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  1. author

    Innaka Sugesti19 시간 전

    Kbnyakn fersi anying

  2. author

    sleepy nygma19 시간 전

    i wish mingi was there too :(( poor baby

  3. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전

    5:49 BAHAHAHAH💀😂

  4. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전


  5. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전

    4:41 I CHOKED ON AIR💀😂

  6. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전


  7. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전


  8. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전

    4:49 I'M DOING THE SAME THING RIGHT NOW!!🤭😂 I don't want to look but I also do want to look😂💕

  9. author

    Bisma Asif19 시간 전

    The guy with pony tail really took my focus away from chunga like his dancing so cool

  10. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전

    4:47 BAHAHHA😂

  11. author

    Nairobi Morillo19 시간 전

    Yeonjun: I think I'm feeling alright Me: I'M NOT DOING ALRIGHT CUZ OF THAT DEEP VOICE!!!

  12. author

    Daniesh Aqiesh19 시간 전


  13. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전

    4:19 Am I the only one that thinks their jumps are so smooth?😂

  14. author

    Nairobi Morillo19 시간 전

    No, no, no these boys deep whispering voices and then falsettos are not ok... WHO ALLOWED THIS?!! WE CAN'T HAVE NO TROUBLEMARKERS NO NO!! jk I love this song it's one of my faves

  15. author

    Drama lover19 시간 전

    4:04 BHAHAHAHAHA😂 They are just dancing together!!🤭😂💕

  16. author

    Dewi Qashrina19 시간 전

    1:23 and 3:21 . don’t thank me. thank him for making you cry out blood and screaming like no body’s business

  17. author

    waffle bwi19 시간 전

    Moonbyul please be my girlfriend?

  18. author

    Yessenia Huarachi19 시간 전

    Creo q están volviendo de chicos malos me gustaba su concepto

  19. author

    juannifer3219 시간 전

    Recommended Me: clicks on the video M⚪🌑nStar My heart ^+^+^+^+_____________flatlined

  20. author

    Pranjal Navya19 시간 전

    1:50 please do that to me madam

  21. author

    sithi oung19 시간 전

    I love this type of Music but I prefer the old generation 2PM haha and it 2PM

  22. author

    melanie wulandari19 시간 전


  23. author

    PARK JIMIN 七屈19 시간 전

    Thanks to the demon who possesses San

  24. author

    minenos19 시간 전

    tf seungwoo hella handsome

  25. author

    Chris B.19 시간 전

    CC: Danny Tanner. We. What daddy? Danny Tanner build a lugar.

  26. author

    정미향19 시간 전

    미친걸까.... ㅠㅠ

  27. author

    M' zeï20 시간 전

    That song is a LIT.

  28. author

    Leo Lopes20 시간 전

    1m🔓 2m🔓 3m🔓 4m🔓 5m🔓 6m🔓 7m🔓 8m🔒 MOA ❤

  29. author

    Kalpa Bhardwaj20 시간 전

    Cube sweetie You literally lost a Queen of her own kind.

  30. author

    V Hwang20 시간 전

    1:11 - 1:15 Yerin and SinB like 1 person :O

  31. author

    DALU20 시간 전

    San my crush forever !! Ateez forever

  32. author

    Buh.20 시간 전

    Their choreographies are risky but pretty original. It makes them be authentic to their style!!

  33. author

    TH SOL20 시간 전

    (。♡‿♡。) Thursday♪┌|∵|┘♪

  34. author

    Yellow Sunshine20 시간 전

    The translator is so cute 😭😭 “yumji” “sowonderful”

  35. author

    Yellow Sunshine20 시간 전

    My every single day moodbooster✨ the fact that their promotion alr end hurts me. But i believe they’ll comeback with more and more amazing musics as always💕

  36. author

    Shafira Khoerun Nisa20 시간 전


  37. author

    Pika Cumel20 시간 전

    i miss them❤️❤️☹️

  38. author

    Roh vru20 시간 전

    Na na na na na na ~

  39. author

    뭐왱20 시간 전

    울 애기들은 섹시 하지 마... 2년 지나서 해...지금은 이런 컨셉 해두 겸둥이들인데 ㅠㅠ 아무튼 귀엽다 얘들아

  40. author

    Roh vru20 시간 전

    Keep spinning~

  41. author

    It's Me, Elise20 시간 전

    Eric is so extra, I'm living for it

  42. author

    K CW20 시간 전

    꺄아악 사랑해요 시이바아알

  43. author

    Jess Cool20 시간 전

    Wooyoung in every bts songs hhhhhhah

  44. author

    화리트21 시간 전

    크 ㅈㄴ 멋있는 댄스곡 나왔넹 이게 문별 스타일이지 잘어울린다

  45. author

    sky ccs21 시간 전

    3:23 queen

  46. author

    canigetajifish?21 시간 전

    who’s the cute tall one in the center at 3:02?

  47. author

    Abeer Khalid21 시간 전

    4:40 and 7:28 Now that I have your attention...please tell me his name and position in the group. It's just for learning that's all 🙂👌🥰🥰

  48. author

    OkxyAmelia21 시간 전

    yiren's hair this comeback tho

  49. author

    Hwang Eunbi is an amazing dancer21 시간 전

    sinb likes to touch members these days especially their butts

  50. author

    Roser Camell21 시간 전

    Is behind the scenes plis?

  51. author

    은수21 시간 전

    음악방송 캠보다 이게 더 낫누....

  52. author

    prem_vk21 시간 전

    crazy 60 fps

  53. author

    H Tommy.21 시간 전

    노래 개좋고 실력 개좋다. 케이팝의 미래. 비슷비슷한 노래와 비슷비슷한 케팝그룹 너무 많은데 투모로우바이투게더는 달라서 좋음

  54. author

    뫄뫄21 시간 전

    와 썸네일 휴닝이 진짜 조각이다 조각.... 사랑해 휴닝 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  55. author

    Bernice Elaine Buenaventura21 시간 전

    jinyoung's voice fits perfectly in the intro i love it

  56. author

    C-Y Chew21 시간 전

    🐦💚 #PrayForMiracle #PleaseComebackToMalaysia #Got7InMalaysia #Got7ContinueKeepSpinningInMalaysia

  57. author

    Zero_ Ethereal22 시간 전

    You’re better every day My boy 💚💚💚

  58. author

    Clara Canova22 시간 전


  59. author

    Emmanuel Melekwe22 시간 전

    I’m waiting for the day ATEEZ is really big and someone says their fandom name is ATINY but it’s anything but small 😂

  60. author

    류승희22 시간 전

    의상 박제해야함,, 너무 잘어울림,,, 언니 머시쒀용 ㅠ

  61. author

    Judy Min PH22 시간 전

    nice camera angle!

  62. author

    Horen LastTeacher22 시간 전

    This is the closest we'll get to a MV of 'Thursday'. Appreciate it.

  63. author

    minejoo22 시간 전

    wait, her throusers is indonesia army's throusers?

  64. author

    Cursed Homosexual22 시간 전


  65. author

    itz Lee chan22 시간 전

    Mia looks like wengie in this mv

  66. author

    Alisani23 시간 전

    this is the worst camerawork i’ve ever seen god

  67. author

    DamnImCute FANTASY23 시간 전

    Guess what, they disbanded early. :<

  68. author

    BANGTAN X ARMY사바23 시간 전

    I don't really like the fact that Onda doesn't really have hardly any lines plus she is usually in the back or covered 😭

  69. author

    Hobi Water23 시간 전

    *Anyone else getting V vibes from yeonjun?* Like espessially with the blie hair and tie Edit:blue

  70. author

    izoneitzyeverglow blackpinkgidle23 시간 전

    Did they already win?

  71. author

    Ne Mati일 전

    I born on Thursday😂

  72. author

    tunyatorn nontapa일 전


  73. author

    수가일 전

    이번노래 좋네요 ㅋㅋ 역시 여친 근데 한글로좀 써라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 못알아보겟ㅇ오

  74. author

    Art Lexy일 전

    I don't mean to flex but after listening to this song for the 50th time and having 2 and a half years of Korean studies... I understood this song from start to finish (without looking up the lyrics)😛😛

  75. author

    Seung Mean일 전

    A kpop prediction : They will get famous all over the world 😍😍

  76. author

    Anna Shukuru일 전

    Woooow buddy. They did soo good and they look so cool to

  77. author

    nisrn. zalfaa일 전


  78. author

    chim kookie일 전

    am i the only one who think that he's like jimin fake love era in this video?

  79. author

    _luvapkgfd哈韩일 전

    Choi Yuju I love u❤

  80. author

    토순잉일 전

    차암나 봐도봐도 안질리네

  81. author

    Lauren A일 전


  82. author

    Mouna Saad일 전

    Jongho's high note ???????????????? 😭❤

  83. author

    Nico일 전

    i beg some smart and kind genius to add english subtitles, we aghases thank you

  84. author

    Thee Cat일 전

    hearing both leedo(?) and byul in one song affirms my bisexuality

  85. author

    Rildek일 전

    Choi Yeonjun <3

  86. author

    Rildek일 전

    TXT 0:20

  87. author

    Rildek일 전

    TXT 7.3M

  88. author

    Rildek일 전


  89. author

    Elaine Mea Dimaano일 전


  90. author

    Jamil Yatogami일 전

    Gfriend 😆😆😆

  91. author

    Yu Ching일 전

    Mia gets too much part, other members need more parts

  92. author

    moonbunny일 전

    mingi did MUCH more than twerking during the song twerk LMAOOO

  93. author

    Muichih일 전

    Onda's dancing is just superb. everything from her hand movements to her head tilts, she has accuracy and control. sometimes the other girls look awkward doing certain moves but Onda never looks awkward. love her dancing <3

  94. author

    Koko Loko일 전

    bro i love sihyeon she is awesome

  95. author

    Ayra Gold일 전

    Yes we need more SinB dance cover. I love her sweet but psycho dance cover.

  96. author

    William Hutchinson일 전

    awww i love watching these adorable beagles at play.... opps sorry at work

  97. author

    Magelyn Martin일 전

    This mv and music deserve the recognition

  98. author

    이숌댕일 전

    축하합니다 여러분은 한국인을 발견하셨습니다

  99. author

    Magelyn Martin일 전

    This mv deserve morethan this, please ahgase let’s give this music the greatest and the best recognition because our boys deserve that

  100. author

    tini _일 전

    The auto generated translation is hilarious agaggga