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    imaaahhh8 분 전

    6:23 I was wondering when would his mother tongue come out 😂😂😂

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    Thư Nguyễn9 분 전

    Omg Taeyong look like a masterpiece 😍

  3. author

    i'm so gay to momoring10 분 전

    tbh, because of nct dream i want airpods now hahaha

  4. author

    vriska riani11 분 전

    ceo jaemin

  5. author

    Sara Fatima12 분 전

    No one: No one at all: Not even haechan: The nintendo switch on mark's dresser: ⚄◼◼◼⚀

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    Stella Gloria17 분 전

    this is looks like draw my life but its a picture on it

  7. author

    fatinihidayah jamaludin17 분 전

    6:16 YESSSS WE NEED MORE OF THOSE ANGELIC HARMONIES they sound so beautiful together you read my mind doyoung

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    aina farhaniii18 분 전


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    kritti ya20 분 전

    แจหะเเปรงฟันให้ดูเเล้ว ต่อไปอยากดูแจหะอาบน้ำค่ะ

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    Abida Sanaky27 분 전

    Why you dont choose MARK for the winner. He's do it well.

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    Mia Permana29 분 전

    I missed you NCT 127

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    cookieee biskuttt33 분 전

    where's the fuck is the subtitle

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    NCTzens Qistina34 분 전

    Johnny: I'm right infront of your house...come out faster Me: *open the door and found nobody*😭

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    Ednarda Leah Rabanal36 분 전

    This clearly explains that the hyungs were not listening to Mark when he said "BOP". 🤔

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    Tata Rama171137 분 전

    Are you human or what a cute doll I want to pinch her cheeks?

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    Rifa'ati Hanifa38 분 전

    No one : Literally no one : Haechan : Cinta luar biasa Lol this guys absolutely can't move on from these song 😂

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    Jovita Nathania Gunawan43 분 전

    nonton ini pake caption boso jowo🤣 malah ngguyu gara2 sub e

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    stan NCity45 분 전

    what a wholesome video

  19. author

    tt ll47 분 전

    your room is amazing

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    sn. sangnua__51 분 전

    0:57 อย่าทำเสียงแบบนี้ได้มั้ยลูกแม่ใจคอบ่ดี🌚🌝

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    WENG YAN FAITH WONG 黄颖恩56 분 전

    johnny: over 180, basically a giant also johnny: sits at a kids table AND LOOKS LIKE A TEENY LITTLE BABIE

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    Hanny pcy58 분 전

    Cowo pake kemeja putih polos, lengannga di lipet. Gantengnya nambahhhh😍😭

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    milkyhyuck59 분 전

    when haechan is your ult and u dont need english subs to enjoy; *watches the entire video and realises im too in lobe with him to the point that we can never meet each other*

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    anggitaa ch.시간 전


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    tasss시간 전


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    Bella Del Rey시간 전

    jaehyun: ive loved eating fruits since i was young ten: *freaks out*

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    Sasta Della시간 전


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    Bella Del Rey시간 전

    he is looking way too perfect with the least effort this is oh my--

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    Bella Del Rey시간 전

    you know what's sad? that this isn't going to be my groom on my wedding day WHAHAHAHAHAH

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    booming127시간 전

    Itu waktu ditangga sepedanya dibawa gitu, padahal yg dibelakang jaemin didorong santuy😭

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    Amara Syahdira시간 전

    berasa aa aa yg lagi jualan danus

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    Alisha Nayfarra시간 전

    Grup A: anak Ipa Grup B: anak Ips Ngakak aku liat mereka semua 😂😭

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    Fadilla Dilla시간 전

    Dia begitu tampan meskipun baru bangun😄

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    Fauziah Rahmah시간 전

    JAVANESE sub... I CAN'T :"D

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    Sofia rahayu2 시간 전

    Luv nct dream....

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    Duy Hoàng2 시간 전


  37. author

    booming1272 시간 전

    I want to join scout jamboree😭

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    Dewi Herawati2 시간 전


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    Violetta advenza2 시간 전

    Salfok mie sedap wkwkwk

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    wearefallingapart2 시간 전

    I'm just watching this now because I just got into NCT 127 recently (I know I'm super late to this party). I live in Chicago... And during the time they were visiting, I literally worked inside the building NEXT TO that Starbucks they were in. Like, the wall was shared with our workspace. I could have been working inside, on the other side of the wall from them at the exact moment they were in there, and I had no idea because I didn't know they existed yet. LMAO. Life is strange.

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    Nurul Paradilla.1232 시간 전


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    Rashi Singh2 시간 전

    20:55 yuta busting into say my name point dance is what im here for

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    허청아2 시간 전

    나의 힐링영상...왜 재밌는데 슬프지...왜 드림은 더 안 내주는거지..

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    • Z O E3 시간 전

    I have only one word... AWESOME!

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    Ayuza Fitriyana3 시간 전

    Uwaaaaa mark like Cinta Luar Biasa song

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    nada hsyn3 시간 전

    Jan lupa sholat Subuh😂🤣

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    Octaviaa Q.R.153 시간 전

    Lah kok aku bru nntn ya?bru muncul diberanda njerr:v😂 Hahaha gemeshh bgtt si dreamm,uwuu wkwk❤❤

  48. author

    nada hsyn3 시간 전

    Jangan lupa sholat tahajut, mas😂🤣

  49. author

    Chya Jhia3 시간 전

    *mana yang ada sosisnya?* Ada kok mas. Gausah nanya. ☺️

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    miniG3 시간 전

    1:00 that "it's a bop" sounds exactly like Mark's voice omg

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    žžž ēēē3 시간 전

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아니 얘드라...바늘로...찔러먹는거 아니었냐고...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱ바늘 너무 옛날 할미 방법이야..? 요즘은 또 걍 뜯어먹니..?ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋ

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    johnny villamero3 시간 전

    jaehyun keeping gifts from fans is a fucking turn on

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    gina pereye4 시간 전


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    Jaehyung's Memes4 시간 전

    He likes day6 song!? Make a cover pleaseeee

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    Veenushaa Krishnan4 시간 전

    do any of you know thet title of the song in 1:44

  56. author

    Veenushaa Krishnan4 시간 전

    anyone know the title of the song for 6:37

  57. author

    Rolia Rahmat4 시간 전

    So cool

  58. author

    Anngela May4 시간 전

    Johnny had me dying when he said he was gonna buy snacks for everyone, yet in the second picture this dude picks up some Listerine 😂😂😂😂😂

  59. author

    Anggi Anggrayni4 시간 전

    Love you♥️♥️🖤🖤💚🤗

  60. author

    Indah Liftianah4 시간 전

    Sun and Moon are dating, i don't wanna be a devil between both of them

  61. author

    Keira Yong4 시간 전

    Indonesia is my country and as an nctzen, i am happy they Rpare learning about my culture

  62. author

    baekhyun's simple is sexy baby4 시간 전

    Even jung yoon oh doesnt know what is bop mean

  63. author

    anggitaa ch.4 시간 전


  64. author

    Keisya Ahmad4 시간 전

    I like jisung

  65. author

    Keisya Ahmad4 시간 전

    I m NCTZEN

  66. author

    baekhyun's simple is sexy baby4 시간 전

    Haechan: its a bop. Hyungs: _????????_ _whats that?_ Haechan: _omo_ /cant believe by hyungs lack of knowledge/ Istg this is so funny eyE-

  67. author

    rizki sakinah5 시간 전


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    Atqh Nrin5 시간 전

    "why the sub suddenly stopped ugh- oh wait the speak eng. nevermind" my brain really can't stand 😂

  69. author

    Annisa Sitori5 시간 전

    I want to see taeyong like this more longer❤❤

  70. author

    Erika susanti5 시간 전

    Ohh Markk

  71. author

    butterflies5 시간 전

    johnny te amonada mas te lo quería recordar

  72. author

    Han Nam5 시간 전

    All I can say is: 귀여워!!!

  73. author

    La lusa UwU5 시간 전

    #NCT comeback pleaseee 😭😭😭

  74. author

    JennyJim5 시간 전

    SO THIS IS where “ NOT my problem” was born?

  75. author

    Isaac Mendoza5 시간 전

    Most people: In Paris... mark voice cracks: in PaRis

  76. author

    Atika Naylin5 시간 전


  77. author

    Erica Leslie5 시간 전

    I have got a very interesting ?...Why does he park his car far away from the recording studio for??!!😒

  78. author

    Putri Tamimah5 시간 전

    Dari kapan kali ini video ada di beranda , tadinya hanya fokus ke exo tapi pas kemaren nct ke indo dan alhasil aku orek² lagi nyari tentang nct hehee dan baru di tonton.. Astagfirullah kocak ga abis ketawa terus

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    Sky Dreams6 시간 전

    I seriously love them so much! It amazes me when they think they didn't sound good enough, they are all masters and sound incredible always :) My Haechannie trying to explain BOP was hilarious!! Honest to God, I could listen to Haechan sing to me 24/7 and never get tired of him. <3 This song is AMAZING, I love the ballads. I hope I get to hear it Live one day !!

  80. author

    Rose Priceless6 시간 전

    They need to stay as dream man they are so cute

  81. author

    Rasyid Damanik6 시간 전

    Dan kemarin baru ke Indoo🙀 Enak kale yang bisa liat langsung_-

  82. author

    risma ayu6 시간 전

    Omg my husband

  83. author

    เมียโรอุน6 시간 전

    6.24 7.24 😆😆😆 I love it 🥰

  84. author

    Tasha Pigette6 시간 전

    Johnny's such a proud mom

  85. author

    SS SXRXH6 시간 전

    So cuteeee jaeminnn😍

  86. author

    Caca Exo6 시간 전

    Tolong subtitle Indonesia nya Terima kasih🙏

  87. author

    BBTEEN6 시간 전

    아니 무슨 동영상 제목도 영화같냐;;;; 휴일의 윤오 사랑해

  88. author

    Sophia CS6 시간 전

    whos here after ten's cam became viral for the locals on twitter?

  89. author

    taing pheng6 시간 전

    when your song out taeyong?

  90. author

    Rania Rizsy6 시간 전

    mark, percayalah aku jga pengguna android.

  91. author

    Miss Jaebum6 시간 전

    I loved these boys!!🥰❤️😍😆😂

  92. author

    말랑뽀짝들희7 시간 전

    얼굴처럼 글씨도 예쁘다...이제노 체고

  93. author

    ya lya7 시간 전


  94. author

    tutut anita7 시간 전

    Johnny and Chenle really enjoy their character 🤣

  95. author

    ty track7 시간 전

    winwin was still here i miss him so much yall coward to even mention his name now

  96. author

    Kim JungWoo7 시간 전

    he's perfect 😍

  97. author

    C H7 시간 전

    3:46 his little squeak always make me soft

  98. author

    Fay Alajlnai7 시간 전

    If you are not dancing like tan in 13:44 what even the point

  99. author

    maha7 시간 전

    haechan: okay boomers

  100. author

    wincar chua7 시간 전

    One day, you're gonna one of the biggest boyband in the world.