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I'm Back ...I'm Back ...

I'm Back ...

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    Mgpef 022 시간 전

    Sometimes I think you go a little extra with all those steps but nurse Erika looks beautiful!

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    Ichraf Ftouh2 시간 전

    The blush is patchy

  3. author

    Maddy Johnsen2 시간 전


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    Annie Christian3 시간 전

    Tati, are you uploading three times a week ?

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    Jenna R3 시간 전

    I love Scott Barnes!!!!

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    Jennie Siegel3 시간 전

    That reckon concealer is my holy grail and I love the foundation too- they are coming out with a GlOW version of the foundation and I am so freaking excited for it! ❤️ Always here for the drugstore videos. 😘👌🏽

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    Amy Cross3 시간 전

    “I just keep putting on more and more makeup...how bout that?” Story of my life...😂☺️

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    THE JRO3 시간 전

    Tati-- you are so GOOD. Just a GOOD person all around. And I really fuckin love that. It’s a pure thing, and you can feel it. This industry has a tendency to be superficial and full of people that are just... uncool. And you are NOT one of them. 👏🏼 Just wanted to let you know. You are loved. 😇😘😘

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    Samantha Chicca3 시간 전

    You can really tell he was a fine art major - he knows what he's doing! Just like painting a picture...

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    Nafisa Usha3 시간 전

    What was the foundation brush and blush brush you used? Also Erica did a great job, she looks amazing!

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    Karen Chikodroff3 시간 전

    what was that foundation brush?? i loved how flawlessly it covered without moving the contour. i want to snatch that for myself for christmas!

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    Jessie Reinke4 시간 전

    I was a little worried with the contour but DAMN GIRL you’re a makeup wizard! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS

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    clarise jackson4 시간 전

    Jaclyn hill=hard pass. Absolutely never would I trust her brand!

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    Stella Yates4 시간 전

    Double Wear is the only foundation that stays in place on my skin for any length of time. I try other foundations occasionally but I still return to it

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    Liz Finkel4 시간 전

    I wanna know what nail polish she's using 😩

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    S.E Metcalf4 시간 전

    I’m so used to seeing Tati with eyeshadow on her lower lash line. She looks so different ... not in a bad way though

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    Melissa Autism Mom14 시간 전


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    Schrutefarms12084 시간 전

    Wish you woulda hit that blue Tati!

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    Melinda C4 시간 전

    Bwahahahaha. They work for me, too, except that the liner has to be about 6 inches thick, and I look like I have black eye shadow. In fact, you can't see the lashes for the liner. They REALLY need to come out with a liner that isn't so difficult to work with, and then that would really be a miracle. So far, the liner sucks.

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    Sarah Stubbs4 시간 전

    I just got mine today!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Already in love!!!

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    rexaholic4 시간 전

    Tati’s makeup looks SO GOOD here!! I couldn’t stop looking at her eyeshadow

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    Kim Waite4 시간 전

    There are block chain companies (specifically VeChain) who are investing in tech that will help control counterfeiting around the world. Hopefully we will have more tools to combat this problem in the future.

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    A B4 시간 전

    I loves this video. You and scot meshy very well

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    Danielle Howe5 시간 전

    This is a great review despite you not liking most of it!

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    Amryn Lee5 시간 전

    Yes so helpful !

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    Courtney Lyn5 시간 전

    Side note, your hair looks so silky and chocolatey, I want to pet it lmao

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    robin rizzo5 시간 전

    I watched the doc and it was mind blowing. Please don’t buy counterfeit makeup.

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    Nadine Alkharrat5 시간 전

    I see 5 pallets in the back can i have one :(

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    Lydia Wilder5 시간 전

    Same! I am also independent. I always feel bad when someone gives me something on does something for me. Like, I don't have anything for you, I'm sorry! Its like a burden!

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    Andrew Torralba5 시간 전

    OMG! why am I barely discovering this channel now?! Love, Love, Love!

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    Monique Tibble5 시간 전

    Revlon has a candid foundation in a glow formula. I’m excited for it

  32. author

    Sadeem 025 시간 전

    I want to order halo but I can’t because my country (city : Kuwait 🇰🇼)is not in the list please deliver to Kuwait 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I neeeeeeeed your proooooooduct 😭😭

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    Lee Golder5 시간 전

    With her darker hair, Tati looks like Erika and Sabrina's triplet

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    Sami Warren5 시간 전

    Adorable love it.

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    Vicki Grimm5 시간 전

    You are just so sweet to watch. Honest is especially why I am drawn to watch you..thank you. 🌼

  36. author

    Sami Warren5 시간 전

    Beautiful makeup. Wish I was that good. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. B

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    Noor Fatima Ahmad5 시간 전

    You look stunning 😍😍😍

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    Noelle Perez6 시간 전

    I wish somebody was this thoughtful with gift giving to me ... I just get clothes that don’t fit and stuff I would never wear 😩

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    Kitty Mama6 시간 전

    Is the lack of color match between the foundation and her skin tone intentional, a problem with oxidation or a trick of the camera light? If it's really that big a color variance in real life, this could be a reason why the foundation didn't go on as well as it might have. I would have liked to see a review where she stated what her prep was - did she use sunscreen, serum, primer, et al? It's fine if she did use those, but prep certainly affects product performance. This looks like a dewy, full coverage liquid foundation. It would have been interesting to see how the brush performed with matte liquid foundation or a lighter coverage product choice instead. However, that might be considered too in-depth a review. The original consensus and Artisse directions were to apply product directly to the face, rather than to the brushes themselves. Applying it to the skin allows one to use less product, and consequently the application will require far less blending to achieve the desired final look. Her coverage looks a bit heavy. More product on the face, more blending required. It would have been interesting if she had addressed why she applied the product this way instead.

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    GMS5 Mcqs6 시간 전

    Don't Use this around cops...!!! 😱

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    Yoly Field6 시간 전

    What do you suggest for something that will stay 8 to 10 hrs , UV protection!, and spray for face with UV.

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    Alexa Marinacci6 시간 전

    none of these are new

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    Julie Robinson6 시간 전

    I love the "Tati Special" :)

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    M&S RC racing6 시간 전

    omg that was not a review that was someone who likes to talk

  45. author

    Suzy Q6 시간 전

    Luv your videos; very useful, very helpful. You have gorgeous hair and skin , btw🤗

  46. author

    M&S RC racing6 시간 전

    omg just stop talking and get to the hair dryer..

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    Faranak Peart6 시간 전

    I saw the documentary!! My God. Everybody should watch it. Thank you so much <3

  48. author

    Carrie Cox6 시간 전

    LOVE the closer look in detail! Thanks!

  49. author

    carey grandon6 시간 전

    Off topic but I just received your pallet today and it's the most beautiful pallet I have ever seen!!! I am so excited to play: ) Thank you!

  50. author

    Labinzel 37126 시간 전

    I have the gray comfy too and it's amazing everyone should buy it

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    Darah Greenwald6 시간 전

    3:10 me being all sweet after sleeping with my mans 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Joe Lee7 시간 전

    Question: How do you feel about La Roche C 10? On a side note, personally, I keep a spray/mist bottle filled with 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol around with a roll of paper towels for underarm b.o. emergencies...just a thought.

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    Always Online7 시간 전

    Literally looks like Vaseline

  54. author

    Audrey Weinlader7 시간 전

    Chubby cheeked girls... that’s meeee

  55. author

    Tesa Bee7 시간 전

    This is a good type of mascara for highly reactive eyes, as you can avoid cross contamination by using disposable brushes or a clean brush every time. I use Longscils Boncza and it’s the only mascara I am able to use. There is a learning curve for sure. I recommend using way less water and a spoolie brush when using it for mascara, the mascara also has to soften in the water to become a paste and then dry on the lashes. I wouldn’t ride off cake mascara completely, if you have extremely reactive skin like I do. If you don’t, then regular mascara is definitely easier to work with.

  56. author

    Talmadge Ward7 시간 전

    Omg I’m so happy she is saying this, I had never had any breakout until I was 14 and then I made the mistake of ordering a born this way foundation from eBay, I got a chemical burn in my face and two years later I’m still dealing with the skin discoloration. It destroyed my confidence and I had to wear makeup for a year and a half everyday to leave the house without being embarrassed it was awful and only now am I recovering, thanks Tati telling it like it ❤️❤️

  57. author

    Melanie Comstock7 시간 전

    Physicians Formula Collection back in stock on the website. I was sooo tempted to order from Amazon yesterday but I watched that damn Broken documentary and now Amazon gives me a bad feeling. If you look at the packaging on Amazon it’s different then on the PF site 👀

  58. author

    BelindaMua7 시간 전

    I’m not even going to lie I have bought makeup years ago I believe at my local flea market before I got into KOreporter, but after being in the beauty industry and seeing what I have saw and watching broken! I will not buy anything counterfeit again. If it’s new and sales out I guess my ppl will have to wait. I love you Tati and your palette is so amazing!

  59. author

    Angelia Settle7 시간 전

    What foundation brush are you using?

  60. author

    Shoshanna Bibeault8 시간 전

    Can you do a video with the new Scott Barnes palette 😊❤️

  61. author

    Daniela Lutea8 시간 전


  62. author

    Mosthatedv8 시간 전

    Thanks for making me feel better about my chubby cheeks 😂

  63. author

    erica isaev8 시간 전


  64. author

    Sarah A8 시간 전

    in my opinon Tati, just giving some constructive criticism, I believe your lip contour would look so much more prettier and natural if you used a cool toned contour vs a warm toned. Or maybe even a lighter contour? Because it just seems unnatural even after you put foundation over it. Like I can see it very clearly in this video and even your last video "THIS NEEDS TO STOP" and yes you look beautiful but the lip contour doesn't look like it's giving off the effect you're trying to do. Just my thoughts.

  65. author

    Dee Dee O'Gorman-Pagan8 시간 전

    Digital copy write video would be so informative. I'm coming late to this party, since I have just recently starting watching all of these videos. I am obsessed with the beauty gurus:) Makeup is so fun and I am building my collection a few products at a time. I will search to see if you have made one, but if not, please do:) Thanks Tati! You have taught me so much in such a short amount of time:) You're the best!!!!

  66. author

    Deborah Howard8 시간 전

    The day Tati quits making videos is the day I quit KOreporter forever. She's literally the only person I watch.

  67. author

    Elizabeth Bokoski8 시간 전

    please try jdglowcosmetics!!! they look so nice

  68. author

    Maryaq8 시간 전

    You look really nice with a top bun

  69. author

    madeline astolfi8 시간 전

    What hair colour do you use?

  70. author

    Diane Malone8 시간 전

    I finally got mine the other day. I used it this morning. I wish I would have seen this before I used it.... just because it is very pigmented. I did a look this morning that I normally do not do, but I do Love a few of the colors so far, will use more later! ;O)

  71. author

    Anita Warren8 시간 전

    PLEASE do more its soooo much fun. It's just a natural chemistry between you two and I just catch myself smiling and genuinely enjoying myself 😊

  72. author

    loverainthunder8 시간 전

    God, I love my generation. This is Gen X compared to the new generation. She's using her hands, can find them, can create makeup with berries. Meanwhile, nex gen has a beauty blender, mad civilized. lol Gen x is a natural mess, the next gen does it intentionally as an educated style. lol hahahahaha

  73. author

    Emma8 시간 전

    Please do a video on the makeup you bring when you travel

  74. author

    makeupbyaarushiagarwal8 시간 전

    I watch ur videos so much that I somehow now know Wht you gonna do next like when you were telling about big sky how one can put it on the eye..I knew you would put it on ur eye....like i was talking to u in my mind like tati why don't u just put it.

  75. author

    Jennifer #Shane&Jeffree Orlando8 시간 전

    I agree Tati! I have the hard candy matte lipliner and lipstick. Don't like the liner but love the lipstick!!

  76. author

    Misses Troll8 시간 전

    i love how she still has this video up, to get money out of it

  77. author

    loverainthunder8 시간 전

    I love Drew Barrymore.

  78. author

    Meike Charite8 시간 전

    Hi tati I am a big fan and I have a essence concealer but everytime I put it on it ends up patchy what can I do about that? ❤️ Love you

  79. author

    Ashley Diaz9 시간 전

    Where are your rings from 😍

  80. author

    Shawna Morris9 시간 전

    So I have one eye that makeup goes on differently than the other and I always struggle getting them to match.... watching this video it almost seemed like you were having that issue.. do you have any tips or tricks to help this issue??

  81. author

    jennifer pillot9 시간 전

    That is so funny concealer "peekaboo" 💋😇👍🙋🙏😍🙌😄:)!!!

  82. author

    Tammy Jo Kerney9 시간 전

    Okay, I seriously can't wait to see what you've replaced these products with. And hopefully... there will be some affordable ones. 🤞Love watching you!❤️❤️❤️

  83. author

    Jodi Manetti9 시간 전

    Tati: I would not spin the wheel again. Me: I would most definitely spin that wheel again sis. I wouldn’t either if I looked like you. 😂

  84. author

    Kym Bakin9 시간 전

    I would love love love to see you review Beauty Counter Cosmetics and care before i shell out the money for all natural makeup!

  85. author

    Beth Mauskopf9 시간 전

    I'm traveling to San Francisco Friday for a week and the ONLY palette I'm packing is TATI BEAUTY! That's all the shadows I need.

  86. author

    Samuel115s9 시간 전

    You actually look very good without makeup on.

  87. author

    Devika Singh9 시간 전

    I have it and i love it

  88. author

    nenaaa babyyy9 시간 전

    you look great in blue tati 💙

  89. author

    e m9 시간 전

    These videos are like therapy 🙌🙌🙌

  90. author

    Carrie L9 시간 전

    I'd love to see everyone stop buying anything from Wish, AliExpress etc... Especially KOreporterrs who buy stuff for content. STOP. Also, check off "Prime" on Amazon (you don't actually need to pay for Prime, this is just a search technique) or "North America Only" on Ebay and you'll root out the majority of overseas fakes. Makes the search much easier.

  91. author

    Rebecca Carleo9 시간 전

    WOW , so many great technique tips!! Many thanks from Nurse Rebecca :)

  92. author

    Shy Galadriel9 시간 전

    I love you too!!!

  93. author

    Deborah Howard9 시간 전

    So many moments in this video made me laugh, and that's why I love Tati. Her reaction to the Elf primer, her making fun of herself with her lipstick face...she really brightens my bad days, and makes my good days even better.

  94. author

    Nicole Gsell10 시간 전

    tutorials tutorials tutorials tutorials. like reveal your next product with tutorialsss

  95. author

    Taylor H10 시간 전

    Please film more videos this close up! I love being able to see exactly what the products look like close up

  96. author

    Bitter Sweet10 시간 전

    Hey Tati!!!! Can we get a runway, photo shoot inspired smoky?

  97. author

    Yamilet Felipe10 시간 전

    Let it Go your awesome 😎

  98. author

    ariana radu10 시간 전

    i dont care what anyone says, this woman just KNOWS how to sell herself

  99. author

    Mariana Gomes11 시간 전

    I love Tati so much.

  100. author

    Shivangi Sud11 시간 전