fans? I hope we could have a link where to go and some more info, because I would love to follow it live if that was possible :)

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    Love Jonetsu3 년 전

    I kind of want to see N doing Sugar Sugar - LABOUM reminds me of the cute dance at the end of Love Equation.

  117. author

    Paula Rodríguez3 년 전

    Hi guys!! =D i'm Paula i am from Venezuela "south América" i come to tell you that you're fantastic guys! i love you're originality in every song and the sincerity of each one of you, i think they're great ^^! ♥ you're guys have a lot fans in Perú - Lima So please i hope one day you go to Perú so I could see them (/*-*)/ i would love to see in person hehe ~ please continue just like that LOVE YOU GUYS!! i will always be ST☆RLIGHT!!! (。◠‿◠。)

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    Betti Borsó3 년 전

    Please come to Hungary ! we love you <3 <3 <3 <3

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    Betti Borsó3 년 전

    I love you Vixx <333 I And I love you Hyuk <3

  120. author

    Adinda Noviastari3 년 전 I just trying to sing it, to show that I adore you guys. Sorry for my bad voice and my bad Korean's pronunciation. For Ravi, I'm sorry I didn't play your part, cause I can't rap and I can't speak Korean. Last, I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D

  121. author

    Adinda Noviastari3 년 전

    I just become you starlight for week and I'm so attached to your songs :). Grow big, VIXX! <3 :D

  122. author

    Sierra Born3 년 전

    can you guys have Hongbin be Ravi's artwork again on VIXX TV?? :3

  123. author

    기현창균창윤효진3 년 전

    와 진짜 저 바난데 입덕했어요ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅠ 왜 잘생기고 매력은 철철 넘치는 거야ㅜㅜㅜ 빅스 부업 당첨이욧>< 뮤비 열심히 보겠습니당 ㅋㅋㅋ

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    Nikii Chan3 년 전

    /cries. i want to go to Utopia live concert. why am i so far awayyyyy.

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    mylilbroistae3 년 전

    hi!!! can somebody please tell me the font for the word VIXX? please please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Taehyung's Wings3 년 전

    #VIXX congrats on #LoveEquation2ndWin I'm so happy for you. I love you boys so much >< Vixx + St☆rlights = Love Equation

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    eileen gonzales3 년 전

    I love you Vixx! I'm so happy to be a starlight :) <3 <3

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    Skywarp's Maiden3 년 전

    How long do we have to make the view count of *Love Equation* go to 2 million? What is the deadline?

  129. author

    G.Marie Sunny3 년 전

    you made my heart beat, you make me dream, saranghae oppa! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 thank you for being born... for ever ST☆RLIGHT

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    patricia garcia3 년 전

    waaaaaaa!!! que hermoso , son geniales ,y su voz es perfecta me encanto gracias SARANGHAE !! LEO saranghae!! FIGHTING!!

  131. author

    G.Marie Sunny3 년 전

    hello, i just want to ask if you could do an english official website where we can send you messages, please, i am french and it's very hard for me to understand korean >.< i love you so much guys ! ! ! and thank you for your beautiful music ! ! ! <3 <3 <3 <3 ! !

  132. author

    JStar Soda3 년 전

    I cried because I could not make it to New York in November. I hope you guys come back again soon. Or even come to Philly. To make myself feel better I re-watched all of VIXXTV. I love you guys <3 Fighting! Saranghae

  133. author

    Diana Farfan3 년 전

    VIXX: Love your music and coreography, all of you are AMAZING! I hope you´ll come to Peru, please.... Love you so much!

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    씨Noe_3 년 전

    Hope VIXX will comeback :D

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    MaKaRaJuGgAlOs3 년 전

    Can anyone help me with the official site? How can you make a starlight account to log onto (if you even can) ?

  136. author

    R- MMY3 년 전

    VIXX MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! xD les deseo mucho exito y felicidad c: espero puedan visitar México Jaja Saranghae! :3

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    Xares3 년 전

    Pls come to germany!! >.<

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    뵬뷫애기레니양3 년 전

    please come to malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nanichy Midesy3 년 전

    VIXX~♥ thank you for an AMAZING concert in New York~~ All of you did so well that night and made me feel like I never wanted it to end. Taekwoon Oppa~ thank you for all the fan service! Thanks to you I feel SUPER special and lucky that such a big star notice and sang to little me haha. Please come back soon to New York~ I miss you so much! VIXX Fighting! Much Love, Nanichy (Starlight from Newburgh, NY)

  140. author

    Raekor B3 년 전

    Thank you so much for having a concert near Chicago! I had a lot of fun. It was HOT!

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    씨Noe_3 년 전

    VIXX oppa!!! when your next track of "ERROR" albums realise??

  142. author

    Daria Razumei3 년 전

    Ребята, спасибо Вам за возможность слушать мою самую любимую песню "빅스 (VIXX) - 저주인형 (VOODOO DOLL) ". Это просто самая лучшая качественная музыка, что я слышала. Спасибо большое, я очень поддерживаю Вас во всех ваших начинаниях, трудитесь с удовольствием! С любовью из России =) Guys, thank you for the opportunity to listen to my most favorite song "빅스 (VIXX) - 저주인형 (VOODOO DOLL) ". This is simply the best quality music that I heard. Thank you very much, I really support you in all your endeavors, laboring with pleasure! With love from Russia =)

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    Hannah Markham3 년 전

    You guys rock~! Can't wait to see what else you guys will show in the future ;D

  144. author

    Tin3 년 전

    Im going to see you soon!!! :D welcome o NYC VIXX!

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