Hi, I'm Deborah and I go to a lot of concerts.
Feel free to reupload to other sites with credit or make gifs/screenshots/etc with credit!

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    Marcy년 전

    Hii! i love your videos sooo much thank you for posting them also i'm curious and i hope you don't find by me asking this but what camera do you use? i'd love to know so if i ever attend a concert that i can have your recommendation for one to film^^and maybe how do you get to the front of the pit? tips, such as do you camp out all night? cuz i'd love to hit you up if i ever attend a concert maybe?? anyways i hope you have a wonderful day, love your channel!<3

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    jinyoungaf년 전

    Your videos are so amazing! How do you get to go to so many concerts? lol I'm jealous! Do you have connections with people because dang girl you're so lucky!

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    nyanko512년 전

    Are you going to see seventeen? or KARD? I hope you do you have amazing fancams!

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    Di년 전

    I've been wondering for a while... how do you always get to the front of the pit? Do you camp out all night? If you do, I hope you don't get sick! Share me your secrets so I can get to the front too!

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    yvonne gl년 전

    Hello. I have a a question. What kind of camera do you use?

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    Stephanie Reynolds년 전

    I just wanted to thank you for posting your videos from the concert, I was unable to go and felt pretty bad about it but it is nice to see it through your videos as well as others.

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    Winterrose년 전

    Just to let you know that I saw your clips were re-uploaded by at least two channels and I found it strange that they even deleted your logo and added theirs instead. I think it's not right. 170324 SPRING DAY + LOST BTS WINGS TOUR IN NEWARK비디오-Z_rOItEYRtI.html BTS - Spring Day The Wings Tour in Newark Day 2 [170324]비디오-0VvkNiaLxjw.html

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    Kandy Vang년 전

    I don't know how else to message you, so I'll just write it on here if that is okay...sorry! I've been a really big fan of your channel for a long time now and I was wondering if I could use some clips from your KOreporter videos in my future k-pop concert vlog? I'm not trying to steal your work, but I just wanted to take some clips from your videos for a flashback when I met B.A.P in Chicago. I am going to meet them again as you can see and wanted to show a few fun times that I have had with them when I first met them....I didn't vlog my concerts back then and I just happen to have found myself in some of your videos. :P All in all, I just wanted to ask for your permission before I added some clips of your videos in my vlog. I'll make sure to credit you and everything! But, if you say "no". That is okay too. I can totally respect that! I just wanted to ask for your permission first before I do anything. Thank you so, so much for your time and stay warm! See you at future concerts~~ #THEWINGSTOUR

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    MeMo MaY6 년 전

    Thanks a lot for sharing all fancams of 120520 SMTOWN. EXO's so cool & handsome baby boys ^^