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11 개월 전



11 개월 전

  1. author

    Larissa V시간 전

    Kyle stepped on the bed with his shoes?? Is this common practice in the states?

  2. author

    Katelyn Waltner시간 전

    Ps also it prob wasn’t for narcotics prob weed cause its not legal here in Kansas and there is a huge problem with people bringing weed for Colorado to Kansas

  3. author

    Jordyn G시간 전

    Im sorry but the white privilege really showed when Grayson was laughing about Ethan being patted down by the police. As a black person, I would be concerned for my own life but...that's white privilege for you. They have no idea.

  4. author

    Jedi VBV시간 전

    I see a ufo fake

  5. author

    a k시간 전

    man I’d love to see y’all try and survive a roadtrip across Canada in the winter time lmfao

  6. author

    Perla Castillo시간 전

    They were here is az 😓

  7. author

    Tea Of The World시간 전

    Appreciate Kyle. The man who knows how to work a camera.

  8. author

    Cj Leal시간 전

    Walmart let u sleeps in their parking lots they could of slept there

  9. author

    Katelyn Waltner시간 전

    Bro kansas just be like that it was like 55°yesterday

  10. author

    Tea Of The World2 시간 전

    “Dolan Sandwich”

  11. author

    Lucy's Life2 시간 전

    I love how they called Missouri beautiful. Missouri is so underrated.

  12. author

    Adela Schwartz2 시간 전

    ahhhhhhhh im dead!!!!

  13. author

    Ayla Mauk2 시간 전

    Y’all should paint your truck home purple

  14. author

    Mishayla Johnson2 시간 전

    Quick lesson... it's pronounced "Colo-RAD-o" Rad. Rado. Colorado.

  15. author

    The Madison Zone2 시간 전

    10:05 Grayson Looks like Napoleon dynamite brother kip

  16. author

    Tea Of The World2 시간 전

    That’s an impressive zoom

  17. author

    Rachel Vaughn2 시간 전

    Please come to Nashville I live here and it’s pretty fun!

  18. author

    Cambria Sipprell2 시간 전

    Did they realize they had to drive back

  19. author

    Mathilde Bilodeau2 시간 전

    I really liked that video, they said they were proud of it, and I can see why. They seem so happy and goofy and enjoying life My only tip, they have to try to sleep early to have a good sleep

  20. author

    Cambria Sipprell2 시간 전

    “I’ve never showered in a gas station now I can say I’ve done that , that’s clout” Okay Grayson

  21. author

    Aesthetically pleasing.2 시간 전

    It being -9° in upper Michigan

  22. author

    Megan Kruger2 시간 전

    them: omg colorado is so cold its 20 degrees. people who live there: oh wow its warm its 20 degrees

  23. author

    Peachy _ Jimin2 시간 전

    No way I’m watching this on December 11 2019 and it was posted on December 11 2018! 💕

  24. author

    2026 Nicoletta Carone2 시간 전

    your welcome for wasting 38 minutes of my life

  25. author

    SimplyMora2 시간 전

    OMG I HAVE AN IDEA! Put the play button in the living room. Lol

  26. author

    Jari Fernando2 시간 전

    welcome to Illinois hahaha

  27. author

    Harley Rosenberg2 시간 전

    I don’t think anyone would be mad if you showered at a rest stop 😂

  28. author

    Danielle Harris2 시간 전

    They are staying in Kentucky and I live Kentucky

  29. author

    K a y l e e2 시간 전

    I love you guys so much. I know that after everything’s that’s happened you guys have been through a lot but here you are still being here for us. All your fans are so grateful to have you. You guys don’t understand how much you have helped me throughout everything. I love you so much.❤️❤️

  30. author

    Ella B Vlogs2 시간 전

    Did anyone notice the video is 5 minutes long?

  31. author

    Theolima2 시간 전

    I sleep with socks every day

  32. author

    Someone2 시간 전

    This vegan apple~ Grayson Dolan 2019

  33. author

    cutie nath2 시간 전

    if i'd go to a roadtrip and not wash my face atleast twice in a day, no my face can't handle it. it'll be flooded with oils

  34. author

    cuong vo2 시간 전

    what a crap video stunt

  35. author

    Georgia Gardner2 시간 전

    And they still have the journey back

  36. author

    lydia poole2 시간 전

    You can definitely tell they are from California 😂

  37. author

    Montana Brooke2 시간 전


  38. author

    Goony Gaming2 시간 전

    Gayer then aids

  39. author

    shadowofficialy - gaming2 시간 전

    12:13 yep your right Grayson XD

  40. author

    Miangel Scott2 시간 전

    At part 9 they remind me of the wild krats... Y’all know if y’all know

  41. author

    Gachaxxmadness Felio2 시간 전

    The opossum

  42. author

    Jess jms2 시간 전

    The thumb nail is sick 🤩🤩

  43. author

    The Madison Zone2 시간 전

    12:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. author

    Gacha xx2 시간 전

    7:06 umm those are unripe blackberry’s

  45. author

    Alyssa Haynes2 시간 전

    they look so alike when they were 13 but now they look nothing alike

  46. author

    Sarah Petronella2 시간 전

    Native Coloradan here. The falls and winters here are brutal. It’s gets super cold here. Y’all are troopers for sleeping in that cold van.

  47. author

    Jenna Famm2 시간 전

    Chillin on the EAST SIDE

  48. author

    The Madison Zone2 시간 전

    Gurt. My beautiful baby son

  49. author

    Reesnandy Louis Charles2 시간 전

    is nobody gonna talk about how siri said "mhm" -_-

  50. author

    Jenna Famm2 시간 전

    Grayson laughing with a real smile and laugh made my heart go 💕💖❤️💗💘💟❤️

  51. author

    The Madison Zone2 시간 전

    Gurt over the loud speaker 😂😂😂

  52. author

    McKinley Smith2 시간 전

    "its just like burnt peach fuzz" -grayson dolan this is why im losing brain cells so fast...

  53. author

    Vera Rodriguez2 시간 전

    Anyone else saw those leaves move behind Ethan at 26:25...

  54. author

    Megan Kelley2 시간 전

    i love that they woah🤪

  55. author

    Sydney Martin2 시간 전

    You guys need to do more of your challenge videos again

  56. author

    xxTexan Reborn Mommyxx2 시간 전

    I love how Grayson automatically starts cutting E’s hair bc he knows he’s gonna get it wrong

  57. author

    Sydney Martin2 시간 전

    Ethan must be going through a break up 🤔😂😂😂🧐

  58. author

    wack2 시간 전

    my dad use for call me “goo goo”

  59. author

    JaeJae Noodles2 시간 전

    Why do I want to try the strawberry pizza? I doesn’t sound that bad

  60. author

    Maleah Willard2 시간 전

    Is it just me or did Grayson say doing the nasty

  61. author

    Harry Potter2 시간 전

    does anyone else come here when they’re crying bc same

  62. author

    L0udN0ise22 시간 전

    What camera are they using that zooms in that well ? Anyone know ?

  63. author

    The Madison Zone2 시간 전

    I can't stop laughing. Yo Gert 😂

  64. author

    Tweedle-Dee Skits2 시간 전

    Utah Check!!!!!

  65. author

    Noelle Kailey2 시간 전

    "it has cabinets we can sleep in cabinets"

  66. author

    Lucie Gentry2 시간 전

    When Grayson Says He doesnt Know Where Kentucky is Horse Racing,Bluegrass State

  67. author

    Ban OP2 시간 전

    And thats how you get dry socket.

  68. author

    Jenna Cook2 시간 전

    Best part is at 22:08

  69. author

    Sedeah's world!!!!2 시간 전

    You guys should travel to 48 states because the van probably can't float to Hawaii or alaska

  70. author

    Ashlynne Smith2 시간 전

    I live in Missouri!!!!

  71. author

    _ItzTigger Galaxy_2 시간 전

    44:11 👈 you dont wanna miss this part.

  72. author

    Lauren Krause2 시간 전

    “Kansas has some random law were you can only drive in the right lane, and pass in the left” I’m pretty sure that’s not a random’s a national law, because it’s one in Texas too, because it sure is annoying when you can’t pass anyone because the only 2 lanes are blocked because two cars are driving the same slow speed, just No ones knows this law

  73. author

    K a y l e e2 시간 전

    If they thought that was a lot but imagine now since there fan base has grown...

  74. author

    Adela Schwartz2 시간 전

    ethan:"ahhhhhhh, my third nipple!!" lol im dead

  75. author

    rocstac2 시간 전

    guys youtube give only one BUT, if you contact the company who makes tha play buttons, you can pay for another one you can essentially get one for each

  76. author

    hey mel2 시간 전

    are they going to go back the same way 😳

  77. author

    Wyatt Patterson2 시간 전

    I feel so bad for the person who has to film them argue

  78. author

    Tea And drama2 시간 전

    Pleaseee can we make a channel for just Grayson going grocery shopping ❤️❤️😂

  79. author

    hey mel2 시간 전

    was anyone else singing ricky’s song 🤧

  80. author

    Ariella Nelson2 시간 전

    Gray-“I wanna got to Nashville! I’ve never been to Nashville.” Everyone watching-“ ok” Gray-“ It’s in Tennessee. I’ve never been to Tennessee.”

  81. author

    Samyra Fitzpatrick2 시간 전

    I can so much relate to the peeing story cause i thought i was dreaming and i wasnt.....

  82. author

    Alysa McKinney2 시간 전

    That bench really is dope

  83. author

    Katherine Hsu3 시간 전

    Emma’s reactions to her gifts were a total mood😂😝

  84. author

    The Madison Zone3 시간 전

    I can't get through my life without pickles 😂😭🥒

  85. author

    samantha franquez3 시간 전

    like for the guy who paid for the shower

  86. author

    The Madison Zone3 시간 전

    Why was I cracking up the whole time.😂😔🤔😲

  87. author

    Adriana Nicole3 시간 전

    Vegan Apple

  88. author

    maia cruz3 시간 전

    who came here JUST to hear them saying “sO rUdE” to the car 😂😅 ya ok just me I’ll leave

  89. author

    Chloe Franklin3 시간 전

    northern lights?

  90. author

    Lauren Garcia3 시간 전

    dont they have to go all the way back?

  91. author

    Nova Playz3 시간 전

    Technically American candy is foreign candy in other countries

  92. author

    Toree Johns3 시간 전

    Why cant people just comment?! Why does EVERYONE have to quote what was said in the VIDEO I JUST WATCHED?! FRICKIN ANNOYING

  93. author

    Edward Reyes3 시간 전

    2 most annoying people award goes toooooo

  94. author

    Devan Sheppard3 시간 전

    Grayson: "I got this vegan apple" Me: "All apples are vegan"

  95. author

    Karoline Keyser3 시간 전

    A once in a lifetime experience. Maybe one day I can treat myself like this. But with food.

  96. author

    Gabby Ver Hage3 시간 전

    I had to go from Cali to Va, 8 days, every day 15 hr drive ahhhh

  97. author

    Ascending Fitness3 시간 전

    It’s my first period😂

  98. author

    Ellie. Sunshine3 시간 전

    “This vegan apple” Grayson 2019 😂

  99. author

    Clare lee3 시간 전

    Who misses the sister squad?

  100. author

    Jane Wood3 시간 전

    who else misses the sister squad😩😢