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  1. author


    I really want Dawn to come fast

  2. author

    Traitor Red7 시간 전

    They showed us two ponyta's together, what if there's two different evolution for them?? LOL NAH, not like thats gonna happen! ......Unless?

  3. author

    Maria Kelley7 시간 전

    Rare footage of me not wanting to try on clothes that people think I’ll like.

  4. author

    New Player7 시간 전

    I’ll be scared to even try did

  5. author

    MaryannKitty117 시간 전

    0:26 LOL XD

  6. author

    Nelg Jordan7 시간 전


  7. author

    pokemon Trainer7 시간 전

    That music at the end

  8. author

    Lancaster Responding7 시간 전

    Kinglry is an underrated Pokemon

  9. author

    Chemical7 시간 전

    Only if lance knew of shinies

  10. author

    DeathBlade87 시간 전

    Love it

  11. author

    Fluminox5284 -7 시간 전

    Mimikyu's voice creeps me out

  12. author

    Jason Proulx7 시간 전

    Jessie is more frightening then mimikyus true form :P

  13. author

    DubstepNightmare7 시간 전

    I like this month

  14. author

    Wilton & Autumn Playz7 시간 전

    The Galarian Ponyta looks like it’s from MLP lol

  15. author

    有兴李7 시간 전

    Can it evolve?

  16. author

    Ness8 시간 전

    Remember kids! Don't go to malls with your mothers or sisters!

  17. author

    AUrora12922 Absolute trash :38 시간 전


  18. author

    noodle nerd8 시간 전

    They should show love to other regions other than kanto, but still a cool Pokemon

  19. author

    Super Ponymon8 시간 전

    It's a tiny, fluffy unicorn! I'm in LOVE! <3<3

  20. author

    The Pinklord8 시간 전

    Too see a gyarados with its mouth closed

  21. author

    The Pinklord8 시간 전

    dynamax wailord

  22. author

    The Pinklord8 시간 전

    Chairman rose looks very, very, very gay

  23. author

    Angie Reda8 시간 전

    I have a red G

  24. author

    Angie Reda8 시간 전

    ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💛🧡❤️💚🖤💙💜💝💖💞❣️ 🍒🍎 today!,,,,,?!!>!!!!!!!

  25. author

    M3rtyville8 시간 전

    the entire 24 hours they showed only 1 new Pokemon and it's another Kanto Regional Form...

  26. author

    gerardo viagta8 시간 전

    We need Galarian Machamp

  27. author

    Rainbow Poop8 시간 전

    Serena eevee is so damn cute. Whenever it says eevee my heart melts

  28. author

    no you8 시간 전

    Hold up isn't that red from Pokemon stadium 2

  29. author

    Adam Ostapovitch8 시간 전


  30. author

    ShiverrrTV9 시간 전

    I am 100% getting Shield now

  31. author

    Chloe Orellana9 시간 전

    That cure yell pose at the end though 😂😂😂

  32. author

    KingMatthew8019 시간 전

    Where does it say it’s types?

  33. author

    Slightly Irritated Video Game Geek9 시간 전


  34. author

    Official Livvyscoot9 시간 전

    I know this is off topic to this video but hey Pokemon, you may not notice this comment. But I made a fire type gym for SWSH. I'm planning to get Twitter. His name is Pyronisy and he is a fire type gym leader. I'm really excited about SWSH and it would be nice if you read this. If I get Twitter and send the design to you, can you please tell me what you think.

  35. author

    Sylveon11 Diaz10 시간 전

    More mr.mine

  36. author

    Daflu :310 시간 전

    Galarian mimikyu confirmed

  37. author

    Frederico Elias10 시간 전

    Minha região favorita 😍😍😍

  38. author

    Milton Farias10 시간 전


  39. author

    Mega x Charzard pro11 시간 전

    Mr mime are you kidding me

  40. author

    Tyler Mounce11 시간 전

    Reminds me of when Bianca forced Zorua to wear stupid clothes.

  41. author

    Jared Arcega11 시간 전

    Wth wrong with ash'es eyes

  42. author

    Yeet xZy11 시간 전

    Pokemon creators:lets create a pokemon that his hands are swords The guy that give ideas:mongraal Pokemon creators:you are a fking genius

  43. author

    Yellow Emerald11 시간 전

    I keep seeing a po,emon masters add except so many things are misspelled and i think its fake because the title of the game is different. Even though the add says its called pokemon masters

  44. author

    Rexyjp12311 시간 전

    I had that blastoise and rayquaza

  45. author

    Shae Martin11 시간 전

    Man this trailer really showed everything in this game. They better not do this with Sword and Shield

  46. author

    Super Meme Generator 6411 시간 전

    Shopping is not fun.

  47. author

    Galaxy Ga11 시간 전

    what are you eating exactly that's just a plate

  48. author

    Someone Over The Rainbow11 시간 전

    1:12 Me:😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 I DONT GIVE A DAMN

  49. author

    Darth Grond11 시간 전

    0:09 Someone is overcompensating

  50. author

    Jimbei Law12 시간 전

    Ponyta on Acid

  51. author

    Ultra Afroman12 시간 전

    So majestic

  52. author

    Rain12 시간 전

    Guys I know this might seem weird but I thought Mimikyu was released in like gen 5. I don't know why I'm having this mandela effect thing.

  53. author

    Vivi Yulianti12 시간 전

    Mega sbelay

  54. author

    Vivi Yulianti12 시간 전

    Mega blasiken

  55. author

    jthmastermind13 시간 전

    They have seriously run out of ideas. I suppose it’s easier to just remake old Pokemon and use objects for new Pokemon instead of creatures and animals

  56. author

    Ziomownik 2580 fun13 시간 전

    Mimikyu: Mi-Mi...kyu ;) (Happy Mimikyu month 😉)

  57. author

    Orange Joe13 시간 전

    My little pony shit

  58. author

    Jordan Wilson13 시간 전

    Did they change Jesse’s voice actor?

  59. author

    TheSWord13 시간 전

    Watching this while waiting for the SwSh starters' evos😭😭😭

  60. author

    Avan Carr13 시간 전

    Ugh, more version exclusivity on top of there not being a regional dex? I might have to stop buying Pokemon games in general. I used to love this series and played for quite awhile but I just can't keep supporting the direction they continue to take these games. It has been feeling like "status quo" even though it shouldn't have to be this way. Why do I have to buy two versions, or even interact with another individual in a game that is primarily 1 player through most of your journey? I always enjoyed more playing these games alone and comparing the end resulting teams rather than ever "trading" Pokemon, because most of the time people that I've known never cared for that aspect of things. And that's if I have friends in town or something. I guess I'm ultimately not the demographic they are targeting which I suppose just means I've "grown out" of Pokemon in some aspects. For me Pokemon was about going on a journey and catching, then training partners that would persist throughout my life. Yet they keep restricting the amount of Pokemon in the games, and I feel like I should have a lot more choice if I'm forking over 60 dollars for a Pokemon game. It's basically becoming the Madden (No offense to sport fans or Pokemon fans.) of RPG's. Same game, slight tweaks and QoL stuff that sometimes only persists in one region/game to the next! Why aren't Pokemon always able to follow us after we had the ability in one of the games, why did they make it "exclusive" to certain games? I don't understand that. They had the ability to make at least Pikachu in some of their first set of games, and we see it again in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Yet why is it only those games? We have a secret base system that would be hella fun in other regions yet it's constricted as a "charming aspect" of one version to the next. There's a lot of things like that, that feel like they are there not only to make certain regions feel more unique, but essentially force you into getting that version of the game. Guess I'll just let everyone else enjoy it and take my leave. Sorry for the rant but as a human I can't help but throw my thoughts to the Internet. I'm curious about other people's opinions too.

  61. author

    A Dandy Gnar, In Space14 시간 전

    You bastards. I dont want shield...

  62. author

    StormyLOGO14 시간 전

    The weakest to the strongest

  63. author

    Davin Lie14 시간 전

    Honey and Pecha Berry destroyed the flavor LOL

  64. author

    Michael Yu15 시간 전

    the small screen makes it look like pokemon is afraid of being copyright striked by itself

  65. author

    ゆや教信者のがどちゃ15 시간 전


  66. author

    Constantly Constipated15 시간 전

    I remember thinking Incineroar was butt ugly when it was first leaked, but man Tony the Tigger grew on me over time. Those hands are still weird as hell tho.

  67. author

    Docxy15 시간 전

    It wouldve been funny if she suggested a tea pot

  68. author

    Joseph O'neill16 시간 전

    When i went to look down at the comments i mostly saw my little pony happy🙂

  69. author

    MrStGeorgeIllawarra16 시간 전

    I don't like this Jessie voice. It isn't pitched right.

  70. author

    Ordinary Boy16 시간 전


  71. author

    Andres E. Gomez M.16 시간 전

    I love Giovanni's design in Generations more than in the anime. He truly looks like a mafia boss and that hat is so damn awesome!

  72. author

    Lauri16 시간 전

    i dunno why i laughed when i saw that weezing

  73. author

    LiamLifeChannel&Theories17 시간 전

    in sword and shield can we be fat

  74. author

    Jorden J17 시간 전

    I watched one pokemon clip and now my recommended is full of Pokemon vids.

  75. author

    Amartya Majumdar17 시간 전

    This was so good. Was on my seat the whole time. Much better than the sam-ey wars of attrition we see everywhere

  76. author

    Lightウ17 시간 전


  77. author

    BIKRAM BHOWAL17 시간 전

    Just happy to see brok Nd Mishty's face.. We are 90's kids😁😍

  78. author

    NoisyButters17 시간 전

    im gonna cri mimikyu looks so great, you go you lil poke you

  79. author

    levi kirito12317 시간 전

    I wish Ash has his Sceptile Mega Evolution and Charzard Too.😔

  80. author

    GFK CEG17 시간 전

    This cartoon is a joke now

  81. author

    まる まる17 시간 전


  82. author

    GippyHappy18 시간 전

    _she's perfect_

  83. author

    Laura Clark18 시간 전

    Huh, I am extremely aware that I'm not the only one who was expecting a Fairy typing out of this guy, but Psychic works too.

  84. author

    bj balangiao18 시간 전

    why there is no mega gardevior

  85. author

    Kallebe Pessôa18 시간 전

    Waiting for the final forms of the Galar starters.

  86. author

    ミニミニチャンネルMINIMINI CHANNEL18 시간 전

    nice video😍✨

  87. author

    Gabo2oo18 시간 전

    Imagine bringing back the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" slogan only to have to ditch it again two generations later.

  88. author

    Paul Blank18 시간 전

    Honestly I feel a bit more motivated to try out the SM anime after this.

  89. author

    Unimportant Person to the Plot18 시간 전

    I wanna see how they would animate Gengar using Destiny Bond on another Pokémon.

  90. author

    Micaela Lopez19 시간 전

    I'm Super Hyped about Pokemon SW/SH!

  91. author

    DemonFaction19 시간 전

    We're both the Pokemon at the start shiny there were two different sparkle animations?

  92. author

    Yame Sandoval19 시간 전

    Hmm me llegó la recomendación, s-será posible(?

  93. author

    UnearthlyMouse319 시간 전

    Is this game still worth getting in October 2019, I know Sword/Shield is coming out but it looks terrible, and I want to play through a Pokémon game

  94. author

    WxterGGs19 시간 전

    One of my friends won one of these

  95. author

    ZE PATO19 시간 전

    fapped to jesse's feet. worth it

  96. author

    Prince v19 시간 전

    Pokemon = kidnapping animals Sometimes feels creepy!

  97. author

    RaynebowCrash20 시간 전

    Wigglytuff sounds like Ash with a cold.

  98. author

    layla20 시간 전

    Pokepark copy

  99. author

    Vanilla_the _Octoling_uwu20 시간 전

    Ngl, Mallow looks a bit like Miyuki from Smile Precure 🤔

  100. author

    The Flaming Groundon20 시간 전

    Whats its Next Evolution gunna have, wings? hahah...