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I'm A Disco BallI'm A Disco Ball

I'm A Disco Ball

3 개월 전

I Want A New FaceI Want A New Face

I Want A New Face

5 개월 전

I Want To Be TallI Want To Be Tall

I Want To Be Tall

9 개월 전

Let's Acrylic PourLet's Acrylic Pour

Let's Acrylic Pour

11 개월 전

  1. author

    SPINEL FAN100022 분 전


  2. author

    Dumb Lil Red24 분 전

    The dogs seemed so confused 😂 "but mom it's day time what are you doing"

  3. author

    dxmface24 분 전

    I miss your skits. Like the kind with the dude in the mustache 😂

  4. author

    Zaby Blue24 분 전

    Every single dog owner understands this struggle

  5. author

    The Wanderer_00029 분 전

    Wow, you really know a lot about plants, your plants look so beautiful.

  6. author

    Alex Guzman29 분 전

    Fill your head with hot wheel hair tracks please,

  7. author

    Sleeping Repurr32 분 전

    when she said kermit fell while chasing a squirrel i thought marbles was the squirrel

  8. author

    rinapiiin38 분 전

    When u rich and don’t do community work..

  9. author

    lucas holcomb39 분 전


  10. author

    Cassi Nicole41 분 전

    Jenna: DIY’s her hair Julian: You’re so fucking hot! Me: Pays $200 to get hair done professionally. My boyfriend: *SILENCE* *CRICKETS* Me: 😭😤🤬🥵

  11. author

    Alyssa Muir43 분 전

    You two should do a couples video like how you two stay so strong and loving 🥰 what’s the secret Jenna share.....

  12. author

    Kaila Dungan47 분 전

    We need a new hair video

  13. author

    Sara Bara 1148 분 전

    How’re your crocs that you dip painted doing?

  14. author

    Katie Carothers48 분 전

    nobody: Jenna: plays nutcracker music in the background of her videos

  15. author

    Meghantron 8855 분 전

    Have you thought of using a cheese grater to shred the soap so it is more malleable?

  16. author

    Aimee Scott57 분 전

    I NEED you to try to do liberty spikes with your hair next!!

  17. author

    Canalave Maiden [plz look at my playlists thnx]시간 전

    Maybe the tanning salon wasn't what it seemed...

  18. author

    Midori시간 전

    I just realized there are two of the chairs!! Please transform Julien into one of them too!

  19. author

    It’s TJ시간 전

    Is she the one who abused her dogs

  20. author

    HELLO_it_is_i시간 전

    I need a plant update

  21. author

    Sofia Venema시간 전

    Bunny is perpetually sneaky

  22. author

    Meghantron 88시간 전

    This is probably one of the best videos ever

  23. author

    Melinda Reed시간 전

    Julien looks like he’s ex-military

  24. author

    Hannah Gs시간 전

    This is chaos and I love it

  25. author

    dead memes for bekfest시간 전


  26. author

    Meghantron 88시간 전

    Bruh. You can buy 4 identical pairs of jeans from walmart for 20 bucks a pair

  27. author

    Elizabeth Hessler시간 전

    Ranch= cool sauce

  28. author

    Holly Acacia시간 전

    If you’re wondering if this is funnier high , it is

  29. author

    Amanda Pearl시간 전

    I am so obsessed with bunny. She is the goat!

  30. author

    Senpai Potato시간 전

    Imagine if her hair just snaps in half 😭

  31. author

    Queen Rylock시간 전

    I’m absolutely dying for her to cut her hair short. I think it would look SO good on her and so healthy <3

  32. author

    lightning boi시간 전

    You can't compare them since Marbles doesn't have a brain to begin with.

  33. author

    CG H시간 전

    You're lucky you dont have cats. My dreams of house plants is crushed because my cats will eat them. They even try to eat my faux plants.

  34. author

    Liz Vazquez시간 전

    am i the only child here? Jenna: “yeah I got sucked” me: “ha. that’s what she said.” Jenna: “that bang was really hard.” me: “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!”

  35. author

    tokinha시간 전

    ela cantando kuduro kkkkkkkk

  36. author

    kp시간 전

    hairstyles in 5005838 be like

  37. author

    Tish Byrd시간 전

    I fucking applaud you 100 percent I'm not even gonna lie I did the same

  38. author

    DarkAngel4403시간 전


  39. author

    El Crew시간 전

    Jenna is not a pretty woman at all, her face is weird looking.

  40. author

    Dawn시간 전

    Imagine... Someone comes to their house like a friend and is like man I’m starving got any snacks and like yeah In the fridge. Friend opens fridge and just sees this huge thing of soap..........

  41. author

    eve parker시간 전

    When marbles went ^0_0^ i felt that

  42. author

    Rossie castro ø.ø시간 전

    So much “Episode” it was a 1 episode ;-;

  43. author

    Maya Grant시간 전

    I'm not sure marbles means what die means

  44. author

    Eric Mason시간 전

    Okay but it is so cute that Jenna's accent goes vaguely east coast when she baby-talks her pets

  45. author

    glitter_ashley (Ashley Lafferty)시간 전

    but....another collab

  46. author

    Just Jello시간 전

    "Don't pierce their ears until they can talk a thing" thank you lmao

  47. author

    Philis & Jo Show2 시간 전

    Tell me why I genuinely enjoyed this 😭😂 I fell asleep watching it lmao congratulations on 20 million!

  48. author

    Tatum Nesbett2 시간 전

    Jenna please keep using famous classical music that is old enough to use without getting copyrighted Omg I loved listening to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake during this It was such a weird dichotomy to what was happening in the video I love it so much

  49. author

    Edger Reyes2 시간 전

    Dont be ♈ in this kitchen Hahaha i dyed when julien started slapping the counter-top

  50. author

    Philis & Jo Show2 시간 전

    I feel like Jenna is trolling us 😂

  51. author

    ASHERUISE2 시간 전

    This is still primo content.

  52. author

    FunkyChunkyChicken2 시간 전

    it’s pad-*time* to stop

  53. author

    Benjamin Lord2 시간 전

    The chair 😳

  54. author

    Moriah Snoderly2 시간 전

    i need more of these

  55. author

    Christy Mooney2 시간 전

    I love how much you guys make each other laugh

  56. author

    nessa2 시간 전

    we haven’t gotten a cutting and dying my hair 3 :(

  57. author

    Dayna D2 시간 전

    Change your name to Jenna Marbled 🤣

  58. author

    HelloXrancidkitteh2 시간 전

    don't you mean 'sorry for this BLESSING of a video'? 'cause it is.

  59. author

    Cari Martinez2 시간 전


  60. author

    Emily Krauss2 시간 전


  61. author

    Courtney Michaels2 시간 전

    This is such an old video but im fucking crying 😂😂 why did jenna sound like forest gump with that first song??

  62. author

    Kaeldra Caton2 시간 전

    the VoiCEoVeR wAs AuTOtunED

  63. author

    DIRK2 시간 전

    I used to watch Jenna with my big sister when I was a teenager and I stopped after she moved away I just kinda forgot until very recently I came across Jenna's channel again... I think fate brought me back here specifically to witness the failure, determination, and triumph of this hotwheels hair track saga

  64. author

    Ciara Cates-Wilson2 시간 전

    Kermit and the hot wheel car was a moment but when Bunny bit it too I fucking lost it

  65. author

    Perfectly Blendedd2 시간 전

    Demanding you do some more hair styles with the spray!!!!

  66. author

    Pamela Irene2 시간 전

    Holy cow I worked at Logee's for like a day. I had to leave due to personal issues but I never made that connection that that was where she bought plants. It's a semi small batch of greenhouses in North Eastern CT. Very nice people there.

  67. author

    Ka Pow2 시간 전

    I feel like Julien should get his nose checked out, he seems to have breathing issues

  68. author

    melloe yelloe2 시간 전

    kermit started whimpering and my dog next to me was like *surprised pikachu face*

  69. author

    Maddy Richens2 시간 전

    julien and jenna at the beginning ahhhh 2019!!!

  70. author

    Macy Leighty2 시간 전

    At least she appreciates she is committing a crime against holo

  71. author

    inyourgoodgraces2 시간 전

    she wears size 13 nikes. *men’s size thirteen nikes*

  72. author

    Ivan Caudillo2 시간 전

    One year later she took a nap for 20 millionth subscribers

  73. author

    Ohsnapits _cbreezy2 시간 전

    Literal Palm to the face 😂😂 oh have the times have changed. Love you goofball ❤️💯

  74. author

    Gabby Castillo2 시간 전

    Jenna: he genuinely is having fun in there Marble: (Is this what hell is like, how do I get out?)

  75. author

    Ivan Caudillo2 시간 전

    A year later she turned her hair to a hot wheels

  76. author

    Mal M2 시간 전

    i just realized this is the last video she ever did the intro for and i didn’t even notice it wasn’t in her videos anymore haha

  77. author

    Ellie Dog2 시간 전

    I know why julien hates being friend zoned now bahaha ha-

  78. author

    Lylr Thomas2 시간 전

    Not an exact match. But as you walked away at the end I imagined a montage. Paul Young's "Every time you go away" playing.

  79. author

    Camille Sturges2 시간 전

    12 year old me watching this video over and over again: hope this doesn't awaken anything in me

  80. author

    Kiwi Claire2 시간 전

    Why is Kermit me?

  81. author

    Valeria Talavera2 시간 전

    the *gRiNd*

  82. author

    Angelika Dav2 시간 전

    You need to call the porn stores.

  83. author

    Brianna Rose2 시간 전

    where her eyelashes from !!!!!

  84. author

    Skeen Moonchild2 시간 전

    You should make a video of yourself playing this game it would make us so fcking happy <3

  85. author

    Cammie Schuetz3 시간 전

    Jenna ended this video looking like magneto

  86. author

    Valerie Mitchell3 시간 전

    1:15 just marking this for that adorable whistle she does 😚

  87. author

    Zoe SunShine3 시간 전

    Why does Julian sound like Joaquin Phoenix? Can u please turn Julian into every joker there ever was.

  88. author

    Alissa Maroo3 시간 전

    okay let's be fair: jenna brought back barrettes, not hipster instagram girls (no shade tho, just lots of love for jenna :)) )

  89. author

    Faelen Crepe3 시간 전

    "whats up with it family" is what i will now be using to greet people, thanks for the inspiration

  90. author

    Victoria Reynoso3 시간 전

    I would like to purchase “Cries n Tears”

  91. author

    Emily Anderson3 시간 전

    What about the word Georgia

  92. author

    Makeup n’ Melodies3 시간 전

    Peach with the floor ahahaahaahh

  93. author

    CindyInUSA3 시간 전

    That’s weird that he likes Irish Spring because people hang it around their gardens to keep animals like deer out.

  94. author

    Mystic Moon3 시간 전

    They should call nursing homes 😂😂😂 so many woman working and so many different people answering phones.

  95. author

    Aussie Mama & her B crew3 시간 전

    I love marbles

  96. author

    GRACIN Oconnor3 시간 전

    I bet that low heel was a size thirteen heel Men’s size thirteen heel

  97. author

    kate parker3 시간 전

    the fact that there was a hot wheels as before this video💀💀💀

  98. author

    Mckayden Lervik3 시간 전

    this video alone is the reason why she is my favorite person of social media.. or just in general.

  99. author

    Ka Pow3 시간 전

    Why did Jenna make such a big deal out of Julien not recognizing a song from Grease?

  100. author

    No perkele3 시간 전

    I just finished my first puberty like a few years ago and I’m already having the second. If this keeps happening so fast then I’m gonna be dead when I’m thirty