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SuperM: lNTROSuperM: lNTRO

SuperM: lNTRO

2 개월 전

  1. author

    Lucius Brave6 초 전

    bro, pretty faces, no asses thoooooo

  2. author

    dwi amelia29 초 전

    Up to 3 days more till this video get it's first anniversary and exo hasn't comeback yet... Well it's just about a week till we had exo comeback so i'm so excited!! and stream tempo! y'all did him dirty 😭

  3. author

    chuminyong분 전

    makes me kinda sad to see more comments about the people acting than the person who's actually singing the song

  4. author

    Emilly silva분 전

    Melhor música mt fd

  5. author

    Axel Estrada분 전

    MK ultra? sacrify? pizzagate?

  6. author

    robinson sh분 전

    Bye2😥 SJ

  7. author

    Purple0Rain -3-2 분 전

    Fx will still be my number one group. They literally got me into kpop and I'm so thankful for that 💕

  8. author

    Eva andthe Alligator Blood2 분 전

    i am in chain with #nct127

  9. author

    Kim Hae ARMY2 분 전

    Yo que la odiaba por una simple razon ahora laamoooo me arrepiento de todos

  10. author

    Kari3 분 전

    I'm EXO-L from the showcase of these kids, and i'm ok with the OT9 lol don't cry comrades, life continues hahaha

  11. author

    me4 분 전

    أريد أن أضمك بذراعي *:* وأضعك بداخل قلبي شنو رأيك .؟؟ اكيد ماراح اتمانع 😐! ااخ أحلام وردية😬💔

  12. author

    Денис Артамонов4 분 전

    my heart is broken that such a young singer has left( It is a pity that there was no one who would give her a helping hand at this critical moment. People, be kinder to each other! мое сердце разбито что ушла такая юная певица( Жаль что не нашлось никого кто протянул бы ей руку помощи в этот критический момент. Люди, будьте добрее друг к другу

  13. author

    seulreneshoe5 분 전

    imagine being over peek a boo era..can't relate

  14. author

    Hazz Hamid5 분 전

    Taeyong's rap more faster than police

  15. author

    كارهة ال sm5 분 전

    ننة 😒 وربي ضجت اليوم محجينا الظهر كلت نعوض بالليل😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. author

    كارهة ال sm5 분 전

    زهراء شنو دلعك؟

  17. author

    Mariana Quintero5 분 전

    Can't wait for this winter special! :)

  18. author

    freyja duncan6 분 전

    just found him on Spotify and now it blew away

  19. author

    Hazz Hamid6 분 전


  20. author

    Александр Сергеев8 분 전

    Джёнхён, ты слышиш: Тебя , твоей любви мне очень не хватает, хотя ты её усердно дарил!!!

  21. author

    dian rahma8 분 전

    Dedikasi mereka ga main2 sih. Hebat, jadi makin kagum

  22. author

    Susi Sukmawati9 분 전

    Gada bhsa indonesia

  23. author

    Nour abo elkhair10 분 전

    On fire 🔥

  24. author

    L- 148510 분 전

    난 엑소의 레이가 좋은거지.. 솔로가수 중국가수 장이씽은 관심이 안가 미안..

  25. author

    ஐزهـرة القـمر الوحيـدهஐ10 분 전

    صوت كوريـ..ـا الأول كيم جونغ داي ♡

  26. author

    me11 분 전


  27. author

    كارهة ال sm11 분 전

    وحدي 😭😭😭😭🔪🔪🔪🔪

  28. author

    Kry Krystal12 분 전

    Tonight i'm crying becouse i really miss you, wish you happy and always blessed by god

  29. author

    ஐزهـرة القـمر الوحيـدهஐ12 분 전

    كيونغسوياا راح اروح استرم أغنية تشين الجديد وبعدها أرجع إلى هناا بايي

  30. author

    Sandro Lopes da silva12 분 전

    William a música que eu já escutei do mundo

  31. author

    ஐزهـرة القـمر الوحيـدهஐ13 분 전

    هسه يلا خليت لايك لل أغنية من هذا حسابي ما كنت أدري نسيت استرم بهذا حسابي

  32. author

    Simran Malik13 분 전

    O:50-0:52 for a split second I thought it was gd

  33. author

    roro D.L.A13 분 전

    We miss jonghyun and sulli 👑😢💔

  34. author

    Vi Ki14 분 전

    Ini dikaliurang wkwk

  35. author

    Dora The explorer15 분 전

    I love sulgi ☹️💜💜

  36. author

    ஐزهـرة القـمر الوحيـدهஐ15 분 전

    تشانيولي هسه ارجع استرم لل كيونغي اورجع ااحبببككك باي

  37. author

    Flor Cruz15 분 전

    Love you much like

  38. author

    كارهة ال sm15 분 전

    اويييييه بتذمر مثل تشين اين انتي يافتاة🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

  39. author

    ஐزهـرة القـمر الوحيـدهஐ16 분 전

    حيااتي أقترب عيد ميلادك كل عام وانته بألف خير وصحه وعافيه وياربي تحقق كلل احلامك من عدى حلم واحد إذا كنت تفكر ب بنت منا منا👀 اخاف عيونك زاغت على وحدهه أن شاء لله اني زوجتك ومحد غيري وإذا اكو وحدهه غيري ما راح اصير انانيه إختار لك -وحدهه على ذوقي 😭😂-

  40. author

    jichu sooyaa16 분 전

    Jaemin ku😍 haechan💜 jisung💕

  41. author

    Alexa17 분 전

    Is this fifty shades of Taemin? 🤔

  42. author

    official k-popo17 분 전

    this song is designed like bboom bboom by momoland 😅

  43. author

    Eva andthe Alligator Blood17 분 전

    This song stuck in my heart for forever #nct127

  44. author

    Joe Mama17 분 전

    Why is this so underrated? This is a bop; only 27,714,934 views come on Reveluvs are not a small fandom neither is Red Velvet

  45. author

    Uwu feels17 분 전

    Okay but this is a song to .... U know .. to

  46. author

    Yasmin Cáceres Ortiz18 분 전

    😍 lovely 💕💕

  47. author

    mane kozhupa18 분 전

    I'm an army a blink and now an exo-l wow they are amazing

  48. author

    Rawen Hannachi19 분 전

    I loooooove you hendary ❤️

  49. author

    Dyan Urfa19 분 전

    That smile :))

  50. author

    Porrrnesian parrrapio19 분 전

    *Who is here after 300M* | | \/

  51. author

    carolina vanegas19 분 전


  52. author

    كيوي K19 분 전

    هسه حتى زهراء الثانية راحت 🤦🏻‍♀️

  53. author

    Grace Li20 분 전

    👍 nice

  54. author

    كيوي K20 분 전

    وينج تره ابجي🔪😂

  55. author

    ஐزهـرة القـمر الوحيـدهஐ20 분 전

    مومو اليوم ما سترمت أغنية زوجي ف گلت مستحيل استرم أغاني اكسو و ما استرم لل ابن بارك♚

  56. author

    Cindy Monica20 분 전


  57. author

    كيوي K22 분 전

    صايرة هواي استعمل هالايموجي😒

  58. author

    Aurxra uwu23 분 전

    ONLY 600.000 LET'S GO

  59. author

    bogo gamer23 분 전

    Sabes?lo peor de todo es que baekhyung si se mira bien vestida de mujer😂

  60. author

    كارهة ال sm23 분 전

    خاف تعليقي ميظهر🌚💔

  61. author

    Yong Ri23 분 전

    wow its already 4m like

  62. author

    Mimi Mariano24 분 전

    Meu utt

  63. author

    Arina Yuliawati24 분 전

    This is nctears dream, im here and im crying.

  64. author

    كارهة ال sm24 분 전

    سكرتي اليوم وين كل شوية طامسة😒

  65. author

    Arina Yuliawati25 분 전


  66. author

    jeon Sirine26 분 전

    Exotan💗💗 Army-L💝💝

  67. author

    LalisaRose 10126 분 전

    I’m not even a WayV stan yet I cannot get over Ten’s line 2:16

  68. author

    Amir Khan26 분 전

    Ten's dancing style is legit Ten Style. A mixture of contemporary, urban and hiphop.

  69. author

    Lullakai27 분 전

    So is Jaehyun featured in all these songs or is he just like the spokesperson? lol

  70. author

    Amir Khan27 분 전

    Ten is just ten. He expresses everything in his dancing. EVEN Taemin praises Ten because Ten can show true colors

  71. author

    Bárbara trans27 분 전

    Quem era Black pink amados kkkk

  72. author

    me28 분 전

    أشتقت لصوتك ألان ..

  73. author

    ItsRapMonsterNotD.a.n.c.eMonster28 분 전

    I never new that KOreporter was a calendar

  74. author

    ItsRapMonsterNotD.a.n.c.eMonster28 분 전

    Awe. So cute..they are the cutest lil babies ever and will always be.💞💞💞

  75. author

    Haru هارو28 분 전

    الاكسوالز العراقيين ولا يكعدون راحه شوفوا النهاية اكسوالز عراقيين بالمظاهرات رافعيين شعار اكسو،😂😭😭💕💜

  76. author

    كارهة ال sm29 분 전

    رجعت الغبية🤦🏻‍♀️

  77. author

    zehra nur30 분 전


  78. author

    mariana.32 분 전

    jaehyun is so lucky like if he wanted to date himself, he can jealous af

  79. author

    은령32 분 전

    Let's go 100M ♥

  80. author



  81. author

    Ena Kiseky Arrow32 분 전

    (=^ - ^)/ \(^ - ^*)/ \(^ - ^+

  82. author

    ẞśĕĥůŋ 1433 분 전


  83. author

    은령33 분 전

    1억뷰 가자

  84. author

    ẞśĕĥůŋ 1433 분 전

    اممم ضايجه ⁦:'(⁩🔪

  85. author

    Malia 12733 분 전

    Finally found Minho’s MV Love his voice

  86. author

    Gidiane Passos33 분 전


  87. author

    Jimena Ochoa33 분 전


  88. author

    Tarushi Singh33 분 전

    Can someone do me a favor and make taemin read thirst comments from this video thank you.

  89. author

    Drajon Bryght34 분 전

    Me hizo recordar que viene la Navidad

  90. author

    Demarkoin34 분 전

    they ARE X-EXO

  91. author

    كارهة ال sm35 분 전

    ڸَحْحّظـٰهَۃ وبرجع

  92. author

    lonely grass35 분 전

    Jungwoo will be back so soon!!!! Are you ready???!!!!

  93. author

    Brenda Stylinson35 분 전

    Aguante girls generation lpm

  94. author

    Jack Hughes36 분 전

    I want to know if this happens to anyone else: Whenever I first heard their music I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but as I got into EXO and started learning more about them I started liking every song I listen 2 by them. Has something like this ever happened to anyone (with any band)?

  95. author

    Ena Kiseky Arrow37 분 전


  96. author

    jaemsblog37 분 전

    best song of the 127's unit ;)

  97. author

    Catur Prasetyo37 분 전


  98. author

    Nor Izzati37 분 전

    Still remember how it feels when i listen to this 7 years ago. Time flies so fast huh

  99. author

    ẞśĕĥůŋ 1438 분 전

    يلا باي جذب ماروح 😂👋

  100. author

    beyza39 분 전

    angelic voice