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Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph's mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today.

  1. author

    Camryn Murawski5 시간 전

    Why did they choose a girl with a nonexistent chest and butt?

  2. author

    Stones Pebbles5 시간 전

    Beautiful !!

  3. author

    Noé Papineau5 시간 전

    Damn, Elsa did get dark in the last frozen movie

  4. author

    Ashley Ann5 시간 전

    Well this gave me chills

  5. author

    Helen Garcia5 시간 전

    Falling In Reverse..... Siempre sorprendiendo, excelente canción 🖤🖤🖤, increíble voz y melodia!!!!

  6. author

    VideoMaker5 시간 전

    A masterpiece

  7. author

    Juan Carlos L G5 시간 전

    me gusta

  8. author

    Daniela Peña5 시간 전

    I nutted softly then I nutted hardcore, honestly ronnie is the king

  9. author

    Joseline Brianna5 시간 전


  10. author

    매클라렌아나스타시야5 시간 전

    А где роцк

  11. author

    michael whittman5 시간 전

    30 yr old me where did my emo stage go.f.i.r releses this song my hair grows long eyeliner comes out and starts to cry

  12. author

    ‘ 慾Mᴀᴛᴛ ,5 시간 전

    this proven, the emos come back every decade

  13. author

    Dylan Anderson5 시간 전

    Lyrics on point!! 👌💯

  14. author

    JC Denton5 시간 전

    This is horrible.

  15. author

    _Zackk RR_5 시간 전

    Welp. Just reimagine the whole album now please lol 🙃

  16. author

    Dan Hurt5 시간 전

    I get chills because of Ronnie’s voice so full of emotion

  17. author

    Nena martina5 시간 전


  18. author

    Brooklyn Campbell5 시간 전

    Hey im 21 lookong for band members ages 19-25 tryna play gigs and be as big as bring me the horizon 💙 hmu if interested

  19. author

    Clinton Schena5 시간 전

    Sounds exactly like The Lee's of Memory

  20. author

    KING ZEyTA5 시간 전

    Yes! Beautiful! The original is amazing but this is just soooo fucking perfect.

  21. author

    yee papa5 시간 전


  22. author

    alice rumeysa kabasogan5 시간 전

    ım emo yea

  23. author

    Kernow Piski5 시간 전

    Take me back to sudded belts, skinny jeans and gray Tees 😭😂

  24. author

    Mindy Shiver5 시간 전

    I do believe I'm speechless! FUCKIN AMAZING 💯💞

  25. author

    KathrynOhh5 시간 전

    I just watched LMM, LML, and this b2b (it's one story) and I am absolutely, 100%, not okay at all. That is literally the craziest shit I have ever seen in my life. I listened to Falling in Reverse a long time ago but had no idea that they are so far beyond that and everyone else rn. Incredible work of art. Damn.

  26. author

    Dan Hurt5 시간 전

    Ronnie is a living legend

  27. author

    Anyelina Mendes5 시간 전

    I can't really believe it every time I hear her crying ...

  28. author

    Emily A5 시간 전

    Please release a reimagined album 😭😭❤

  29. author

    Dan Hurt5 시간 전

    A masterpiece, this reminds me of coming home album, because most songs are also emotional and has similar melodies, I’m crying I love this with all my heart

  30. author

    Dayna Klotzbier5 시간 전

    fucking chills bro

  31. author

    MetalcoreDude955 시간 전

    Reimagined comments 99% Good/bad comments 1%

  32. author

    Kevin Jonathan5 시간 전

    I can’t stop listening to this version

  33. author

    leslo thomas5 시간 전

    Dude they release this song on my birthday great "gift" they gave me i love this song

  34. author

    Radical Queen5 시간 전

    I’ve been listening to FiR since 2010 and this... this is just gold. You really feel what he’s saying.

  35. author

    Isabela Garcia5 시간 전

    He’s always had such a beautiful voice

  36. author

    Fanni Boros5 시간 전

    This version touched my soul... 🥺

  37. author

    lina moore5 시간 전

    На Линкин парк чуть смахивает рэп и рок

  38. author

    XristinaT.6 시간 전

    I love him so dum hard , this was beautiful and so special . Am so glad he does what ever he wants without staying in only one kind of music ! The end is just remarkable 🖤

  39. author

    Heinrich Badenhorst6 시간 전

    Simply amazing...

  40. author

    Kayla Ward6 시간 전

    Honestly the whole woods thing and the outfits are giving me corpse bride vibes

  41. author

    Saldong Tisoy6 시간 전

    Ronnie Radke he looks like Cecillion on Mobile Legends new Hero

  42. author

    Konan6 시간 전

    Só consigo cantar a original ok

  43. author

    Irene Rubert6 시간 전

    How, just how can this be so beautiful 🖤

  44. author

    Cheyenne K M6 시간 전

    was absolutely not expecting that at the end but i love it

  45. author

    Lauryn B.6 시간 전

    i never thought ronnie could be this soft lmao

  46. author

    ShadowedOne126 시간 전

    I need the album that this will inevitably spawn

  47. author

    Paige Thomson6 시간 전

    HOLY SHIT! Always loved Falling in reverse.. I love the original and this is everything.. just wow!

  48. author

    Devilish6 시간 전

    I'm speechless, the feeling, the scenario, the details, the talent he has singing low and rocking that piano.... this is a truly masterpiece 😩💖

  49. author

    Tiaan Hugo van der Merwe6 시간 전

    Well this makes more sense.

  50. author

    celeste reyes6 시간 전

    Woooww que canción!!

  51. author

    Rizay N.S.R.6 시간 전

    Ngeriii anjir.. ko bisa gini ya .. amazing lah..

  52. author

    Chippofox32366 시간 전

    This is great, but... I feel towards the end it was lacking, like it could be better. They miss the guitar solo but still bring it up loud and aggressive towards the end, while just repeating the words "can't you see". It would've been a great opportunity to include some fresh and original verses to top it all off.

  53. author

    Crazed Gamerz6 시간 전

    Fuck I love this

  54. author

    JuanC Perera6 시간 전

    To be honest, I'm not a fan from them, but the song it's so fucking awesome

  55. author

    Mario Torres6 시간 전

    Это просто отвал всего!!!!!!1!1!1!!!!

  56. author

    Phoebe George6 시간 전

    8 year later and only now i see jefree star

  57. author

    Yousef Atea6 시간 전

    Now i can say that the future or rock and metal is in safe hands🖤🤘

  58. author

    Daniel Dominguez6 시간 전

    Wow...just wow

  59. author

    rogger6 시간 전

    "your much to busy to even find the time" hit a little too close to home :(

  60. author

    Tatergaming6 시간 전

    not for me i prefer the oringinal good for you though

  61. author

    Papá Stalin6 시간 전

    The 90's... Beautiful years 😪

  62. author

    Keanu Reeves6 시간 전

    Ronnie’s about to move Pop-heads to metal

  63. author

    Delphi Lungwyn6 시간 전

    Their like a gay A7X.💩

  64. author

    MTN Reacts6 시간 전


  65. author

    Ezi tv7 시간 전

    My late brother would love this one. Bent this one for you bro x

  66. author

    GlorieBee Oinkoink7 시간 전

    i still imagined the old version.. but this reimagined is nice and good.. 😊😍

  67. author

    Titanya Gribble7 시간 전


  68. author

    Satsui Nohado7 시간 전

    Underrated band,too sick

  69. author

    jalynn chavez7 시간 전

    *makes eggs while slowly jamming to this version*

  70. author

    KaskoDoodles7 시간 전

    This version just hits differently. Spot on Ronnie, spot on

  71. author

    gacha dragon7 시간 전

    I have learned alot I dudnt know he could play piano

  72. author

    Carlie M-Martin7 시간 전

    The first scene is just that Kermit meme

  73. author

    Gabriela Sinclair7 시간 전

    What a final!!

  74. author

    Oddly Fancy7 시간 전

    Seeing them this Sunday. I'm 21 but I feel like I'm 15

  75. author

    Sandra lynn7 시간 전

    How the hell did I miss out on this and till now?

  76. author

    Toni Rugero7 시간 전

    I love your music ❤

  77. author

    Sandra lynn7 시간 전

    Can I just say this is my second song to hear by them. New fan! Gaining me fans is good a thing. This reminded me of Eminem at first but then got wild

  78. author

    Kerli Denny7 시간 전

    This is the song I didn't know I needed to hear this way! I remember the orrigional! This is beautifully done! Only Ronnie can do this.

  79. author

    maumautje7 시간 전

    Am I the only one who thinks that Ronnie looks a little like kylo ren(ben) from star wars And the song is a master piece💜💜💜

  80. author

    mystery path7 시간 전

    fucking love thiS just as much as thE og

  81. author

    Icezak Jordan Dimagiba7 시간 전

    I can die now

  82. author

    Oswal Monsalve7 시간 전


  83. author

    Cameron Perrin7 시간 전

    Just more proof of Ronnie's talent

  84. author

    Casey Byars7 시간 전

    I didnt realize his voice could be like this.. I cant decide which one is my favorite

  85. author

    Instrumental - Ward7 시간 전

    “Crash my car just to feel again” really hit.

  86. author

    sammy finlay7 시간 전

    I cant put into words how amazing and how much I love this version

  87. author

    Nitro Cat Official7 시간 전

    had literal chills the entire song, I am so glad I got to see this in my lifetime!

  88. author

    Fajar Alessa7 시간 전

    Producers: WTF Ronnie: yes

  89. author

    Metal Monkey7 시간 전

    Better than the original. I wonder if the popularity of this reimagined version will spark a new trend with other bands doing the same. I know there's been alternate versions (not covers) of songs but not many have been this popular. 1.8m views in 4 days

  90. author

    Reign gab7 시간 전

    This deserves to put in a movie!

  91. author

    Naoíse Sheerin7 시간 전

    BIG SHOUT OUT TO SEAN ROONEY AND TRACKMIX STUDIOS IRELAND!!! As trackmix’s post on fb says “Just before Christmas, Sean Rooney (a very talented piano player) sent a classical piano arrangement of one of their songs to artist/band Falling In Reverse. The artist loved it and asked him to record it professionally. Sean came into me and tracked all the piano and strings and percussion and printed the stems and sent them off. It was released yesterday and currently stands at almost 850,000 views. Big congrats to Sean. Hopefully it will be a big break for him.” Cannot believe this!!!! CONGRATS SEAN AND RONNIE OMG!!!!

  92. author

    brutyfruity7 시간 전

    i cant figure this band out, i found a rap ish song and i love popular monster, saw the past emo shit, and idk what this is, but its tasty

  93. author

    Safia Kabak7 시간 전

    Such a masterpiece.... i had goosebumps listening to it !

  94. author

    Aimie walsh7 시간 전

    Sorry but like this shit is fire and I've only listened to it at once

  95. author

    LONELY BOi7 시간 전

    Is it just me or the song changed its meaning??? Wtf!?

  96. author

    brutyfruity7 시간 전

    found this band with popular monster for my gym song... lol, watching this is embarassing, i was never part of this crowd, but they've come a loooooong way I can see that, had no idea the band was this old

  97. author

    Rainbow Rainbow7 시간 전

    i would definitely play this song at my wedding... it sounds so perfect and my heart is overwhelmed ! Well done, guys ^^

  98. author

    Nikki Woodward7 시간 전

    Kieran homer-ward

  99. author

    Bre'Anna Causey8 시간 전

    I love this so much... such a beautiful remake of a song I’ve held near and dear to my heart since seventh grade.

  100. author

    Fate Binder8 시간 전

    I was not expecting this type of wonderful work, but... WOW, well done, FiR! Afte listening many times again and again, I could not hear anything wrong with this lullaby of anger. In one word: Masterpiece.