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I'm A Disco BallI'm A Disco Ball

I'm A Disco Ball

6 개월 전

I Want A New FaceI Want A New Face

I Want A New Face

8 개월 전

A Tour Of My PlantsA Tour Of My Plants

A Tour Of My Plants

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  1. author

    foreverdancing3일 전

    Hey girl, so I don't have time for tiktok so this is perfect for me, a collection of the best curated by jenna.

  2. author

    ladyg0726일 전

    I miss your blonde hair. Still so great to see you.

  3. author

    YellowDays5일 전

    I like the look. I think Jenna did a good job. I would like to see Jenna do more makeup looks on her mom

  4. author

    Olivia Ratts일 전

    Just you and julien shitting around makes me happy. Like you guys get to my happy feels lol

  5. author

    Ariel Coy일 전

    Lol I never want it to end

  6. author

    Clisare일 전

    Jenna, that 'something traumatic happened to me check' video had me screaming. Literally made my week. You guys pissing yourselves makes the already hilarious tiktoks even funnier. 👏🏻

  7. author

    Michael Jay Wayne일 전

    We watch you because we love you. Your a amazing person, who has made my week better and has helped me to keep going. Thank you Jenna 💚 luv you!

  8. author

    Charlie Cross일 전

    "I should start jogging" " I'm not gonna start jogging! "

  9. author

    Mai Keren일 전

    Im soooo waiting for the next one

  10. author

    Andrea Martinez일 전

    I’m dead! I love it 💕😩😂

  11. author

    Crystal F일 전

    At least you're honest

  12. author

    T C일 전

    I love how the girls from the bird shit story sound like they’re laughing with Jenna😂

  13. author

    Sarah Gordon일 전

    I’m not here for the stiff wizard sleeves 😂

  14. author

    Nathan Lamoureux일 전

    i'm always down for some Wholesome Dog Content™

  15. author

    cozy cas일 전

    Idk why seeing Jenna laugh is the best feeling ever, it makes me genuinely happy to see her happy

  16. author

    James Hetherington일 전


  17. author

    Josefina ermilä일 전

    Make this a serie!!

  18. author

    kopytek36일 전

    Bout the 5th time watching this vid. I'm here for the odd turn-on of Jenna's softball abilities and for the "Hell yeah"! I want a Jenna ghetto Hell Yeah text notification sound for my phone.

  19. author

    Jamie Louise일 전

    Okay yeah sure this video was great but it needs to last at least 3 hours

  20. author

    RQsuperglue일 전

    Being a risk taker is making a hot cup of coffee, sitting down at the table and then clicking on a Jenna Marbles video. Will i choke on my coffee while watching? Will it squirt out of my nose? Will i spit it out all over my phone?....all worth it to laugh along with her.

  21. author

    Lynne Moore일 전

    The dog in the jacuzzi looks like a great dane

  22. author

    kayla wall일 전

    kermit was so cute in this

  23. author

    RS D일 전

    This had me dying! Hope we get another play through of Episode soon xx

  24. author

    cjandsuch일 전

    Jenna are you wearing nose blush? I loooove how it looks on you omg

  25. author

    Жачla일 전


  26. author

    Jessie일 전

    Jenna my chhuahua mini pincher who passed on the fourth loved our pet rat! Mini pins are bread to eat rats but she loved her!!

  27. author

    Gwyneth Amonte일 전


  28. author

    Jessie일 전

    Omg jena I had to hymlic my chihuahua last night! She was eating and little sister mini pin decided to fuck with her so the chi tried to snarl at her and seriously chocked! Scared the hell out of me! Lost a dog on the 4th and I was balling just from her chocking! So I totaly get the chocking dogs!!!

  29. author

    DOfreakNUT일 전

    i still don't know who colin is

  30. author

    Jordan Laycock일 전

    Imagine making one of these tik toks and knowing you made Jenna and julien laugh 😭

  31. author

    Nicole Osborn Vlogs일 전

    I will rewatch her videos because she makes me excited for adulthood

  32. author

    havingicecream일 전

    goddamn but that bling beard is still such a _look_ !

  33. author

    Jessie일 전

    I need a dog to bring me cookies

  34. author

    Monique Bruun일 전

    This video was made when I was 14, i’m 18 now and it just got recommended to me, why KOreporter? Why?

  35. author

    OfficialDanek일 전

    Anyone else hoping she likes on of your tiktoks? 😍

  36. author

    OfficialDanek일 전

    Wasn’t it an old lady on the scooter

  37. author



  38. author

    OfficialDanek일 전

    Vibe check x

  39. author

    I'm a distant cousin of your hat일 전

    1:27 *Aggressively listens to relaxing, royalty free spa music*

  40. author

    tiffy0917일 전

    You guys should search for yourselves on TikTok and watch those! I think you'd have a jolly good time.

  41. author

    cursedkari일 전

    I love your videos so much. I've been watching them since I was 16? I'm going to be 24 in a few months. Forever entertained by you 😁❤

  42. author

    drxchee - loh일 전

    Im not laughing at the tiktoks, im laughing at jenna crying 😂

  43. author

    Wlfby일 전

    I beg of you, PLEASE make more of these fucking videos.

  44. author

    Amelia Thomas일 전

    Please can you turn kermit into an eboy?

  45. author

    Mr. & Mrs. Mary McC일 전

    Dear Julien&Jenna i might not be bunny but clearly. I'm ready to be adopted. &i was totally thinking about your hamster yesterday

  46. author

    D W일 전

    i was literally dying laughing at the “BONK” tiktok and then my phone fell on my face and i nearly threw up laughing cause the BONK came to me lmaooo

  47. author

    adeline wurzer일 전

    when did she become goth

  48. author

    Lolyna일 전

    Oh my god I'm literally crying since THE HAMSTER THING I CAN'T JDJSISIENBFIEJ BIG ASS TEARS

  49. author

    Kat Bravino일 전

    good TikToks like these make me feel like the kids are gonna be alright

  50. author

    NeverMind일 전

    More 😍

  51. author

    CoDangIt일 전


  52. author

    Belinda Zirnis일 전

    Aww -4.00/-4.00 is pretty bad! Mine are -10.00/-9.00 so im basically half blind :)

  53. author

    TheEmatthews일 전

    Isn't the calf in a veal crate? Eeek....

  54. author

    Savannah J일 전

    Where do you find 3 friends to do that stupid shit in the car with ! Cuz that shit had me dead and I need those friends!!!

  55. author

    billies_teardrops일 전

    i love the classic glam and gore music as the back-round

  56. author

    Alexis Wright일 전

    💀me @ 6:24 realising she owns the same fridge as me.

  57. author

    Lexie Dishman일 전

    Dont mess with SaltEcrafter ever i just found the drip painting viodo

  58. author

    TheSlime123일 전


  59. author

    Laura c일 전

    Can someone help me figure out were is jenna's jacket from? I need it in my lifeee :))

  60. author

    Steven Sandoval일 전

    Oh wow lol

  61. author

    Joanna Tsakou일 전

    Update on the hamster rescue she put her foot and pulled it out

  62. author

    Daniel Verti일 전

    How do you change the scenes while you're filming?

  63. author

    Eddy Egerton일 전

    DAMN jenna’s like to dislike ratio QUEEEEN

  64. author

    Zer0 30일 전

    Yo does anyone know the username of the guy with the marbles I want the video lol

  65. author

    label methis일 전

    As someone who has sunk over 400 hours of skyrim. That guy freaking nails it.

  66. author

    kodra일 전

    *BONK 🥴💥🔨*

  67. author

    die is hell일 전


  68. author

    Ashley Andrews일 전

    You're sharing your brain with us! Lol. It's good! 🙂

  69. author

    Royce Gonzaga일 전

    i love this look so much it's so frickin cute!!!!! but at the same time i am highly frustrated by the asymmetry of the crooked hearts

  70. author

    Luisa일 전

    Does someone have a link to that marbles one or know his name?

  71. author

    Some girl from Canada일 전

    This had me silent screaming

  72. author

    Maria Scanlan일 전

    have you seen the tiktok of your makeup tutorial and the person like commentated it and he's irish and its hilarious

  73. author

    Pippa GT일 전


  74. author

    Skye Parker일 전

    Jenna’s laugh makes this video.

  75. author

    OJJL일 전

    Thank you for these, I never downloaded tik tok because I know I could never stop

  76. author

    Ashley Scheib일 전

    5:25 peena budder

  77. author

    Hayley Robinson일 전

    Wait, did one of the iggies kill Ad? D:

  78. author

    im gonna kashoot myself일 전

    the way they friend zone each other is iconic.

  79. author

    Taryn Burtlow일 전

    It started with jenna , i yawned and suddenly julian was there and i screamed and dropped my phone on my face!!!!🤣🤣🤕🤕

  80. author

    Heather Charland일 전

    I like the glasses one. It was a good one.

  81. author

    TheKyraPoland일 전

    I know it's been said before , probably like a million times ,but man I need me a Julien in my life.

  82. author

    Maddy Baker일 전

    14:53 i’m gonna scream cry i SWEAR to god

  83. author

    Nina De일 전

    6:15 isn’t that just homemade Lemonade?

  84. author

    Richard Sullivan일 전

    You must have peeps lining up to take out your garbage and write you love notes. I think your amazing

  85. author

    Troll Dedede일 전

    Julien: T H I C C B U T T Jenna: BEECH.

  86. author

    Micaela _ck일 전

    julien is that one kid at your birthday party that your mum forced you to invite, and he is playing way too rough and just wreck the game of duck duck goose for everyone else

  87. author

    Felis_Felix일 전

    Fun fact: cheetahs are really nervous animals and so they get given a dog friend.

  88. author

    Claire R일 전

    I love videos on Bunny, my aunt had two greyhounds when I was little and the smaller one, Honey, was crazy until they got Ben who was a lot like Bunny. Ben had such a kind loving personality and would really lean into you when you’d stroke him and seeing Bunny’s little long face really reminds me of him

  89. author

    Maddy Baker일 전

    The face that Marbles makes when Jenna tries to get him to look up makes it look like he’s being threatened to the highest degree.

  90. author

    Lisa Tully일 전

    This literally made me laugh so hard that I had a coughing fit!

  91. author

    XIII XIII일 전

    "I think it looks great" -julien...🤣

  92. author

    Amiester08일 전

    This girl is weird

  93. author

    Gracelynn Matyka일 전

    He wasn't chasing a squirrel he was chasing a marbles

  94. author

    Mathi Selvam일 전

    I wanna see Julien go to MasterChef

  95. author

    dsteve54일 전

    You have such great ideas for a wah-wah type day.

  96. author

    Kali Cordes일 전

    Bless 👌🏼

  97. author

    Jennifer Franklin일 전

    Bet you could sell it online for thousands

  98. author

    Alexandra S.일 전

    I'm not on TikTok because I know I will have a problem, but this way I get to enjoy some TikToks curated by the one and only Jenna Marbles!

  99. author

    Blue Dynamite일 전

    Julien going in for the kiss XD lmao

  100. author

    beanie baby일 전

    This video ages SO WELL