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    Would love the instrumental to this for some reason

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    How the hell do they do that?

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    02/21/2020 🏖️👍👍🍭🎵🎵🎶🥇

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    Hum Hum 🙄😌🤔👀😂😂😂😹😹😭😭😢😂😢😂😹

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    Beautiful Girls love you♡♡♡

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    City girl:the to 20 winner will get flued out English teachers:I'm about to end this girls whole career

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    the pinnacle of female empowerment

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    Одни жирухи

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    Y'all are haters hahha still love this song lol

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    Who here from gta 5?

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    My daughter never seeing this shit. Man what has this world come to 💀

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    Man cardi Just badddd🥺🔥

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    This girls ever wonder their men/family/brothers(especially overprotective ones) could see this?

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    More more

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    3:17 wtf 🤣

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    Is this porn music genre?

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    The meat that vegetarian can't resist.. ass meat

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    is this what the world has come to? i think all mothers need to take iphones and internet away from their daughters. incredible what is happening.

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    I'm a male and my volume is off.

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    imagine cardi having clothes on

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    Camera man I feel u bruh 💯

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    Thas hot

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    This is the try not to cum challenge and I’m not a little I am 18 my brother recorded a video of him

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    Watching this makes you THINK you can twerk until you actually DO it and you realize you actually can't twerk.

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    That girls booty ate them shorts!

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    I love this song so much I want to meet them so bad

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    Caresha’s part 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    I think it would have been better if they had different ethnicities of females. All the different color bootys would spice it up more.

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    I love the city hoes, I jerk my meat to this!! its small though.

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    really enjoyed this muisc vid, supports the music nicely and go to far. Thanks so much for posting it and helping me for my videos :)

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    To me the gayest thing a ninja can say is can my friends f*** like since when do squirrels collect nuts for other squirrels 🤔🤔

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    faltou bunda

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    Ifw baby part on dis bihh heavy he basically say wat any real nigga would say... ho'llup lil bihh I got a big bag 💆, 💅, and a lil cash I can do dat eazy no problem.. But I ant fen to play sugga baby or trick for nann hoe u got to come in to play sum where, wat dat mouff do🤔🤔?? Or call over one'uu ya lil freaky ahh home girls and let's get the 3sum poppin😜😜 and den we can see were we going from der ant shiit free especially not my money unless I want it to be💯💯💯

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    Nobody wants to feature lil yachty that he had no choice but be in this video

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    Do not throw plastic into seas and shores...

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    Respect. Greetings from Germany. Skill and hot.

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    Yes ,its beautiful

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    Why doesn’t Cardi B dye her hair red more often it looks GREAT

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    she lit

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    Nobody: No one: Larry,Issa,Ravon,Nadia: start twerking

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    CARDi B 🤗 SOliD 💋

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    🐯 (Tiger) vs 🦓 (Zebra) at 1:15 - I think the Zebra wins! Work it 🦓 work it!

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    🐯 (Tiger) vs 🦓 (Zebra) at 1:15 - I think the Zebra wins! Work it 🦓 work it!

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    MtDew Guy3 일 전

    🐯 (Tiger) vs 🦓 (Zebra) at 1:15 - I think the Zebra wins! Work it 🦓 work it!

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    Can smell the anuses from Australia. Eeeek!

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    Your video suck all your video

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    Есть русские?

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    2:29 to much

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    Everything starts in highschool lmao

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    Why my life Have to be like this

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    Pussy stay wet go to the doctor😷Let me get it wet first😏

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    me:I'm watching TV and my brother comes in with my phone and tis song is playing and I'm like bitch I rather listen to kpop then this crap😎 sissy:ㅏ-ㅔㅐㅔ!!ㅈㅗㅐㅐㅐ

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    Imagine saw them twerking then you start twerking in the video

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    I love these ghetto ass hoes. 🙌🏿

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    I can't fap to this man

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    Everyone there can get the anal

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    Ugly chicks shaking their booties, and garbage music.

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    aint that dj chose over there, look like dj chose

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    Don't know why these songs are better than porn

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    Imagine being the only guy on that beach.

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    litttttt dadddyyyy

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    Pull up on that bi$&@ and put them hands on her

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    I showed my grandma this she had to sit down after and drink water🤣🤣

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    That cameraman is probably still having sights to this day..

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    There's no nudity and no sexuality, just quality. Oh, wrong vid sorry lol

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    Thank you Jesus for the booty. 🙏🙏

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    Who finds this a normal video?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😊

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    Okay but the edits are fyee

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    Muted at .75 play speed is the best way to watch this

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    #@~™®=×∆√`~{uno numerous @girly life'`style}

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    @numour uno #girly lyfe' @~®™='z

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    Okadar götü nerden buldunuz lan

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    I wonder why there is no age restriction on this video

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    I hv seen ua sisy twerking there n at last alla came

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    That nigga had no money, he ain't see me since

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    Why do the Rachel’s always wanna start something?

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    Soviet Union3 일 전

    Imagine going from iron to gunpowder, gunpowder to nukes Nukes to what ever that is.

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    Cuando las mujeres contribuyen a su propia denigración.

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    How did I end up watching this thing 😑

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    Der kleine junge hat sich gegönnt

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    I played this during team workouts And everyone started twerking

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    This song for all the gold digging thots out there😂!

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    Plese stop Zoe

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