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  1. author

    Naltoid19 분 전

    Kali is going to be annoying asf

  2. author

    Brandon Triste23 분 전

    Es la raja wn!!

  3. author

    Soturi27 분 전

    Wait why does wamai have ela’s pistol if he has keratos and p12?

  4. author

    clete pillow0734 분 전


  5. author

    Brandon Martinez41 분 전

    I can see the nerf already

  6. author

    偉大な敵시간 전


  7. author

    Mustafa Evgin Demirci시간 전

    Taste ur own medicine

  8. author

    Uber Wulf시간 전

    Wamai: Wakanda forever.

  9. author

    Benny S시간 전

    Got it a month late and I’m mad I listened to all the negative reviews. This game is so much better than people talk about. Everyone wants to judge and complain no matter what. This game’s good. Period.

  10. author

    jak4L x시간 전

    Please dont realese either of them bruh

  11. author

    jak4L x시간 전

    Kali is way to overpowered

  12. author

    Power Stones시간 전

    I love growtopia makes me wanna die

  13. author

    Mike Hancock시간 전

    I thought division 2 was their baby 👶

  14. author

    Salty Cracker시간 전

    Bro I’m finally happy with siege new ops I feel like they are actually trying this season

  15. author

    aC0rn LoRd시간 전

    Mulan is now here

  16. author

    Nathan Hernandez시간 전

    It ghost vs wolves this mean war

  17. author

    msr47gaming시간 전

    Fun fact about theme park, on the right arcade entrance, the windows usually never have anyone in them ( ground floor) and you can just jump straight in there with a 95% chance that no one is there.

  18. author

    Alex Power2 시간 전

    The magnets can be put near the hostage? That's an exploit.

  19. author

    Barri Sandyajaya Nasution2 시간 전

    *FC4 AMR ramapage flashbacks*

  20. author

    RASCKAL LION2 시간 전

    when does it launch? i cant wait to try them out

  21. author

    mikey p2 시간 전

    Not much of a Winter Games is it

  22. author

    Adam Smith2 시간 전

    That sniper gonna nerfed hard asf in week

  23. author

    Dragonlord9822 시간 전

    Your "season veteran" I would bend him over and shove my blade where the sun don't shine he is bad

  24. author

    You Know Those Dudes?2 시간 전

    Wow, you REALLY had to slow Ezio down to make it fair for players... If he had the speed from the Assassin's Creed games, he'd decimate the competition.

  25. author

    Bemular Psy2 시간 전

    Here before the nerf on wamai’s gadget range.

  26. author

    julius2 시간 전

    where to get the path ??

  27. author

    Lazerchu 1083 시간 전

    Fix ur the game seriously the tracking in this game is bull cause u get hit like 5 meters away, ur able to frick spam to the point where u cant do anything and u keep buffing orochi seriously stop his attacks are to fast u cant do anything against him

  28. author

    Kyaru89163 시간 전

    0:47 *MUDA*

  29. author

    Highlord Alcadizakyr3 시간 전

    is this update a joke?

  30. author

    Trismorazan’s VIDS!3 시간 전

    Me: This ones a Blast Everyone else: (don’t get it) Me:a blast in the PAST Rabbids: 12:03

  31. author

    Nathan Spencer3 시간 전

    Great, another thing that skrews Castle.

  32. author

    Communist Vodka3 시간 전

    I wish they had cgi animations for for honour kinda like the hammer and the scalpel for rainbow

  33. author

    Jaylin Joseph3 시간 전

    Add the predator pack back

  34. author

    TonyCOBHC6664 시간 전

    Thank God Tom Clancy is dead so he doesn't see this atrocity and the other atrocity known as breakpoint. Sad to see where the series are going

  35. author

    Guilletheboss Pikachu4 시간 전

    He is north corean

  36. author

    Gavin Gillespie4 시간 전

    Hopefully my Nomad build is still there

  37. author

    TheBoss222R4 시간 전

    Hey Ubisoft, can you guys add the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500. That way we have all the big three's most recent high-powered muscle cars in the game. That would be awesome of you guys.

  38. author

    MechaG24 시간 전

    This is excellent, Ubi! But _PLEASE_ keep it up. I know I'm not alone when I say I've been eagerly awaiting the Wu Lin to be brought up to par with the other factions. There's still much to be done: -Add two more Wu Lin Heroes so they have as many Heroes as the original three factions. -Add at least several more Chinese themed maps (enough for all game modes; including Training). -Allow the Wu Lin to be a selectable faction in Faction War. -Add Chinese themed minions (i.e. Soldiers, Archers, Captains, Pikemen, etc.) and bosses (i.e. Guardian, Commander, etc.). -Add Story Mode Chapter 4 - Wu Lin.

  39. author

    King pineapple4 시간 전


  40. author

    Toki Kashi4 시간 전

    Do not nerf ela she needs at least 1 decent weapon

  41. author

    Adam Kristiansen4 시간 전

    wamai is just a suped up jager...

  42. author

    howitzer5515 시간 전

    Wait, no matter how much of a stereotype it is, the country known for running fast in the Olympics doesn't have a 3 speed operator? I feel like this is a miss.

  43. author

    phoenix b3ast125 시간 전

    Is this test server

  44. author

    George Hernandez5 시간 전

    how amazing would far cry 3 be on the switch...

  45. author

    DeVaughn Thacker5 시간 전

    Can you ad quads

  46. author

    Alex Dussaut5 시간 전

    Guys, need a echelon 3 suit for Jackal Elite Skin ^^

  47. author

    Its' Xx_Nero_Baroboza_BR_xX5 시간 전

    Ubisoft...por favor põe os retrovisores dos veiculos.. Ja era tempo de vir vcs nao acham???

  48. author

    Ethan Cashmore5 시간 전

    Been here on holiday it’s stunning. A lot of the cathedral was being restored when I was there.

  49. author

    Ghoulx215 시간 전

    Anyone noticed nick rye?

  50. author

    son yaz6 시간 전

    UBISOFT!can you crate Tachanøkk?

  51. author

    Chum Isnt Fum6 시간 전

    Ill buy them after the nerfs

  52. author

    stuart Warrener6 시간 전

    Is it me or are these operator's counters to just way to meny. Other operator's.

  53. author

    jeff et nath6 시간 전


  54. author

    L :D6 시간 전

    thank you

  55. author

    Divine x7 시간 전

    So I'm hella confused. I thought his name was Sun Da? Now it's Zhanhu? (Or however you spell it)

  56. author

    kweefing7 시간 전

    what the hell are you guys doing

  57. author

    Jose De Los Santos7 시간 전

    soooooo....she's unnecessarily over powered?

  58. author

    xXCurtisWjedi888Xx7 시간 전

    How does it feel to play 30 fps when u could make us play on 60?

  59. author

    Name Surname7 시간 전

    Так Нью-Йорк то будет во второй части?

  60. author

    Vincenzo Chiaravalloti7 시간 전

    As someone who has played the game since release, & Kensei Grandmaster; I can confidentiality say DARK SOULS 3 CO-OP using a Dried Finger is much BETTER!

  61. author

    Tea Tea7 시간 전

    A Chinese hero I wonder why?

  62. author

    Kettle Cooked Cum7 시간 전

    Yay recycle weapons except the sniper

  63. author

    Nate Myers7 시간 전

    Sunda? More like Kensei 2.0

  64. author

    FlipFlopFrog8 시간 전

    My favorite execution was the one when Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  65. author

    Ju's Outdoors8 시간 전

    It is really starting to piss me off that Ubi is not adding new weapons. Weapons are half of the operator and Ubi is just being straight up lazy.

  66. author

    theGameWizerd8 시간 전

    We got an AWP in r6

  67. author

    J young8 시간 전


  68. author

    Hi Bye8 시간 전

    The fake kill at 2:18 Ubisoft got a taste of their own medicine

  69. author

    Puja Sharma8 시간 전

    Who Love Pubg? . 🐼

  70. author

    Tone Balone8 시간 전

    This game was outstanding by why don't you take your time crafting your games like hideo kojima does?

  71. author

    Jan Kříž8 시간 전

    gridlock was based on her

  72. author

    LAT nathan8 시간 전

    Kali is literally a walking tank

  73. author

    Leonardo Lopes8 시간 전

    * Glaz left the chat *

  74. author

    Klnwltrnk8 시간 전

    Loved the game, but my only regret is choosing to play as Alexios. He's great and all, but it just felt like Kassandra would have been the better choice as the main character.

  75. author

    Inkling Logan8 시간 전

    The rabbids looked like in a real life movie 1:46

  76. author

    Ghost Replacedd8 시간 전

    Who noticed the for honor helmets in Harry’s office?

  77. author

    Shit Dick8 시간 전

    Whats obamas last name

  78. author

    ToxicSkull09 시간 전

    3:39 That’s impossible! They should instantly die from a melee attack

  79. author

    Christian Chappell9 시간 전

    This is not assassin's Creed

  80. author

    Joe Mom9 시간 전

    If a gadget is attached to wamai and does damage to a friendly teammate, it should count as wamai doing damage, not the teammates

  81. author

    Vork Дмитриев9 시간 전


  82. author

    smasher 719 시간 전

    So is it the end of for honor ubisoft?

  83. author

    Frederick Jackson10 시간 전

    All around a fun and balanced character

  84. author

    knee grow10 시간 전


  85. author

    ALPHA265110 시간 전


  86. author

    Grant Bruzgo10 시간 전


  87. author

    ømen10 시간 전

    *Glaz and Jäger have left the chat*

  88. author

    Toxic Death10 시간 전

    That fool looks awesome and I been waiting for the Wu Lin to get someone new

  89. author

    Deyvid's Channel10 시간 전

    PLEASE FUX RAINBOW 6 SIEGE i was in the qeue for a ranked, i left and it still put me in a match. I tried to join but didn't let me. Please give me back my 80 elo i ahould be in platinum 3 right now

  90. author

    Freejek3810 시간 전

    too late ubi

  91. author

    AngryKriegBoi10 시간 전

    A bit late ubi

  92. author

    M E L O N10 시간 전


  93. author

    ThatNerdJay10 시간 전

    Ready to be spammed

  94. author

    Ryder Harris10 시간 전

    wamai seems a little op...

  95. author

    SpringGull10 시간 전

    New hero is a boomer

  96. author

    Leonardo Jodar10 시간 전

    Ubisoft you can add the configuration to a second player for the host local mode Free for my brother and me can play a for honor ?

  97. author

    Sphinx FRC10 시간 전

    When will it be on consolee?????

  98. author

    terry mcginnis10 시간 전

    so nothing being add to single player? no new campaign cutscenes ect ect seriously i can care less about alot of the things they have added nothing i care about why i like a story i like cutscenes they added all this stuff guess what havent bought any of it at all

  99. author

    Raydiel10 시간 전

    Rayman shorts animated ???

  100. author

    Isaac Michaels11 시간 전