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    Diego Reyes시간 전


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    Luar biasa

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    🙏🙏🙏 0:39 💛❣🔥 december? 👇👇💙

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    ارین کریم زاده시간 전

    عالی این بازی

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    Ди Рашидова시간 전

    Хаха пидараска

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    عباس الربيعي시간 전

    اكو عرب هنا

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    Дениска시간 전

    my love anime

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    Javed Amiry시간 전

    I love this Game 😊😊😊

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    vysakh su2 시간 전

    Too sad...

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    EllectroSkull -Roblox2 시간 전

    Lol I like the ending

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    Ambika Babu2 시간 전

    Trojan war

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    Someone YT3 시간 전

    6:01 no one tell him

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    Никита Дармограй4 시간 전

    Do not even stop to make this. Excellent plot, marvelous drawing. This is must be shown on tv. U also have a good sense of humour. Do not even think to stop producing this (please)

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    4K 2K4 시간 전

    2019: town hall is an inferno 2025: town hall is a troop

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    I failed no nut november5 시간 전


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    Jez Moz5 시간 전

    That was a seriously high pride

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    supergame 2215 시간 전

    Lo extraño

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    Bisesh Karki5 시간 전

    So please Fix this types of glitches

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    Bisesh Karki5 시간 전

    SUPERCELL I don't Like your glitches The worst glitch is that When I attack and Get good Loots and Trophies It is not counted in my attack log

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    flyingvigil5 시간 전

    with music from the nutcrackers 😂😂😋😂😂... fit the christmas season..

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    frick5 시간 전

    *cries in th9*

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    PES 20205 시간 전

    The video that makes me play COC since 2016

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    اويس اويس5 시간 전

    انا قفلت قريتي لمازا وكرهت العبة من بعدها كيف يمكنني ارجاعها

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    PerPer kerho ry6 시간 전


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    Simon Roman6 시간 전

    3:02 Kira The Valkyrie; “Yeah, ya know, I’m not really that big on Clashmas, I mean it’s a lot of pressure like being there on time.” Me; “1 thing I don’t like about and can’t stand during the holidays, is the rush. I mean people rush into stores to by things for their loved ones, the decorations are immediately taken down on Boxing Day, and the eggnogs are no longer being sold. Why can’t anyone just take things slow during The Holidays?”😒😤😞

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    Zyra mae Caasi6 시간 전

    Man that hog rider has a zero braincells 10 times dumber then a goblin.

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    Ady YT6 시간 전


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    Father of the Roblox Camping series6 시간 전

    Goblins so cute

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    Purple Potato Chip6 시간 전

    God that villager is sooooooo annoying

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    Jose Pleitez6 시간 전

    😂😂😂😂😂 que buena animación

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    Grape Juice6 시간 전

    What sets the Archer queen apart is common sense

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    Matt7 시간 전

    7:37 wish i was that Sparky :(

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    kooline garcia7 시간 전

    CLASH royal like 12333

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    DatsGamer The Great7 시간 전

    Use this if you want to LOOT only

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    DatsGamer The Great7 시간 전

    Clan Castle: *Has OP air troop* GoVaHo has left the chat!

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    Gavin Riley7 시간 전

    Finally maxed th10 after a year...bout 5 more years and ill be a max 13

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    aiden isaacs7 시간 전

    Wait why is there a builder in the clash arena

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    Mr. Man7 시간 전


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    Eddie Baseball148 시간 전

    I remember when I played and this game was so simple. When you could only get th10 and the max was PEKKAS

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    Simple Art Diaz8 시간 전

    5:50 I reference to you little brother having a way higher base then you

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    Aiden Keeler8 시간 전

    0:40 when you hear footsteps and yore home alone.

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    Kok aku maen COC memuatnya lama

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    Hades 3318 시간 전

    Wow the king just left the champion hanging. Not returning a high five is just rude

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    Paawan Thapa8 시간 전

    2020 make it some defferent and intrested things..

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    boone younts8 시간 전

    How about working on not taking so long to upgrade 12 days for hidden Tesla

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    supercomputer20048 시간 전

    Why is everyone talking about the arrows when at 5:23 you get flashed by the valk. Public nudity.

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    Давлатбек Давлатов8 시간 전


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    SVDrumm8 시간 전

    watching this two years later. just now realizing the skeleton said damn it.

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    Khaled Sultani8 시간 전

    me: casually scrolling youtube algrothim: HeRe U gO

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    Zack L8 시간 전

    The giant was drinking his own bath water

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    Qila san版9 시간 전

    Chek my cheannel pleash 👌

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    trash _._baku9 시간 전

    First time hearing the kings voice

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    1.2 B Views9 시간 전

    0:44 ruined all

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    Leandro Carrillo9 시간 전

    Like si está muy buena la curandera XD

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    Liquorman Bandit9 시간 전

    Rocky reference ?

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    خضر القيسي9 시간 전

    شباب منو ينطيني قريه حتى مستوى ناصي لان ماعندي

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    WavyAndre9 시간 전

    Healer thicc tho

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    Sagros A10 시간 전

    Webende the global Chat! I cant find a Good Clan!

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    The Bot10 시간 전

    Even though I dont play clash of cland this is cool

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    chiefcat1210 시간 전

    0:27 is so catchy

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    Pacific base of coc10 시간 전

    I am play for world champion

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    Nicholas Baptista10 시간 전

    *Why are there no pupils for the skin?*

  64. author

    Jedrek Thistle10 시간 전

    Silence makes noise Me hmmmm ah nothing wrong here

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    Laura Velasco11 시간 전

    Later it's gonna be 2020

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    Quimera11 시간 전

    Que bom que terá uma nova personagem não vejo a hora de destravar lá

  67. author

    Laura Velasco11 시간 전

    Who's this in 2019

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    Mariela Angulo11 시간 전

    Who puts three Seeking Air Mines next to each other? (3:41)

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    its_ CraZ11 시간 전

    Make a hero next year hog king ryder

  70. author

    Du Nguyen11 시간 전

    Sao tren CH play ko co link tai

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    Genji Shimada11 시간 전

    We need more

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    امير جميل12 시간 전

    ذا انته عربي حط لايك ❤

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    The Pizza Thief12 시간 전

    10:15 that’s a elec wiz from clash colaye

  74. author

    The Pizza Thief12 시간 전

    9:45 welkome toattly not welcome

  75. author

    PugsM.P.12 시간 전

    Look at dion and marios' Nose at 7:48

  76. author

    Brendon Shen12 시간 전

    Wait a warden in a like probs level seven

  77. author

    ابو حرب الدليمي12 시간 전

    اكوو عرب ؟

  78. author

    Your mom13 시간 전

    1:56 bro that creepy 😂💀

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    gross cheese13 시간 전

    Me I want the 40 goblins

  81. author

    Julio El Multi Jugador13 시간 전

    Por q yano asen mas clash arama lo extraño 😓😭

  82. author

    Tudo Sobre Futebol Tsf14 시간 전

    como eles fizeram isso?

  83. author

    Every Other Bar14 시간 전

    And now your training can truly begin

  84. author

    MetroidSchoolHunters14 시간 전

    5:57 Sparky does not have a vision.

  85. author

    Luis Felipe14 시간 전

    16:29 hora centro ciudad de méxico misma fecha 15 de diciembre 2019 por sinvan a revisar atakke

  86. author

    Luis Felipe14 시간 전

    Que onda administradores supercell me quitas el Evento 33 duendes quitando 15 dias restantes para el LOGRO pero mi reclamo es el ultimo atake que efectue a REYHAN ALDEA EL REY NIVEL 11 NO TUBO POR QUE AVER CAIDO NADA MAS POR DARLE FUNCIO AL PEKKA

  87. author

    Declared puma14 시간 전

    No more clash a rama :,(

  88. author

    Ali Tha master14 시간 전

    Kitten lober 5’s sound is so lovely ❤️❤️❤️

  89. author

    Thirsty Dogs14 시간 전

    Major Payne in clash royale

  90. author

    Dulcek14 시간 전

    j a m m e r h a m

  91. author

    Thirsty Dogs14 시간 전

    Have you noticed that when golems walk you can tell they skipped leg day?

  92. author

    Adrian Zamarripa Estrada14 시간 전

    0:20 how the golem destroy the wizard tower if there is a Wall

  93. author

    marinex6514 시간 전

    Supercell: “But wait, there’s more!”

  94. author

    Thvnder Chick3n15 시간 전

    No one is talking about the builder going off screen

  95. author

    caleb15 시간 전

    That Valkyrie can get it tho 🥴😳

  96. author

    Ethans Place15 시간 전

    ok, boomer.

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    viron 3615 시간 전


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    Danyal Saleem15 시간 전

    Why is the Dark Prince in the deck the king never uses?

  99. author

    Junior Villalba15 시간 전

    Why is this the best thing to watch high

  100. author

    Oh Yeah yeah yeah15 시간 전

    2019: yeti 2065: Chicken leg bis