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  1. author

    I. Her일 전

    rule 34 be like: “hello there”

  2. author

    Giovanni일 전

    Oh it's Lara Croft!

  3. author

    Syn Chajzera일 전

    Iana new waifu

  4. author

    1 %일 전


  5. author

    makkaraa vuon 22일 전

    godlynoob likes

  6. author

    wave no wave일 전

    I've always wanted to play the koolaid juice in a video game

  7. author

    RevY일 전


  8. author

    Konto GR일 전

    Default skin is way better

  9. author

    CryptoGaming일 전


  10. author

    Gday fleshy mammals일 전

    wow they can make skins work for iana but not for alibi

  11. author

    RTZ일 전

    what happend to skyscraper

  12. author

    The Dirk Diggler일 전

    Pathetic how little work companies like you and Riot do for the amount of money you make.

  13. author

    Mr. Assassin일 전

    Stop making mobile games and RPG based ACs. That doesn't fit the DNA of the series. Go back to what you did with 1-Syndicate.

  14. author

    Freedom Man일 전

    I miss old rainbow.

  15. author

    WKD Blizzard일 전

    I want to know what speed they are

  16. author

    Bing Bong일 전

    Ok wait Oryx seems like he doesnt have any counters

  17. author

    JosapahRay일 전

    What is this, xmen?

  18. author

    Brango Biggins일 전

    3:25 where'd he get a Polish riot shield

  19. author

    Sabir Zhuniqi일 전

    siege went full manga....

  20. author

    Mohd Ezzaher Hasan일 전

    Un Nerfffff all please

  21. author

    Skyris_aa일 전

    Ubisoft wtf is this, this is just like call of duty advanced warfare, trash.

  22. author

    alex donohoe일 전

    Releases void edge Everyone liked that

  23. author

    EDES 7일 전

    Welcome to the new season: Operation Vibe check Feat. Oryx

  24. author

    Spoozufy일 전

    When will be the update?

  25. author

    Kaizaki Arata일 전

    I'd smash

  26. author

    Matthew Nguyen일 전

    I see a dark future for this game

  27. author

    TJ일 전

    Why do they have to rework every map? Don’t change what’s good. You did it to Hereford, and to cafe and that German map (forgot the name). Now Oregon too?

  28. author

    IT,S HONOR일 전

    Umm alibi needs an update on her hologram

  29. author

    Calewoo일 전

    They should of done the kapcan knife fighting thing this is just a iq clone

  30. author

    Julio Hinojosa일 전

    Chloe Frazer?

  31. author

    TechySkeetch일 전

    Imagine reworking on the best map lol. Hol' up.

  32. author

    CrownEmber일 전

    Im sorry ubi but non of these characters seem good and all videos i see is people being trashed on because their abilitys are not good not just that a super sprint is not a special ability and these are trained ops they should all be able to reach a hatch thats not far over their heads and the disappointment in lack of new weapons they are all the same.. please make a new and unique as well as actually useful characters please

  33. author

    Mark Sevastipol일 전

    I feel like the next 2 operaters after oryx and Iana will have a defender that heals teamates with stims and themselves, then the attacker with have a drone that can shock enemys and enemy equipment.

  34. author

    NK GAMING2017일 전

    when you play the game and watch the trailers you can see the consepts that wernt ever reached like it seemed that in this trailer and in the game honestly wrench and marcuses freindship leveld up to max about 3 hours into gameplay where they had to at least know eachother for a week at the most man if they put like 1 or 2 more years of development wd2 couldve been a gta killer in popularity

  35. author

    DatBoi Scorpius일 전

    1:53 we all came for this part.

  36. author

    Jerome Hopkins일 전

    Oh la la la lara croft

  37. author

    Axis Breeze일 전

    When does these ops come out

  38. author

    Tina 01일 전

    "Oryx" >And where's Crota?

  39. author

    Kye Haines일 전

    I like how you get permanent death and lose your characters. I've been waiting for something like this. ''This better be fxcking good.''

  40. author

    SomeSimon일 전

    Are my eyes broken or are her weapons literally just black?

  41. author

    ShankMen일 전

    Iana? More like yorha no 2 type b

  42. author

    Monika World일 전

    Montagne:everbody get behind me Also montagne:why i hear bos music?

  43. author

    Laminátor Gery일 전

    Amaru why cant rope up on hatches?

  44. author

    DonPatrono일 전

    so we basically get a Kyle in Rip-It overdose that has the ability of Sledge, only in Defense and without the breaching sledge, and the female version of Mads Mikkelsen with an improved version of Alibi's abilities (AKA not just a static and standard hologram, but a MOVING, NOISY hologram), only in Attack. In what was supposed to be, at the beginning, a realistic tactical team FPS to improve the multiplayer experience of the past Rainbow Six games. Yeah, this game has literally fallen below Overwatch-type gameplay level

  45. author

    Mohammad Nawab일 전

    Typical Ubisoft and recycling assets & lackluster story telling, then expect us to pay for it.

  46. author

    Burmble일 전

    As I said in ign's vid I know an Iana somewhere ...It's called revenant

  47. author

    Itachi Uchiha일 전

    Ull never be as beautiful as 2B n nothing is more beautiful than her.

  48. author

    Retrowave boi일 전

    Oryx: *exists* Amaru: guess I'll die?

  49. author

    Toaster_Bath34일 전

    Iana be like: G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  50. author

    Tina 01일 전

    I see.. Aurora chose a different career

  51. author

    Владислав Тростянский일 전

    Players: fixing unplayable operators like tachanka, Clash/ optimizing netcode, separating esport from ranked Ubisoft: HERE ANOTHER ELITE SET

  52. author

    1 !일 전

    Since oryx can counter Monty he’s slightly useful

  53. author

    Kentutlistrik일 전

    Ubi staff 1: OK guys, we need to make a new Jordanian Op, any suggestions on what the gadget should be Ubi staff 2: S H E E R S T R E N G T H >instant promotion

  54. author

    Rohan Andrew일 전

    Cant wait to knock up IQ!

  55. author

    Abhishek -일 전

    Nobody:..... Oryx: *JORDAN SMAAAASH*

  56. author

    Neptune Pluto일 전

    Me 0:02 when the chinese kid starts coughing

  57. author

    YFN_Jerry일 전

    Y’all ruined Oregon it was great the way it was. One of the best maps left and it’s ruined or bring back plane and house to ranked

  58. author

    Ice일 전

    I hate Iana. Too futuristic imo.

  59. author

    Dylan Albornoz일 전


  60. author

    József Ágoston일 전

    When will available ?

  61. author

    Cpt. MacMellon일 전

    "OH YEAH"

  62. author

    Sen Yao일 전

    rainbow six: operation overwatch 👎

  63. author

    ThePyRo / PyBro일 전

    Looks like Sledge and Alibi has met their rivals

  64. author

    madcreeper345일 전

    No this is too op

  65. author

    Toftbo 69일 전

    Im hyped

  66. author

    Deus.machina일 전

    So where's my nøkk elite huh?

  67. author

    Patrik Matta일 전

    They've been slacking with berserker executions I just feel like they're not as good as before and less gory

  68. author

    Lonewolf Gaming일 전

    Oryx reminds me of Deku or Tokita Ohma from Kengan Ashura, I'm talking about speed and strength. And maybe some other anime characters..

  69. author

    Owl Zoid일 전

    Plot twist oryx has a second job which is the kool aid man

  70. author

    Daubeny일 전

    I cannot wait to play Oryx, bust open the Plane door closest to that giant ladder, and knock people off as they try to get up

  71. author

    4Toxic일 전

    Where is my maestro elite Thank you ubi

  72. author

    Makka Pakka일 전

    This time I won’t leave the game once she downs me

  73. author

    Fukitsuna일 전

    neden türkiye gelmedi guzum

  74. author

    P4TRICCS일 전

    So much funny emote and brutal skins. Still the worst game ever made...

  75. author

    Dogspods일 전

    Ela's cousin

  76. author

    Kenneth Wood일 전

    didnt ubisoft wanted to be realistc? like not too much sci fi like alibi?

  77. author

    swegboilolol DANK일 전

    Back to minecraft hardcore it is

  78. author

    May Day일 전

    As a sledge main I feel more concerned.

  79. author

    Neptune Pluto일 전

    Me: what's in your mouth? My dog: 0:02

  80. author

    Jowell Sinkfield일 전


  81. author

    Cornflakes The2nd일 전

    Fix your game

  82. author

    Lunar Tec[H]일 전

    Can dokkaebi hack those hologram?

  83. author

    Dogspods일 전

    gg shield ops

  84. author

    Mekal Carter일 전

    The years have been tough on Kool-aid man

  85. author

    Rohan Andrew일 전

    Kali: I'm the hottest operator. *during interrogation Cav: Are you sure about that?

  86. author

    SoManyCupz일 전

    CAV exists Me: 🤤

  87. author

    MaxAndHarry123일 전

    Question is...can Oryx have an acog sight on that MP5??

  88. author

    Michael Chandra일 전

    I can see that oryx will be a smashing success and iana i think will be deceptively powerful

  89. author

    Nano Zipper일 전

    zofia ffs

  90. author

    Crabster59일 전

    So there s now a 3 speed acog Gj ubi

  91. author

    Deus.machina일 전

    Me: you got the back? Iana: well yes, but actually no

  92. author

    Secretcodrin일 전

    wooow fucking really? a glorified sweet child of Alibi and a common drone?

  93. author

    Gondor Freeman Cz/Sk일 전

    is oryx cosinder as a human because none operater could ever jump like 2 meters to the air to catch the hatch a one more thing are serious about this this is something like blitz,amaru,sledge (buck) togehter

  94. author


    we want to turkish operator ubi . You making african operators but you are not making turkish operators cmon

  95. author

    dorymyfishybitch일 전

    Yo new girl to beat my-i...i mean study...yea study

  96. author

    Owen Lee일 전

    Those abbs..........OMG

  97. author

    HOSAINT일 전

    At least make the reworked maps look close to a human mags building. No one makes a farm house like that. It's not an underground military basement

  98. author

    Game Policies일 전

    So basically for the new operators we got a striker Titan as Oryx and a budgeted shadow clone jitsu as Iana

  99. author

    Vector일 전

    now can i lick the sweat off of her abs please thank you ubi

  100. author

    remix1239일 전

    New X-mans. wtf