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18 일 전

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    Maria Martinez7 초 전

    Yes part 2 part 2 please !!!

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    Jazz Nicole 26분 전

    I use my phone as alarm clock .

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    Mia Stewart3 분 전

    Rain I got the Amazon Hd 8 but I got it I Dec 2017!!!!

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    Gisa Kelly3 분 전

    Subscribed and turned pn post notifications

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    Natalia Nadolska4 분 전

    Post notifications on ❤️

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    María esther Rodríguez huerta6 분 전

    I love my water hot or warm

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    Baesia Sky6 분 전

    Bianca face @ 14:00 LMFAOOOO 😂😂😂❤️❤️

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    April greene6 분 전

    Lol I love y’all. Whatever y’all don’t want you can definitely send them to me!! Definitely would be great Christmas gifts for my daughter 😌❤️

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    Jovon Pariseau7 분 전

    I dare you guys to cash at me $300

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    Shemar Redix7 분 전

    I love yall videos I watch yall videos like five times each, and I hope I can meet yall one day

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    Szhc7 분 전

    To save battery on my phone, I use a digital alarm clock.

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    Kamryn Armani8 분 전

    17:35 LMFAO I’m crying

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    Evie Mather9 분 전

    Use my iPhone

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    Baesia Sky9 분 전

    Why Damien act like that with that blender lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Brandi Boo9 분 전

    Why tf did you shake a soda 😂😂😂😂

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    ObOb squad12 분 전

    the bop it fight is funny😂😂

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    Shanece Nestor13 분 전


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    Mizzval Cruz13 분 전

    I'll take.the tablet lol

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    Madison Shemwell13 분 전

    You brought back memories 😂😂😂😂😂😋😂

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    space boy14 분 전

    I do us my phone

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    itsyagirlniyah17 분 전

    Ungrateful daimen

  22. author

    Alaina Barber18 분 전

    204,000 likes haha

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    Mydarrion James18 분 전


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    Mydarrion James19 분 전


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    Phoebe Madison19 분 전


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    Nicole Bby20 분 전

    Liked and turned on all post notifications 🤍🤎🤍❕ .

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    Tamika Allison22 분 전

    I remember

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    Yasmin Hussein22 분 전

    McDonald's fries are the best bishh

  29. author

    Amoy Wright22 분 전

    HEY B

  30. author

    Slickkjayy 1324 분 전

    Bangers back to back♾‼️

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    Naishae Boyd24 분 전

    Throws a bb then she throws back at him😂😂😂

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    Bam aminooo24 분 전

    Prince family needs 4000 Subscribers and they will hit 5 million let’s get them they 5 million for more bangers ❤️

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    Slickkjayy 1324 분 전

    Them grinch outfits are really that🙅🏽‍♂️💯✅

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    Rosenden Ruby24 분 전

    I use my iPhone 👍 this is you also use your iPhone

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    Rose Sher25 분 전

    I made the exact same ones ... I had it 350f ... and no grease or oil at all and less cookies spread out and cooked it for 12 mins and let it cold down for 2 mins... love youuu guys tho

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    Isabel Erwin25 분 전

    Awe how cute y’all are matching

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    robert townsend26 분 전

    B look at your face when it was your turn 42 she won

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    iyndia joyner26 분 전

    I use my momma because I don't like when my iPhone wake me up

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    William Coleman28 분 전

    You can tell the diamond tester ain't on c'mon now

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    Defline Revive29 분 전


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    Jaiani Hammons0430 분 전

    Can I please have the hover board ??love y’all 💕💕

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    amir brown30 분 전

    Y'all need to stop saying who's ungrateful you're both ungrateful 💯

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    Shelby Bennett31 분 전


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    ObeyMwa31 분 전

    I think y’all should have someone else go out and pick out the gifts and wrap them. I also think the gifts y’all should get is a MacBook, AirPods pro, Apple Pencil, exfoliating face brush, popcorn machine, coffee maker, etc

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    lol 😂

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    Dancing Symister33 분 전

    I use my iPhone 😂

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    Jay so crazy Crazy squad33 분 전

    Lol u smell like fish

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    LiLiShakur34 분 전

    Haven’t played a bop it since 99, ah the nostalgia 😻😻

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    Slickkjayy 1335 분 전

    “Girl you kno How I rock”😂😂 tell her💯✅😂

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    Ashley Jenkins36 분 전

    Yall not even talking about shit 😂😂 while they showing is proof your man wanna pay for butt😭😭😭

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    amir brown36 분 전

    Y'all need to get your act together

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    Breanna Martin37 분 전

    People really need to get off of here with the negative comments! Happy holidays the prince family ! ❤️❤️

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    Gad Mupendwa39 분 전

    I use my alarm cause I lost my phone when I went to my tournament basketball 😭😭

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    Racheal Curran41 분 전

    Damien act like they both won’t be using all those things

  56. author


    Team biaaaàaaaaaaaaa..........caa!!i love how damien says that😅

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    Malaigha Runnels41 분 전

    I use my phone

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    Itz Nicki41 분 전

    I use my phone

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    1SweetCandyy42 분 전

    I be like that too.. "No guns"

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    Slickkjayy 1343 분 전

    The intro to tuff🙅🏽‍♂️💯✅

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    Tishaun Santos43 분 전

    Good job b!! You did better than anybody could ever!!!!

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    Jaylin West43 분 전


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    Nevaeh Buley45 분 전

    I use my iPhone

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    Alex _YT45 분 전

    T use My iPhone 7

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    Simple Geometry45 분 전

    I use my Phone

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    Amoy Wright46 분 전

    hi I am a big fan all of YOU are the dest

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    Fatima Jeng46 분 전

    I use my iPhone 7 Plus for my alarm

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    Racheal Curran46 분 전

    I like how concentrated they are with the bop it

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    Junior Ybarra47 분 전

    The NFL

  71. author

    Gwendolyn Jean Robinson47 분 전

    I use my iPhone

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    Slickkjayy 1347 분 전

    He said man something ain’t right😂😂💯

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    StayLiftedTv47 분 전

    where part 2 at

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    BLUCAT3447 분 전

    I use Phone

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    Umi Arti48 분 전

    Love you bianca....from indonesia😙😙

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    maya pickney49 분 전

    Y’all both ungrateful because I feel like if y’all wasn’t successful on KOreporter y’all would definitely appreciate the cheaper stuff 😌 but congrats on y’all success

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    Amaya Danielle49 분 전

    He nearly lost his shit when u said it was a smart screen blender💀😂 I’m deeeaad 😂

  78. author

    Krista Quiggle50 분 전

    He would be dead by now

  79. author

    Neya boo52 분 전

    Idk how to turn on my notifications 😞 plz help someone

  80. author

    Krista Quiggle52 분 전

    Da fuk?

  81. author

    maya pickney52 분 전

    K but don’t do that because Ik a lot of people who’d be grateful to have a android tablet 🙄

  82. author

    Twyla Burton52 분 전


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    zionlove 4552 분 전

    I use my iPhone 📱

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    Janel Harris53 분 전

    PS4 ganggggg

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    Tarie Hove53 분 전

    I don't have an iPhone 😪 I wish I did or at least I wish my parents could get me one for Christmas if they could afford I don't use an alarm to wake up😁

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    Mckenzie Mann53 분 전


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    LiLiShakur54 분 전

    “U smell infected” lmaooooo omggg 🤣🤣🤣

  88. author

    Mike Encarnacion56 분 전

    I mean Damien salty

  89. author

    Twyla Burton56 분 전


  90. author

    Mike Encarnacion56 분 전

    Not dj

  91. author

    Mike Encarnacion57 분 전

    Dj salty

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    Jasz and Raay57 분 전

    I liked followed and shared the fb page I’d love too win a system because my boyfriend really wants one his birthday is December 17 and that would be and awesome gift for him and my babies

  93. author

    mahlasha bailey57 분 전

    don't play like that DAMIEN

  94. author

    watermelon army57 분 전


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    rae babyxoxo57 분 전

    I use my iPhone for a alarm clock

  96. author

    zamyaih Brown57 분 전

    Team biannca👀

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    Denise Harvey59 분 전

    I use my iPhone 11 pro max alarm clock I am a kid

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    Ahmari Daniel59 분 전

    I use my phone for my alarm clock

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    Uzusiphe Mabusela시간 전

    I use my iPhone for the alarm

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    Cupcake Cuties시간 전

    I use my IPhone, and you guys are amazing ur my fav you tubers