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  1. author

    Justin Herass5 시간 전

    Tuq is fragile, Dak hasn’t missed a start his whole nfl career

  2. author

    iturtlez relax5 시간 전

    You were right Mr clean

  3. author

    Count Stacks6 시간 전

    Damn!! Here after the fight!! He was what on point with what he said.

  4. author

    Blender Wiki6 시간 전

    Stephen Jackson stop embarrassing yourself each time you visiti Colin... start to be pathetic.

  5. author

    Nicass Kickass6 시간 전

    Well it was.

  6. author

    Its Blitsin6 시간 전

    And it was an easy fight indeed. Fury the legend.

  7. author

    DrîzzyMTBH6 시간 전

    Well looks like Fury wasn’t lying lol. TKO WILDER!

  8. author

    Kieran Reginald Bullock6 시간 전

    Oh Doug, you don't "start" with this. You SHIFT to this

  9. author

    Ten Fold6 시간 전

    Typical Gottlieb to bring up the fact that he wasnt academically eligible.

  10. author

    seanspawn6 시간 전

    I've watched a fair bit of Norm through Utube. I'm putting this vid up there with my favs.

  11. author

    Sunny Da Chief6 시간 전

    Your right

  12. author

    reese !6 시간 전

    The man didn’t lie.

  13. author

    Dennis Etemere7 시간 전

    Kyrie slope has been descending ever since he left Cleveland

  14. author

    Jared Oliveira7 시간 전

    And he was right! Let’s get it...

  15. author

    dēaþ7 시간 전

    It was an easy fight. Fury didn't even have a red mark on his face.

  16. author

    J0rginh0997 시간 전

    He was right tho🥴🥴

  17. author

    Matthew Daborn7 시간 전

    He wasnt wrong tbf...

  18. author

    Chris Ratcliffe7 시간 전

    Great fight Tyson!

  19. author

    Heath Bilbrey7 시간 전

    12 days later this video has aged very poorly.

  20. author

    Lee Christy7 시간 전

    It will likely be the #3 pick to get Tua.... It will take a lot of picks to get it but easily worth the gamble -2-3 yr window to win it all. Do it Jerry!!! Trade this years, next years #1s and a few low rounders

  21. author

    Tristan Miranda7 시간 전


  22. author

    J. Won7 시간 전

    Well he wasn’t lying. Fury dominated tonight.

  23. author

    RayGunz7 시간 전

    I predict Tyson fury will win in 7 rounds by TKO!!!!

  24. author

    Jordan7 시간 전

    Well then

  25. author

    TheVisual7 시간 전

    Easy was an understatement

  26. author

    ShotByCameron8 시간 전

    Well this aged quite well.

  27. author

    Turtle head ass boi Mhm8 시간 전

    Here after the fight🥴

  28. author

    Calvin Moore8 시간 전

    Because it was rigged. Fury worse than the Astros

  29. author

    Manpreet Singh8 시간 전

    He wasn’t wrong he dominated wilder

  30. author

    aris pan8 시간 전

    And it was an easy fight

  31. author

    J8 시간 전

    Like the man said... it's going to be an easy fight..... he bloody dominated Wilder.

  32. author

    Rod8 시간 전

    Well this aged well ... New WBC champion

  33. author

    Tater Puddin8 시간 전


  34. author

    Levi Schaffer8 시간 전

    I can name 6 PGs better then kyrie

  35. author

    Mark Symbala8 시간 전

    Cheetah ain't going nowhere

  36. author

    B-Mag8 시간 전

    Dont make me hate tua

  37. author

    Ryan Coyte8 시간 전

    Jacksonville goes to San Antonio. London will not get accepted by the NFL'PA. Bengals to columbus. Buffalo to Toronto.

  38. author

    Ty Salazar8 시간 전

    So this guys solution is to take a quarterback who hasn’t missed a game, hasn’t had a losing season, is a perfect leader, and threw for 5,000yds, and replace him with a rookie who couldn’t finish either of the 2 seasons he had in college? This is a joke right?

  39. author

    James Anagnos8 시간 전

    sorry your a clown , noodle arm Dak could not carry Sam Bradfords jock strap lol you must be on hard drugs

  40. author

    Houa Xiong9 시간 전

    I rather trade up and draft Joe Burrow. He has a no mercy killer instinct against opponents.

  41. author

    ben9 시간 전

    "its confusing why they(cowboys) arent better"......its simple the QB is average at best.

  42. author

    Jaz9 시간 전

    Houston out, mavs out, jazz out, memphis out, denver out, Thunder out,

  43. author

    ___9 시간 전

    That dude doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about

  44. author

    Town _Biznessman9 시간 전

    Tanking does not work. Knicks, Suns, Kings, Hawks, Grizzlies....

  45. author

    Diss Info10 시간 전

    If Brady stays in New England, it's because nobody wants to pay big bucks to a 42 year old QB who will bring limited returns. Great, more lousy playoff games with more teams who do not belong there.

  46. author

    JiaYi Hong10 시간 전

    wheres ibaka in the wardrobe reward

  47. author

    Darryl Hayes Hayes10 시간 전

    Sounds to me he's trying to convince himself more than selling a bill of goods

  48. author

    D Celes310 시간 전

    You don't make money up in endorsements! The Cowboys aren't paying him; so he's underpaid for what he has done and he's losing money. Endorsements aren't subsidies for underpaying a player. Those two are Mutually exclusive. Why are people always trying to count another man's money??

  49. author

    GLENNCIAGA10 시간 전


  50. author

    Angelus Hellstrom10 시간 전

    🤔 DAMN she thick 😅🤐

  51. author

    jesse gossett10 시간 전

    If curry was traded then it would have been Steph and Gianis and they'd be trying to repeat as champs.

  52. author

    I Play College Football10 시간 전

    Don’t say Tom Brady, the most overrated player of all time

  53. author

    TRuePack110 시간 전

    Every baseball take Colin has had has been complete cringe

  54. author

    Mitchell Winters10 시간 전

    Brother stick to basketball. Don’t hate the idea of drafting tua but I hate his logic for the scenario. So many of these analysts don’t care about quality of content. Focus more on being accurate and less on being groundbreaking

  55. author

    Luke _70210 시간 전

    Your telling me the least regulated American sport in the last 100+ years has the most problems!?!?!? Noooo. Can’t be... 🙄

  56. author

    Biryn10 시간 전

    listen to this guy 😂 ima come bacc later and record this and put it in a vid and title it “10 Times Analysts Sounded Stupid Af”

  57. author

    Peter Ortiz11 시간 전

    Do aliens exist??

  58. author

    Daniel Hamlet11 시간 전

    Some people should not talk sports and Doug is one of them!

  59. author

    wally Waldo11 시간 전


  60. author

    Gee Bee11 시간 전

    Joy over there looking like Minny Mouse 😍

  61. author

    Sergio Martinez11 시간 전

    Messi 1 CR7 2

  62. author

    Jaaay Are11 시간 전

    Change your name to captain obvious...yeah their old but they still have one of the best records

  63. author

    Christopher Bennett11 시간 전

    Lol you don't watch the nba much do you? You just use empty stats to try and make a point

  64. author

    NerdRN12 시간 전

    Just say NO to TUA! With all due respect, dude is damaged goods and has bad knees, ankles, & hips...NO THANKS! Horrible idea...simply clickbait

  65. author

    Joshua Hagbom12 시간 전

    Even a rival player doesn't understand why the cowboys didnt perform better based on their talent last year lol. Pretty sure changing coaches was the right call.

  66. author

    Tea Santana12 시간 전

    Simply, the dude T.O. Perhaps, misunderstood by many. Numbers don't lie. I need to purchase my 18 x 20, portrait for my wall. Be blessed my brother. Shalom.

  67. author

    Spencer Honda12 시간 전

    Glenn Quagmire

  68. author

    Ashley Knight12 시간 전

    Giving what iv seen of his weight he's lost big time so gutted

  69. author

    Rene Torres12 시간 전

    finally !!! someone sees what I see Dak is mediocre at best

  70. author

    DJ Pappas12 시간 전

    I swear I can’t believe he just said something good about the Celtics

  71. author

    Charles Maddox12 시간 전

    That does not matter the cowboys defense is horrible they can't stop run or pass. Dak had a dislocated shoulder and was shot up with pain medication, he shouldn't not been playing

  72. author

    Josh Kay13 시간 전

    All things considered Dak is a pretty damn good franchise QB. Doug on the other hand, is an idiot.

  73. author

    Derique Potillo13 시간 전

    Lmfaoooo colin said the rockets cant shoot roflllll gtfoh are u lookin at numbers or skill? U take more threes ur not gonna have “jazz” numbers

  74. author

    #2300Live Blue-Storie13 시간 전

    I'm convinced Lebron own Fox Sports and Trump Fox

  75. author

    Steven G13 시간 전

    🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️we pay for this disappointing entertainment? Tf is wrong with Americans

  76. author

    Austin Holler13 시간 전

    1:08 Tua Tavailoga 😂 I hate this guys voice too

  77. author

    Jeff Terpstra13 시간 전

    I’m weary of all the coverage on Brady, so many other players to talk about.

  78. author

    Benjamin Rodriguez13 시간 전

    Idiot take. That is all.

  79. author

    Kenneth Ho14 시간 전

    Imo, the Celtics will need to sign a Jamal Crawford type player to refuel the bench bc the team depends too much on the top 5 to score. For example, the Celtics beat the twolves with 127 points. The bench only scored 10 points in the game

  80. author

    Supermariohoops2414 시간 전

    I’m sick and tired of everybody writing off the Pacers. They were over 10 games over .500 and are going to have a healthy all-nba player along with Brogdon and Turner healthy. They are a serious contender.

  81. author

    Jeff Fuego14 시간 전


  82. author

    Alex Zim14 시간 전

    3:30 they have to add the shot and the replay. Would love to see that in videos to come!

  83. author

    John Lewis14 시간 전

    If you could do that same trade, but without having to get rid of Jaylen Smith then I would consider it.

  84. author

    Zak0nIPadYT14 시간 전

    2 mins till the fight 😅🤪🤗🤗🤗

  85. author

    MrYorick27114 시간 전

    He hasn't fought against Anthony Joshua and their from the same country! So, he fought an old good fighter and Wilder, but isn't trying to fight Joshua. So does he truly fight only the best fighters?!?

  86. author

    Brandon G14 시간 전

    Detroit has a QB and nothing else. Colin: "ThEy NeEd AnOtHeR qB!" Dude is like a 7-year-old drafting fantasy football.

  87. author

    Chase Waller14 시간 전

    um bjelica three against rockets for best score fg

  88. author

    PULLUP J14 시간 전

    Heat had no 3 words

  89. author

    Jiggy14 시간 전

    0 Soccer players in top 10. Thats insane. How is serena williams higher than Cr7 LMAOOOO

  90. author

    AggiePride4life14 시간 전

    I just thought about something. Let Dak walk, sign Brady for a year and draft Tua to sit under Brady........

  91. author

    stonecoldku14 시간 전

    I had heard that he was forced to invent an indoor game to play during the winter, because the boys at the gym couldn't play American Football and were getting too rowdy. So rowdy in fact that several of the staff working for or Dr. Naismith's predecessors had quit. They couldn't put up with the young men in the gym anymore. Hearing what happened during the first game of basketball seems to confirm that the young men playing in that gym were nuts.

  92. author

    el malan malan14 시간 전

    All NBA players of today's wanted to be like Mike even lebron.

  93. author

    Ry Visla14 시간 전

    I would love Tua!

  94. author

    EpicJoe P14 시간 전

    The track record for Bama quarterbacks isn't that great. You know what you have in Prescott, I wouldn't take my chance on Bama quarterbacks

  95. author

    D 41614 시간 전

    Lakers got Kieef Morris,Bron should have enough help now...

  96. author

    mujitsu mara14 시간 전

    FURY WILL KO WILDER.................. FACT.............

  97. author

    Martin Walker15 시간 전

    I’m not paying Dak 35mi before a ring. There’s a lot of QB you could pick from this off-season between the draft and free agency that would come cheaper with little drop off if any. Watched a lot of Dak last 2 years and he doesn’t do anything special

  98. author

    Berkshire 8815 시간 전

    You can tell Fury and Wilder would be boys irl. I respect both of them.

  99. author

    Edward Saucedo15 시간 전

    Dallas could upgrade and get Bridgewater, cheaper than for what dak wants.

  100. author

    Ace Boogie 1515 시간 전

    Colin wearing all black on purpose. You’re apart of the program..