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  1. author

    Kingkid#12 newman9 시간 전

    Yes this is the brick we wanted to see again 😁😁

  2. author

    Conor Condon9 시간 전

    Jr selling rvd return

  3. author

    Maria Lopez9 시간 전

    I never thought

  4. author

    Doughboyswag 17049 시간 전

    Now who's ready for that figure he'll be getting soon?

  5. author

    diego duran9 시간 전

    What Becky has been champion for over 300 days?😦😧😧

  6. author

    Clεαиεяツ YT9 시간 전

    When Edge & Randy we’re tag partners!

  7. author

    SGTV9 시간 전

    The only thing good that came out of Sunday. Thank you Edge.

  8. author

    Reginald Williams9 시간 전

    Spearpaloza was alive and well in H Town

  9. author

    Tomás Cáceres9 시간 전


  10. author

    RamGaming9 시간 전

    For me reigns and edge looks same hahaha

  11. author

    LJ Wong9 시간 전

    3 years contract means he would be in 3 Wrestlemanias.. My prediction: 2020: VS Randy Orton 2021: VS Roman Reigns 2022: Retirement match (could be anyone)

  12. author

    Gian-Fernando Perez9 시간 전


  13. author

    Eduardo F. Comisario9 시간 전

    Just can’t stop watching. Welcome back LEGEND!

  14. author

    Jada Loro9 시간 전

    Sometimes wrestling is beautiful

  15. author

    Charles Rast9 시간 전

    Brock Lesnar is a great man!

  16. author

    Sazia khatoon9 시간 전

    🔥🔥अब ना मैं हूँ, ना बाकी हैं ज़माने मेरे​, फिर भी मशहूर हैं शहरों में फ़साने मेरे​, ज़िन्दगी है तो नए ज़ख्म भी लग जाएंगे​, अब भी बाकी हैं कई दोस्त पुराने मेरे।

  17. author

    Hacktendo649 시간 전

    If him and R-Truth were a tag team it would be called "The Rated R-Truth"

  18. author

    gaffnaldo19 시간 전

    Bult lit fuccccc mn

  19. author

    Hayden Musser9 시간 전

    Dammit everything is growing old, including me this is a crazy life.

  20. author

    KingNeal9549 시간 전


  21. author

    gamer 69789 시간 전


  22. author

    Mistah MegaManFan9 시간 전

    It's great that he's back but if any woman was showing as much gray as he is WWE would make them dye it. Take nothing away from him though - his physique is stellar and his spear is still flawless.

  23. author

    dall23419 시간 전

    If there’s not a 24 documentary on this...

  24. author

    raptor 279 시간 전

    I just dropped a message on his Instagram to walk out of wrestle mania with his old theme !!! Folks ! If you follow him on Instagram , please do it too

  25. author

    Mario P.9 시간 전

    The EMOTION on his face when he came out of the smoke... Tells the story. He never wanted to retire in 2011... Nobody wanted him to retire... And in my opinion, he would have been a 13, 14 or 16 time champ before Orton, Triple H and Cena if he didn't retire.

  26. author

    Les Couz&Girls Huri9 시간 전

    Je t ‘ adore naomi tu est la meilleure bon courage pour le WWE gros bisou tu est très belle ❤️

  27. author

    Divine higher power ENT9 시간 전

    Triple fusion neck surgery..holy 😵

  28. author

    Jethro TUI9 시간 전

    She was like,No speak English,🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. author

    Thalapathi veriyan9 시간 전

    Imagine Finn balor complete wrestlemania as jack sparrow gimmick that would be awesome

  30. author

    stevecomedian9 시간 전

    Who’s here after Drew challenged Brock for the WWE Title!!

  31. author

    Ledarius Hayes9 시간 전

    Edge walking through the smoke gave me chills

  32. author

    safder sameer naqvi Lucknow boss9 시간 전

    Wwe ग्रेट moment

  33. author

    Matthew Smith9 시간 전

    I could watch this any day and it will bring a smile to my face 😊

  34. author

    Jerome Bailey9 시간 전

    You think you know me...

  35. author

    Bigg Show9 시간 전


  36. author

    K0Kari0Grace7779 시간 전

    Does anyone realize that when they are under the ring the ring fold says “Summer Slam”.

  37. author

    Immortal Justice9 시간 전

    That last Claymore kick to Roman was Badass. Congrats to Drew McIntyre for the win.

  38. author

    Albert Flores9 시간 전

    Man Edge needs to lay off the Meth he Looks like he is Aging pretty Bad and showed looking like A STRAIGHT DOPE HEAD

  39. author

    Dharmbir Sai9 시간 전

    My new Hero Drew Mcantayar..... Awesome👏✊👍👍😎

  40. author

    WWE Game entrances9 시간 전

    Let is Go becky

  41. author

    Krenec9 시간 전

    Old Man Edge 💪🏼

  42. author

    Ashish Kumar9 시간 전

    Real super hero

  43. author

    Samuel Lafontaine9 시간 전

    This is making me feel like I’m 10 years old again man. What a feeling

  44. author

    Bashir Ahmed9 시간 전

    What a sphear

  45. author

    MrHungry9 시간 전


  46. author

    Eric Nana9 시간 전

    He looks great in shape!.

  47. author

    Anika Hudak-Hall9 시간 전

    Yasssssssssssssss girl slay it

  48. author

    Edgar Estrada9 시간 전

    Crazy how the world of NBA Basketball lost a Legend in Kobe Bryant (R.I.P.) And we saw a legend in Edge return at the Royal Rumble 2020. Great to see him back after what he went through. Much love to Edge.

  49. author

    doh239 시간 전

    I don't get it... Why aren't these camera angles part of the live event instead we all had to see a crowd shot during the awesome spear on Ziggler

  50. author

    Gonzalo Martinez9 시간 전


  51. author

    Prodigy 19049 시간 전

    This should’ve been the cut they used in the PPV.

  52. author

    Nadeem9 시간 전

    I am watching again and again

  53. author

    sourcheezegamerzz9 시간 전

    well well hes old now!

  54. author

    Russel Razz9 시간 전


  55. author

    Nobody9 시간 전

    9 years out of wrestling. You’d think anyone would‘ve at least made a mistake or two. Edge’s performance was better than most of these guys who wrestle every week

  56. author

    Conald can Exit Stage Down9 시간 전

    Lacey Evans is really starting to get over with the fans and should have gotten this title.

  57. author

    a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means9 시간 전

    I thought your neck was injured and you were never return-no, sooty I can the cynical now! *fanboy squeal!* EDGE IS BACK YAY

  58. author

    Hugo Tate9 시간 전

    3:43 “FAT BOI!” Lmfao that was better than all of these

  59. author

    Krenec9 시간 전

    Damn man it’s crazy seeing him getting his grey hairs on his beard. I still remember when he returned in 2010, it’s just crazy to think how fast time really flys by without ever realizing it.

  60. author

    master198804049 시간 전

    Very good man

  61. author

    engels herrera9 시간 전

    Thanks wwe you made my dream true 🙏🏻

  62. author

    AxlRaj9 시간 전

    Now we know this is going to happen!

  63. author

    Ma'zz Popularly RoYz9 시간 전

    All time my fab superstar

  64. author

    VintageRKO9 시간 전

    This thing costs thousands of dollars so that superstars can just point at it and I love it

  65. author

    Mayank Yadav9 시간 전

    My childhood is back!

  66. author


    Wwe rlly is buring strowman tho, like compared to his other rumble where he was dominant, wwe used him as fodder for Lesnar.

  67. author

    Yazesd yt9 시간 전

    rated r superstaaaar edge

  68. author

    Its Mystic9 시간 전

    Too bad this generation doesn't know who this legend is

  69. author

    shadow muppet :c9 시간 전

    Best walkout song

  70. author

    Arpit Verma9 시간 전

    Wow edge is back

  71. author

    anirbansayed akib9 시간 전

    What would AEW do? Sign The Rock?

  72. author

    619 5759 시간 전

    So sad these guys can't let go

  73. author

    Ron Soye's Mickey Mouse Tattoo's9 시간 전

    This had got to be an oversight. I found a WWE video without blanked out letter F's after WW's, and logos that aren't blurred out.

  74. author

    Lina GG9 시간 전

    Edge one of the greatest heels of all time

  75. author

    Trevor Mackowiak9 시간 전

    That ziggler sell on the spear thoooo

  76. author

    ___Cisco___9 시간 전

    Y el john cena? :v

  77. author

    Ábner Arosemena9 시간 전

    Heath Slater is a meme

  78. author

    Cory Langford9 시간 전

    You haven't heard the crowd erupt like that in a decade. Welcome home Edge, where's that fine hunnie Lita at?

  79. author

    Jawad Ahmad9 시간 전

    Look at to the tears in his eyes.. my God

  80. author

    Nadeem9 시간 전

    I cried when the music hits 😭😭

  81. author

    Trainman 7019 시간 전

    Nice spongebob reference lol

  82. author

    LIEW loon9 시간 전

    How to win "The Fiend" Answer: Take off his mask

  83. author

    AllYellowJosh9 시간 전

    Sasha Banks for the longest reigning Smackdown women's champion 💙💙💙

  84. author

    Alpha Dragon9 시간 전

    Im Happy nd all.... But In reality Im quite Afraid.. He is here becoz of fans nd his history with that neck injury is quite worrisome... Hope wwe protect him

  85. author

    Louis Rage9 시간 전

    Wait, is he back in In-Ring competition, does this mean he can wrestle again?

  86. author

    Whitebird5279 시간 전

    Back when AJ and now with Edge "let's put the idiot on charge of cameras" and then on KOreporter "Unseen footage... What actually should had made to the live stream"

  87. author

    Jorge Uriel Bernal chavez9 시간 전

    I miss him

  88. author

    Seth Rollins9 시간 전

    Legend edge is back finally

  89. author

    schalkewwefan049 시간 전

    Guys at least appreciate this time to be alive just because of this. I know it sounds corny when you say it but it never has been more true than now “what a time to be alive!” Firstly it was Daniel Bryan coming back from a career ending injury and now even uncle Edge is back after 9 f’n years. it’s so great to see him. And he already showed that he hasn’t missed a step. Edge thank u for coming back. You were the reason why my tears of sadness because of Kobe’s death changed to tears of joy for at least half an hour.💙

  90. author

    Jeffrey Woods9 시간 전


  91. author

    shaun baker9 시간 전

    Tony stark: we have the avengers Wwe: we have the shield🤙🤙👊👊✊

  92. author

    Insignificant Aftermath9 시간 전

    Tino looks like JBL but sounds like Zack Ryder.

  93. author

    Navdeep Tamber9 시간 전

    Who's here after Edge Return at Royal Rumble?

  94. author

    Srithik rosan9 시간 전


  95. author

    Goodboy9 시간 전

    It’s so cool man, even if I know thats all fake

  96. author

    Abhi arora9 시간 전

    Hit like if you watch this more than once 👍❤️

  97. author

    Insan3TV9 시간 전

    It’s been rumoured for a while, so it wasn’t a massive surprise, still good to see him