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1st and Future1st and Future

1st and Future

17 일 전

  1. author

    Mayelin Coste8 시간 전

    Latino Gang

  2. author

    bluee8 시간 전

    my boy dj got snubbed out of a nomination lmao tf. I dont think he shouldve won (Josh Jacobs), but not even nominated? damn

  3. author

    Blake Moore8 시간 전

    The game should not have been that close with a performance like that.

  4. author

    Luke Janosko8 시간 전

    Josh Allen is one off the best out there

  5. author

    Luke Janosko8 시간 전

    This is so bad

  6. author

    Denver_DinkleBerry _8 시간 전

    I still miss seeing this man play for Denver and Indianapolis

  7. author

    C M8 시간 전

    Shakira has always had some beautiful legs 😍

  8. author

    Juan C8 시간 전

    Lamar over wilson? Lmao ok

  9. author

    Connor Lamia8 시간 전

    wtf are these ratings

  10. author

    Gawky waif8 시간 전

    Sleeping on Brissett

  11. author

    C Jay8 시간 전

    He wasted alot of years on the lions. And the lions still suck...

  12. author

    Sead Nuru8 시간 전

    russ better than lamar

  13. author

    Thiccochet _8 시간 전

    Who's here after watching Shakira and j. Lo's performance

  14. author

    Timothy Michael8 시간 전

    Haskins has had rapid improvement since he has started the season; he definitely has potential and I think he could be an amazing quarterback next season.

  15. author

    Mohamed Hassan8 시간 전

    steve: stop being tough and loosen up

  16. author

    Mitchell Klinedinst8 시간 전

    Wtf do the Ravens have the easiest schedule

  17. author

    nisa rojas8 시간 전

    She dressed as her character from Zootopia.

  18. author

    Kael Bowditch8 시간 전

    shakira needs a comeback

  19. author

    •Sofi Kook•8 시간 전

    Song minute 1:28

  20. author

    Noelia Luz Duran Osco8 시간 전

    They are DIVAS ♥️🔥♥️🔥♥️

  21. author

    Arctic Jose8 시간 전

    Ehhh I’d say 1st Lamar 2nd Russell Wilson and 3rd Mahomes

  22. author

    George Michael8 시간 전

    I didnt even watch it yet but Daniel Jones way too low

  23. author

    Tender Girl8 시간 전

    Alguien sabe Cuales son las canciones que canto shakira???

  24. author

    Avere Austin8 시간 전

    Lamar Jackson is way way over rated not on par with Patrick

  25. author

    D Joseph337788 시간 전


  26. author

    Shaquille oatmeal8 시간 전

    Can someone pepper spray me? Please

  27. author

    D Rak A8 시간 전

    Damn, Lions don’t catch a break 😂

  28. author

    Alejandro Cordova8 시간 전

    7:15 Melania Trump is that you?

  29. author

    Ralph Lawrence Cuneta8 시간 전

    @2:00 - Ayer conocí un cielo sin sol Y un hombre sin suelo

  30. author

    Catbottv8 시간 전

    5:29 😂😂

  31. author

    nisa rojas8 시간 전

    The only good parts were Harder to Breathe and and the drumline

  32. author

    Austin Savage8 시간 전

    Mike Williams and Rivers own this clip, 4 or 5 amazing throws/catches ,yet I suppose to believe Rivers is done... hes not

  33. author

    SEAN BENTLER8 시간 전

    Hello. Im frem portugal using google translate. all I wanted to say was that football is not very popular here in Porto. but I really like football. but I don't like football. i like the strong fransisco sun ninrs. I was very sad when they lost to the boss. I hope I start looking for football and learn about sport. goodbye from portugal and sory for gramar!

  34. author

    Logan-Joseph Shin9 시간 전

    saints fans thought there gong to win

  35. author

    Xavier Salas9 시간 전

    How is tannehill over Aaron Rodgers

  36. author

    Precious Obonyo9 시간 전

    let,s go

  37. author

    David Lesme9 시간 전


  38. author

    Arman Hammer9 시간 전

    Wrestling is harder than football

  39. author

    Lowkey asab9 시간 전

    7:45 So it’s 2nd and goal with 8:41 on the clock and The Chargers coach Lynn chooses to throw it and get intercepted. Smh Fire that coach all he had to do was run down the time make runs a field goal and make it 27 16 with 5 minutes so even if they score they can’t catch up. What a moron

  40. author

    Brian Stephens9 시간 전

    Good job and thanks for saving my life and pulling the boat out of my and good job Sandy I walk 200 miles for you I watch thirteen hundred altogether

  41. author

    Angel Flores9 시간 전

    Like si lo y so mejor Jenifer Lopez

  42. author

    Ang9 시간 전

    Came here after Chaka Khans version to cleanse my ears 😭

  43. author

    Em Mel9 시간 전


  44. author

    memes for life #RIPKobe9 시간 전 This guy has proof that Shakira was fake playing the drums

  45. author

    Ethan Hershman9 시간 전

    Ok tell me how Tanehill is better than Aaron Rodgers.

  46. author

    Brady Jacobson9 시간 전

    Mike Tomlin and Ryan switzer much bud.

  47. author

    C. Griff9 시간 전

    Homie slapped Jimmy G face in and sent him straight to the turf ouchhhh!!!

  48. author

    Housseine Diallo9 시간 전

    "You been clapped for your whole damn life" facts

  49. author

    Beto Gutierre9 시간 전

    Laik a shakira

  50. author

    Marsha Rupe9 시간 전

    Harmon cost them that game by dropping a TD pass with 14 seconds left.

  51. author

    Beto Gutierre9 시간 전

    Gano jenifer

  52. author

    Felipe Cal9 시간 전

    Uau, que apresentação FODA 👏👏👏👏

  53. author

    vanesa herran9 시간 전

    Acá está nuestro sabor latino y que viva mi Colombia j Balvin y Shakira y por supuesto al grupo de cali Colombia que orgullo nacer en este país Dios bendiga a mi Colombia

  54. author

    Skya Staeheli9 시간 전

    I don’t get how slow people are

  55. author

    Namit Malhotra9 시간 전

    Is there any studio version of this? And choreography tutorials?

  56. author

    One Piece Hub9 시간 전

    Who's here after watching Chaka Khan?

  57. author

    OXIDE.Mp3 Music9 시간 전

    Can someone tell me the songs of this preformance in order pls!!!

  58. author

    yssa yssa9 시간 전


  59. author

    vaszi9 시간 전

    personally i don’t understand how kirk cousins is not top 20- and how carson wentz is not atleast top 3 u guys sleep on him

  60. author

    Jesse Kauffman9 시간 전

    Hall o famer

  61. author

    Dean Bowditch9 시간 전

    Great show.... Petty and Prince were probably having a laugh in heaven watching this years halftime show........ The days of great bands and performers are all but gone..... Rip Mr . Petty

  62. author

    Desmound Parrish9 시간 전

    As a Eagles fan I'm surprised Wentz made it to top 10 #FlyEaglesFly

  63. author

    Seamus J Bamrick9 시간 전

    Can you believe Sanders is a not signed

  64. author

    Miguel Avendaño9 시간 전


  65. author

    Julie Smith9 시간 전

    1:36-1:37. Oh that moment of Russel Wilson and Pat Mahomes so funny. aka #classic

  66. author

    Dalton Lewis9 시간 전

    Extremely inaccurate

  67. author

    Rudolph Dean Jr9 시간 전

    Shakira 94% Jlo93%

  68. author

    79goldmaster19 시간 전

    These guys, both teams were heroes for many of us in the 70's. I remember this game like it was yesterday !

  69. author

    John Gomez9 시간 전

    The best Super Bowl halftime show I ever seen in my life 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 greetings desde Monterrey 🇲🇽 Mexico

  70. author

    TheBoss 1239 시간 전

    Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

  71. author

    Andrew Masterson9 시간 전

    So, after this happening live 2 weeks ago, can it be safe to say that this is one of, if not, the best halftime performance to ever hit the 50-yard line?!? I mean, THEY DID THAT! I’m just a white male performer who looks up to these queens. I love you @jenniferlopezvevo and @shakiravevo❤️❤️❤️

  72. author

    Jaden Funiciello9 시간 전

    Taysom Hill: #1 in our hearts

  73. author

    79goldmaster19 시간 전

    Mike Ditka now does CarShield commercials. Who would have thought?

  74. author

    bbre9 시간 전

    J Balvin es tan naco

  75. author

    Kuhhmolly TV9 시간 전

    What about taysom hill

  76. author

    bujitapanda9 시간 전

    I am doing an assignment for my college's course called Sports Management and I am brought here because I do not understand the sport lol.

  77. author

    Joonie’sDNA!!9 시간 전

    Bad bunny singing his heart out on the side while Shakira is busting moves just cracks me up idk why💀😂

  78. author

    William Vasquez9 시간 전

    The first night super bowl ever.

  79. author

    Nellam Khan9 시간 전

    When whitney houston the background music too loud.. this time she lucky the background music not really loud.

  80. author

    Oriflame Perú9 시간 전

    I love you Katy, you have the best super bowl😍😍❤❤

  81. author

    Kathie_cfts9 시간 전

    Me quede con ganas de un tema de shakira ft jlo

  82. author


    Shakira aprendió a bailar, hizo coreos, insertó diferentes ritmos y culturas. Jennifer Lopez similar pero FA-BU-LO-SA. JLO EXQUISITA!!! ❤❤❤

  83. author

    Tut Gaddafi9 시간 전

    Stafford #8 agree. Glad TeddyB made list at #19. Winston 30-30 season #22 only if he stop throwing ints. #NFL

  84. author

    Theodore Long9 시간 전

    Pregame huddle for reach squad: KC says “on three...CHAMPS” SF says “on three...Niners” That says it all right there boy.

  85. author

    Pam Underdown9 시간 전

    Chiefs rule!!!!!!!

  86. author

    Emanuel Rios9 시간 전

    Jamas me gusto la musika de shakira pero que talento de la ostia tiene

  87. author

    Horatio Huffnagel9 시간 전

    Used to be good rock and roll, now just lip syching hoes that should be in a strip club. way to go NFL

  88. author

    Jack Schultz9 시간 전

    My team (panthers) weren’t even on there cause we’re so bad

  89. author

    paola cardenas9 시간 전

    Shakira inigualable

  90. author

    Devin 07029 시간 전

    If anything russell and Mahomes are the best throwers in football

  91. author

    Keke T9 시간 전

    Absolutely loved that they incorporated their Latino culture into this performance. Amazing. Anyone butthurt is just jealous they don’t look that good and can’t dance like that.

  92. author

    zicky9 시간 전

    14:00 best moment to see Shakira smiles (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  93. author

    Whut Now!9 시간 전

    Chase will play olb, de

  94. author

    Gabriel Ferreira9 시간 전

    Qb's Steelers?

  95. author

    saro.9 시간 전

    who us tilman

  96. author

    alvaro enrique martinez rodriguez9 시간 전


  97. author

    F41TH YT9 시간 전

    Ryan tannehill is not better than Aaron Rodgers

  98. author

    garrg0il9 시간 전

    1:40 damn mans really thuggin w the black forces all the way back in 2006

  99. author

    Lizzeth Yamile Pedraza Caicedo9 시간 전

    I love shakira

  100. author

    S Yeah9 시간 전

    NFL is replaying the Superbowl too bad u have a NFL account.