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The East Family
The East Family

Hey guys, welcome to The East Family!!
If this is your fist time on our channel, WELCOME!! We are so happy to have you join us on our journey. We promise to bring you with us on all of our crazy adventures. As many of you may know, our family just grew by one! Our little baby girl, Drew Hazel East, has opened our eyes to an entirely different kind of love -- one we thought wasn't even possible. We are so thankful for the support that we've received from each of you and are excited to have her with us as we embark on this new journey.
We hope this channel puts a smile on your face and in some way, shape, or form, brightens you day :). We're so happy to have you join the fam, this is gonna be fun!!
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  1. author

    emilia6 분 전

    Congratulations!!! 🍼🎀

  2. author

    Jordan Smith7 분 전

    Such a beautiful family 😭

  3. author

    Mackie Williams8 분 전

    Omg I'm literally dead at Shawn eating the giant sandwich and sushi XD No one............ Shawn: MUST EAT ALL THE THINGS lol!!

  4. author

    Erica Duncan11 분 전

    Y'all are the cutest couple. Gosh. Congratulations you two! She's gorgeous.

  5. author

    Francesca Z12 분 전

    im sincerely sorry for laughing at the name😂

  6. author

    Desiree Diaz15 분 전


  7. author

    Michell Aguilar19 분 전

    Congratulations! She is so beautiful!

  8. author

    doduhmonkeyful19 분 전

    they're so wholesome and CUTE LIKE I CANTTTTTT

  9. author

    Lori McClain20 분 전

    Anyone else LOVE Andrew's father's hair... its fantastic.

  10. author

    Henry’s World20 분 전

    Welcome to the world Drew Hazel East ❤️👶🏼 😍

  11. author

    April Puente21 분 전

    She’s going to be a Daddy’s girl

  12. author

    William Busch21 분 전

    It's a girl because u slipped up in another video

  13. author

    Mountain23 분 전

    Congratulations 😊 I know it is the best feeling when you finally hold your child in your arms after 10 months. Drew Hazel is going to be dad's daughter for sure❤️

  14. author

    Diana Leano25 분 전

    All the feels 🥰

  15. author

    Kathleen Czachura25 분 전


  16. author

    Jeanine perez28 분 전

    So precious! Thank you for sharing <3

  17. author

    Betsy Ross29 분 전


  18. author

    Kaylee Felion31 분 전

    Congrats she is beautiful!

  19. author

    Lisa Faucher31 분 전

    Such a beautiful and heartwarming video! Drew is beyond amazing and perfect. She is just the cutest. So beyond happy and thrilled for you guys. Sending so much love, joy, warmth, hugs, kisses and blessings to you guys

  20. author

    cutie 10888531 분 전

    Aweee cute

  21. author

    Fizzy Lifting Drink31 분 전

    she is soo pretty and perfect. It makes me so nervous when people kiss brand new babies. I am sure things are fine, but new babies are so susceptible to viruses. No hate please.. just how I feel about that. I am not trying to tell them how to raise their child... but maybe do some reading about what can happen IF a virus does pass to a newborn... and they can then make their own informed decision.

  22. author

    Jennifer Bockenstedt33 분 전

    Shawn, now your Mama understands knows the joy of having your daughter hand you her daughter and the crazy new love of a grandchild ❤️🌈💕

  23. author

    Diane Peters35 분 전

    Congratulations Drew is beautiful ❤️👍🏾

  24. author

    Crystal H37 분 전

    So freakin happy for you guys! Also just wanna say this video is so well edited and the photos are amazing. Congratulations!

  25. author

    Susan Glynn38 분 전

    Congrats East Fam!!! She's awesome! Enjoy every second!

  26. author

    Amber Collins41 분 전

    She's beautiful. I welcomed my first little one, a baby girl, on October 28th through an unplanned C-Section as well. I wish you all the happiness. It's been a joy to have my journey while you had yours.

  27. author

    Karen Bassett42 분 전

    letting us comment!! they were just waiting for Drew :) congratulations for your little family!!

  28. author


    Congrats. A baby is a gift like no other. Enjoy

  29. author

    katie Prib42 분 전

    CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! i love you guys so much... each individually... you know what’s best? NOW THERES BOTH OF YOU IN ONE BABY AND ITS GONNA BE AMAZING!

  30. author

    Sharon Gott45 분 전

    Thank you for sharing these special moments. Made me smile and made my day 💞

  31. author

    DoItLike Drue45 분 전

    Honestly love that we have the same name! Even though my name is spelled Drue, but nonetheless, congratulations on a healthy and beautiful baby girl!!!

  32. author

    Tig Rayz47 분 전

    Im glad you didn't know

  33. author

    Tina Lee Laurie51 분 전

    she is so beautiful

  34. author

    Breanne Bainbridge53 분 전

    Omgosh such a beauty!!! Congratulations again guys!! ❤️ love her name!

  35. author

    cherrys197553 분 전

    Congratulations and yeah we can comme

  36. author

    Frances Boulden54 분 전

    I am so happy for you both!! She is beautiful

  37. author

    Corie Emery54 분 전

    I have to admit. seeing the grandparents was the best! whole time happy tears. for awhile thought boy. but not sure near end thought girl.

  38. author

    Patricia Mora54 분 전

    So adorable, so happy for you guys. Congratulations.

  39. author

    Rose Crooks54 분 전

    Welcome Drew Hazel East!

  40. author

    Jessica Gorres54 분 전

    This is such a beautiful family 😭

  41. author

    Mady Dowd55 분 전

    My names madalyn 😂😂

  42. author

    Prolific Complainer55 분 전

    You guys make me so happy. She’s beautiful.

  43. author

    angelak0656 분 전

    My nostrils not symmetrical lol

  44. author

    arielle maiuro57 분 전

    i CANNOT get OVER this !! drew is an amazing blessing to your family, and i cannot wait to watch her grow with you guys! praying for ya!! 💙

  45. author

    Victoria Ivey58 분 전

    I cried the whole video

  46. author

    KeiAna Branch58 분 전

    You just brought an amazing new life into this world ❤️💖💗💘

  47. author

    Lyndi Laib59 분 전

    This is so sweet, it reminds me of the birth of my third baby 10 weeks ago, it feels like so long ago and yet yesterday. It goes by so fast enjoy ever minute of it and good luck!

  48. author

    livnthemoment72159 분 전

    Gorgeous baby, gorgeous family! CONGRATULATIONS! <3

  49. author

    pcallihoo시간 전

    Congratulations. She’s a doll.

  50. author

    Julia Stafford시간 전

    Ok so you know how some babies are just not very cute? It is the opposite with her! She is actually a cute baby and I mean it!

  51. author

    Danielle Denis시간 전

    I'm so incredibly happy for both of you!! Godspeed

  52. author

    Tyler Crew시간 전

    SOOOOO adorable!!! You guys are going to be amazing parents!

  53. author

    Sydnee Ulmer시간 전

    Gosh she is just precious!! Makes me think back to having my son and how special it was to have all of our family there. Can’t wait to watch her grow! Congratulations!

  54. author

    callie Deitrick시간 전

    *crying. I’m so happy for you guys!

  55. author

    Christin Cavanaugh시간 전

    Cutest little sneeze at the end lol. Drew Hazel, welcome to the world little one❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ congratulations Mom and Dad!!!

  56. author

    CdnCwby09시간 전

    Welcome to the World Drew Hazel East, Congratulations Shawn & Andrew on your first born Baby

  57. author

    Broken Sunnier시간 전

    I smiled the whole video

  58. author

    Angela Sumner시간 전

    I like the bow it’s so cute to

  59. author

    Bubbly_ Bebee_Head시간 전

    Oh my goodness look at that big ol head shes got on her! Hehe! Shes so adorable I cant. And i love the boy/girl names like your own. Love it.

  60. author

    MollyEllen B시간 전

    Yay comments!! Finally!! Congrats!! So happy for you guys!!! She's so beautiful 😍

  61. author

    Tamara Cadé Walton-Gray시간 전

    She is precious... I've got a long wait until I meet my cub... Boy or girl we'll see at the birth 🤰🏼😊💕

  62. author

    atlasshrugged01시간 전

    This is so great! Made me cry and I never cry! Praying that your little girl is always safe, happy and healthy!!!

  63. author

    Jennifer Nolan시간 전

    Congratulations. To both mumma and papa. Love from Australia. She is adorable and you made me cry with tears of joy for you and your family .

  64. author

    Jada Warren시간 전

    Would the name still be Drew if you had a boy or would it have been something else

  65. author

    Trinity Bell시간 전

    Just wondering how did you come up with her name?

  66. author

    kanhawaini chisolm시간 전

    Congrats guys may God bless y’all I love watching y’all

  67. author

    Danielle Lott시간 전

    She is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen! Congrats yall

  68. author

    Bubbly_ Bebee_Head시간 전

    CONGRATS!!!!! Many blessings and well wishes. yall!!! And glad your comments are on now! :):)

  69. author

    Virginia Reen시간 전

    In 11:59 my heart grew three sizes bigger<333

  70. author

    Heather Hahn시간 전

    Congrats on your new lil angel

  71. author

    Shari Magby시간 전


  72. author

    necia woodall시간 전

    I love you guys and this precious baby girl!!

  73. author

    Courtney Woodall시간 전

    This makes me so happy!!! Crying happy tears!!

  74. author

    Second Opinion시간 전

    That baby is so loved already! And that nervous laugh of the new father is priceless

  75. author

    dibaby1970시간 전

    Drew is so adorable. CONGRATULATIONS! Can I just say her sweet soft cry melts my heart. I'm so happy for you two and your brand new little family!

  76. author

    Cristy Clark시간 전

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. One of gods greatest blessings!!! I can’t wait to see Nash meet his new baby hooman sister!!! Y’all are doing amazing!!! Love y’all!!!

  77. author

    Meaghan McGrath시간 전

    I’ve been looking forward to this !!! I’m so happy!!!

  78. author

    Grace Koenig시간 전

    This is so precious! Thanks for sharing these moments with us ❤️

  79. author

    Destiny Good시간 전

    Your new addition is so beautiful. God bless her. Congratulations 😀💖🎉

  80. author

    Julie Schuler시간 전

    Absolutely adorable! Congratulations on your sweet bundle of joy! Praying for you guys in these newborns days! ❤

  81. author

    sally love시간 전

    oh my gads I have done nothing but cry in watching all of these IM beyond happy for you guys .. she is PERFECT !!!!!!! one of Gods beautiful little angels !!!!!! Many many blessings xoxoxox

  82. author

    Wendy Ramirez시간 전

    8lbs 8oz and Shawn participated in the 2008 Olympics on the 8th month of the year August. 08.08

  83. author

    Jenna Henning시간 전

    In the vlog before this he said she

  84. author

    L Nicole시간 전

    No shortage of love for this little angel ❤️❤️❤️

  85. author

    Corina Swanson시간 전

    Drew is so cute but her name is so similar to Andrew was I the only one that noticed that.

  86. author

    Maureen Larsen시간 전

    I smiled through that whole video. Congratulations to you and your family and friends. So much love and joy. I’m flying. And, COMMENTS?!? I checked, just in case and that’s awesome. 😄

  87. author

    Gloria Koch시간 전

    They had a professional photographer there? Hope they took that awful Knot off her for the pictures

  88. author

    mus14 k시간 전

    Beautiful! Congratulations!!

  89. author

    Tricia MacDonald시간 전

    She is absolutely perfect & beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Love the name.

  90. author

    Gina Crafton시간 전

    Amazing!!! You guys are a beautiful family. Beyond happy for you!!!

  91. author

    Erlyne Osburn시간 전

    Yay! Comments are back! Love how she looks like Shawn from the nose up and has Andrew's mouth. Her name is adorable. Well done, sweet East family!

  92. author

    Heather Hock시간 전

    YAY! Congratulations!! ❤️❤️

  93. author

    BarbsDaisies시간 전

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful, baby girl! She’s a doll! You both are going to be amazing and loving happy for you guys and your families. Enjoy this new and exciting journey of your lives. Love and blessings! 💗👶🍼🎀

  94. author

    Abby Krambeer시간 전

    So surreal seeing you become a dad, Andrew. So happy for you and the family!! Love to the whole East clan!

  95. author

    Susan Frank시간 전

    Loved this video!! Drew is beautiful and I think she looks like her daddy. You guys are great!!

  96. author

    HoosInHere시간 전

    Isn’t she just miraculous?? The love in that room...❤️❤️❤️❤️ so beautiful

  97. author

    Tiffany S시간 전

    Congratulations!! I must say I’ve never heard of this channel and it popped into my recommended. What a sweet video to watch :) And random fact, I have twin boys named Andrew and Shawn so I love the names together :) Drew is a beautiful little baby! Congratulations again!!

  98. author

    Shawnee Wannamaker시간 전

    So happy for you two! Amazing! Adorable! Congratulations again and again!

  99. author

    Katie Jean시간 전

    I love how they included the pictures, so cute!

  100. author

    Debbie Pearce시간 전

    Congratulations guys. She is so beautiful. She is going to be one very happy and loved baby. May God bless and protect all of you.