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  1. author

    agustin gallardo4 시간 전

    We are just gonna ignore the fact those are some durable ass flip-flops

  2. author

    Byjam 04 시간 전

    Midget porn

  3. author

    Com-e Kem.p4 시간 전

    Whitewash my butt.

  4. author

    El Jacko4 시간 전

    keep in mind the machamp is female

  5. author

    A Normal Chest5 시간 전

    Did you guys know that leon is the undefeated champion! AND he has a charizard!!!

  6. author

    Just The Bess5 시간 전

    This commentator xD

  7. author

    xHvs5 시간 전

    This anime is fire so far

  8. author

    Lord yasha5 시간 전

    so is this just a remake?

  9. author

    Emiliano Vila Robles5 시간 전

    5:15:07 el momentazo del combate para los que vengan de metapod para señor del fuego

  10. author

    Just A man5 시간 전


  11. author

    Super mega sonic x Gotta go fast5 시간 전


  12. author

    Sai KriSaiki5 시간 전

    Pokemon community Make Greninja Return To at Galar before Nessa or After Kabu

  13. author

    Corrinne Leaño5 시간 전

    Did they forget about Machamps pokedex entry?

  14. author

    Mhm Yeah5 시간 전

    Hello gamefreak, my name is boudabou from Saumon Quebec. Please, don’t rush with the Diamond remake, take all of your time to make it awesome as you guys are. We, the fans, will patiently wait for it, so no stress. The game can be out in 2 years, in 54 years between generation Deez & Nuts and the let’s go Pikachu remake, or in one billion years after the Ultra Mega Primal Star Delta Species Magicarp, we don’t care, we will wait =). Stay awesome guys, love y’all ❤️.

  15. author

    Mhm Yeah6 시간 전

    Hello gamefreak, my name is boudabou from Saumon Quebec. Please, don’t rush with the Diamond remake, take all of your time to make it awesome as you guys are. We, the fans, will patiently wait for it, so no stress. The game can be out in 2 years, in 54 years between generation Deez & Nuts and the let’s go Pikachu remake, or in one billion years after the Ultra Mega Primal Star Delta Species Magicarp, we don’t care, we will wait =). Stay awesome guys, love y’all ❤️.

  16. author

    Gold ze geek6 시간 전

    We need an alister episode. Come on I know bea is his replacement in sword but come in, I need precious child action.

  17. author

    That Asshole in The Comment Section6 시간 전

    "Just you wait, Elite Four! The greatest pokemon trainer in the World? That's me... GARY MOTHERF@CKING OAK!"

  18. author

    Blazeisafire6 시간 전

    I've been getting sick of ash being in the pokemon anime i wish they would take him out and make it just a little more mature kinda think these two episodes

  19. author


    I can't wait for the next episode and more

  20. author

    LavenderLitwick6 시간 전

    Gengar lookin real juicy

  21. author

    Sai KriSaiki6 시간 전

    Bea blocked 3 hits from Machamp... And got hurt by a kick

  22. author

    Jok3rsFaVor6 시간 전

    man if only the shows took literally anything from all these side stories.. theyve pretty much all been better.. they gotta stop holdin it back..

  23. author

    Ethan Oshiro6 시간 전

    Simone is sooo cute. Big brain, few words.

  24. author

    AdamRheiZ6 시간 전

    Man i wish this is actually a pokemon anime

  25. author

    Buddery Boi6 시간 전

    pokémon just like got way better at this, this is soo much better than the ones with ash. like better animation, better story, sooo much better wholesome

  26. author

    كرار المحلي6 시간 전

    0:39 she thick tho

  27. author

    Mecks0896 시간 전

    Well I'm glad the comments here are actually level headed and filled with general interest with the video's contents of the Pokemon themselves rather than focusing on the most superficial bullshit over skin tone in highly intensified light. That being said, as a general warning: Keep your Politically Correct bullshit to yourself, and stop finding problems where there aren't any to be found.

  28. author

    Tim6 시간 전

    i’m bummed that this is a limited series’s, surely the pokémon company could’ve seen reason to turn this into an actual full length series for galar twilight wings. instead of making it a 6 episode series at the present.. 😫 interested to see chairman roses villainous episode, if we get one.. 😑

  29. author

    Luminous Epoque7 시간 전

    *This* is how you handle a promotional anime. Props to the team! Awesome work!

  30. author

    Dillon Russell7 시간 전

    when Eduardo sent out his Durant game 2 he should've immediately put arcanine back in becausae Durant baits that fire type move from rotom. and then just double protect and then rotoms dynamax is over and a whole different game would've played out. I think Eduardo just missed that read badly. either way gg

  31. author

    Parkour Royal Bubbles7 시간 전

    Hop's Wooloo at the end is so hecking adorable.

  32. author

    Parkour Royal Bubbles7 시간 전

    Is bea physically overwkrking herself?

  33. author

    Devonte Edwards7 시간 전

    Bea..."bows" u are a true leader

  34. author

    Najim7 시간 전

    I was at the event. Just saw Simone Lim win. What an amazing battle. 4:50:15

  35. author

    Jor Ri77 시간 전

    This is how Pokémon should have been... now its all but Ash´s silly fights. Don't get me wrong, I love the Ash from the beginning of the Pokémon series, but after 20 years... he still is 10 years old! a freaking 10-year-old-immature-little boy!

  36. author

    MrLittleJohn Playz7 시간 전

    Wait, that ending with Hop, please tell me this is gonna be an alternate universe where Hop kicks butt, please make Hop main character or keep doing these side stories, either way, this is great (one gripe, not enough British accent)

  37. author

    Critias7 시간 전

    Maybe stop using Pokémon not weak to flying type- or teach them stone edge otherwise ?

  38. author

    Carmanitan CC7 시간 전

    I won my first VGC tournament today

  39. author

    Cursed Weeb7 시간 전

    So... This is where it all began

  40. author

    Harry The Moth7 시간 전


  41. author

    Eboi7 시간 전

    Marco habla bien xfa pareci aweonao

  42. author

    wat7 시간 전

    I cried Hey at least I'm being honest

  43. author

    Connor Rigney7 시간 전

    Why in the hell do they shuffle for so god damn long

  44. author

    Zaid Jenkins8 시간 전

    Can’t wait to hear the voice acting of Hop!

  45. author

    Maverick180c8 시간 전

    Justin is a great trainer - he has enough points to go to worlds 3 times over. He will continue doing well I am sure. Very happy for Simone! Fantastic start for a new star.

  46. author

    Creeper Minecraft8 시간 전

    Episode 1:Random kid Episode 2:Bea Episode 3:Milo?

  47. author

    Oreo8 시간 전

    1:17 dumm thicc

  48. author

    SebasR24G8 시간 전

    Why is Youmu fighting a Pokémon

  49. author

    Spartan 86768 시간 전

    Can't belive people are made over her skin being one shade lighter

  50. author

    Wavedbruhgod8 시간 전

    yeah people thinks she got white washed, but damn she thicc

  51. author

    BM038 시간 전

    I'll buy any DLC I gotta if I can just straight up run to a wild pokemon and fight it myself like Bea ran to punch a freakin' Rhydon.

  52. author

    Cannon Bates8 시간 전

    no one’s talking about how cute that machop is. he’s like the cutest thing ever omg

  53. author

    BM038 시간 전

    That Machoke spent the whole video regretting the day he chose to walk on the grass that kid caught him on.

  54. author

    YahBoi Squishy8 시간 전

    This series is absolutely amazing. Dear Pokémon people, do more of this, please.

  55. author

    supercyc108 시간 전

    Do Machamp’s second pair of arms ever get tired? They’re just locked in place the whole time

  56. author

    xfinals8 시간 전

    Yay it started

  57. author

    Happy Axis8 시간 전

    Simone is so adorable. Aww congratulations little champion.

  58. author

    SpeedKeed8 시간 전

    dont act like yall didnt see her scrapin with that machamp like If you dont gtfo with this goofy shi

  59. author

    B0wlN00dles8 시간 전

    Simone's prediction on Rhyperior was big brained

  60. author

    SG8 시간 전

    mewmew firebox is insane. it has a lot of power to it, idk why people are saying it isnt great anymore. i honestly thought zacian/adp was going to be first or in the finals, nope. going to have to take a look at the list when pokemon posts it o the site to see what i can do to tweak mine

  61. author

    Luis De los Santos8 시간 전

    Why would you not fishious rend the dmax rhyperior when its hp is just below half? Its 4x super effective but then you decide to use crunch. What kind of stupidity is that

  62. author

    World Hello8 시간 전

    こんな小さい女の子が催眠厨だのトリックルーム読み噛み砕くだの出来るんだ 末恐ろしい存在になりそう

  63. author

    Enpatsu3938 시간 전

    For all of those stupid people complaining about Bea skin's color..AND attacking Nintendo for it..get a life for god sake...but at this point even that would be out of your league.

  64. author

    jenny moe9 시간 전

    Idk if this is a nitpick, but i the fact that they have american accents really dont sit well with me considering galar is based off the uk. Still overall, the animation and characters are cute and story is interesting.

  65. author

    Shadowplay9 시간 전

    Simone Lim the goat

  66. author

    Wild Somepony9 시간 전

    I don't know why people are complaining about bea being whitewashed she just had a little tan in game maybe she was in the gym so long she skipped out on her daily tan😂😂😂

  67. author

    Kai Monroe9 시간 전

    I think everyone can agree that this animation is beautiful

  68. author

    Reese Lester9 시간 전

    I LOVE POKEMON ❤️❤️❤️

  69. author

    Battle for life!9 시간 전

    The pokemon company: Man so many people love ash! They must be pretty sad they haven't seen him yet! lets check the comments on the new anime! Every comment: Screw ash

  70. author

    Brandon C9 시간 전

    Beating bea in a pokemon battle "Yes I won now to get my badge!" Bea standing there "Um my badge?" Bea starts laughing "OH YOU THINK THE MATCH IS OVER! YOU GOT ONE MORE OPPONENT!" *Now scared* "okay who" *bea takes fighting stance* "ME

  71. author

    EvChangee9 시간 전

    Only real ones will remember 4th grade Pokémon card trading at recess

  72. author

    Aesthetic Rush9 시간 전

    That had to be isle of armor

  73. author

    Battle for life!9 시간 전

    0:16 i'm a boy and i do that with my hair 2 :DDDDDD

  74. author

    Juan Ruiz9 시간 전


  75. author

    Bridget Malme9 시간 전


  76. author

    Armityle Neo9 시간 전

    Insert eye of the tiger

  77. author

    wizardninja9 시간 전


  78. author



  79. author

    The 5th Horseman9 시간 전

    I went out and got me some home-made tortilla chips and home-made salsa, some nacho cheese, pop, and Twinkies for the tournament!

  80. author

    Mikerosoft9 시간 전

    Ah! The sunlight is acting as a light source, thus making her skin less tan! Could this be whitewashing!?

  81. author

    The 5th Horseman9 시간 전

    I started the live-streaming yesterday and commenting wasn't available. Decided to not watch it live since I can't pick up at the same spot I left from while live-streaming if it goes past 6 hrs.

  82. author

    pr4nkst3b0y_Gaming9 시간 전

    Is this expanded format?

  83. author

    Titanium Salmon9 시간 전

    this dude simping for suicune

  84. author

    zxcvbnm zxcvbnm9 시간 전

    Hol up, Is this real? Real or not it still looks awesome. Normally I'm not into pokemon, but this seems promising

  85. author

    Blurry Face9 시간 전

    Coming back to this after seeing the media believing they made Bea whitewashed. Smdh

  86. author

    Nicholas Lamey9 시간 전

    No wonder I rekked her team.

  87. author

    kargaroc3869 시간 전

    Corviknight is even bigger here! maybe they'll just get bigger with every episode

  88. author

    Lungi_ 699 시간 전

    Bea’s ass in this, holy shit.

  89. author

    Blueberry Meows9 시간 전

    I swear that machoke is what anxiety feels like

  90. author

    Twintown35 Mc Donald lover6910 시간 전

    I'm I the only one confused why Machamp struggled to hold up some rocks when he can lit break through mountains.

  91. author

    StarBlazer 6410 시간 전

    I hope we get a new remix for the finals

  92. author

    Ogono Art Family10 시간 전

    Wow, I'm amazed a taxi guy took time out of his busy schedule to return a phone, and not sell it off. The Pokemon world is so kind :)

  93. author

    AB C10 시간 전

    the whitewashing debate is so stupid, her skin appearing lighter fits because of the harsh lighting. someone didn't use all of their common sense on that one.

  94. author

    Cosmic Gaming10 시간 전

    How the he double hockey stick is she sparring with a freaking Machamp that can gmax

  95. author

    Shinymew12110 시간 전

    I really enjoy these shorts they did something similar a few years ago I hope they continue to do these maby in seasons like my hero academia

  96. author

    Tesel Bonne10 시간 전

    Holy crap why is this so good!?

  97. author

    Jesse Tate10 시간 전

    This is my first time doing Comp in Pokémon... any tips?

  98. author

    Rasel Sk11 시간 전

    Be my friend in Pokemon go.... This is my Id... -4021 8150 2337

  99. author

    Leon Reaper11 시간 전

    Aaron got lucky, that's all. 😂👌

  100. author

    Sean Hettenbach11 시간 전

    Couple of things.... 1 Machamp can move mountains... I'm sure he could have moved those rocks... Second... I didn't know corviknight was that freaking huge. Like damn, the best mon to come out of SS and no team would be complete without one. What a monster.