Hi, I'm Silvia aka Mama Pilbug ♡
I like to make silly videos for you guys.
Definition of Pilbug -
[noun] • A smol creature that is both cute & creepy.
• The name of sillypak's KOreporter/Twitch community members (Pilbug Pak). So if you subscribed, you're now a Pilbug. Congrats!
• The name 'Pilbug' derives from 'pill-bug' (some know them as roly poly). They're those small round bugs you find hiding under rocks and roll into balls whenever you touch them. I know they're kind of creepy looking, but they're KINDA CUTE. WE ARE CREEPY & CUTE LOL.
• Pilbug is a nickname my sisters started calling me randomly at an early age before we even knew what a pill-bug was, then one day when I was in first grade (while reading an alphabet book on the letter 'P'), I found out that those bugs we played with in our backyard are actually called pill-bugs! The name stuck ever since (so yes... they still call me Pilbug today. ALSO, YES, Pilbug is spelled with one 'L' since it's a name my sis made up).