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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).
Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. author

    Jean6 시간 전

    1:10 best scene

  2. author

    Byeolguli6 시간 전

    3:00 W

  3. author

    Hero Ykt6 시간 전

    i like leage of legens!!!! no no no i LOVE leage of legens!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. author

    CulpritS6 시간 전

    Report lux.. Troll

  5. author

    꿀잼게임TV6 시간 전

    한국사람 모여라...

  6. author

    Thanh Chương Nguyễn6 시간 전

    Yasou is a DJ

  7. author

    이충민6 시간 전

    왜 한국댓글이 없노

  8. author

    Sen Xei6 시간 전

    KOreporter: Ok new LoL players so this is the guy who invented the runes....

  9. author

    Rainier Terez6 시간 전

    i want to rework ramble pls riot :<

  10. author

    Sir Johnathon6 시간 전

    So we just gonna pretend that isn't Yone's (Yasuo's brother) sword right there at 4:24 ?

  11. author

    SomeDudeOnThe Internet6 시간 전

    I like glitchy boi

  12. author

    Matt6 시간 전

    Is it based on Solo or Flex rank?

  13. author

    L1M4UM6 시간 전

    Você caiu na cópia do corno grátis, parabéns!!

  14. author

    Talles Rodrigues6 시간 전

    Cool. But Warriors 2014 is better.

  15. author

    denki6 시간 전

    This is how to advertise

  16. author

    Diabolic \m/6 시간 전

    Begining of the cancer. :/ everything start with this...

  17. author

    rin okumura6 시간 전

    Enthernal in yasuo is level 7 badge spam

  18. author

    nick jose6 시간 전

    Gente o da garena ficou mais TOP kkk sendo que ela copioi

  19. author

    Glairton Moreira6 시간 전

    Wtf kkkk

  20. author

    rin okumura6 시간 전

    Yasuo is most popular then lux. Auto pick auto ban then not popular? Lol

  21. author

    Alisha M.D6 시간 전

    Algún español aquí? .w.

  22. author

    MakaroV PsYFouR6 시간 전


  23. author

    rin okumura6 시간 전

    Most popular champion yasuo not in the list. Wtf whe

  24. author

    입니다쿠로송6 시간 전


  25. author

    Marco Ibañez6 시간 전

    Ah i remember when i unistall lol now im regreting :'c My HONOR left

  26. author

    Mike Holman6 시간 전

    And grandson, during the war we used to play this game called league of legends

  27. author

    Darnell Woods6 시간 전

    GGWP Vi cant peel for adc FF@15

  28. author

    Sasha Roserain6 시간 전

    I am hyped but I am using this for StarStable...........

  29. author

    Miblue6 시간 전

    o menino parece o Super Shock mano kkk

  30. author

    MakaroV PsYFouR7 시간 전

    still better love story than twilight

  31. author

    geovani jimmy7 시간 전

    Que clase de frin frierr es esto :c

  32. author

    DGZINN7 시간 전

    Nem é copia mizera

  33. author

    Randy Araujo7 시간 전

    I just realized that ezreal is stealing the tear of the goddess

  34. author

    Ilustranyan Moon7 시간 전

    omg why i luv so much Lily

  35. author

    Malcon Ribeiro7 시간 전

    Quem conhece o solzinho sabe o peso de cada música que a Riot escolhe pra representar em seus clipes !

  36. author

    Edkun tolentino7 시간 전

    Sooo battle academia is a thing for sett ?

  37. author

    Sara-Chocolatefries7 시간 전

    Gamers are so awkward 😂

  38. author

    PBML7 시간 전

    2020 gang wya

  39. author

    Alienigena Sad :,v7 시간 전

    garena vio esto y no lo penso mas lo copio :v

  40. author

    Seiign7 시간 전

    For everybody saying that Sylas looks like an assassin, funny thing is: the studio that made Awaken* (and some of the other league shorts) made most if not all Assassin's Creed's cinematics (that includes 2, Brotherhood and Revelations). *Awaken: Season 2019's cinematic

  41. author

    ImFalido FF7 시간 전


  42. author

    I . T7 시간 전

    Hey rito you’re stupid for trying reworking Akali

  43. author

    Are_Jay7 시간 전

    3-0 draven at 8 minutes be like

  44. author

    Military studio7 시간 전

    썸네일 소련여자

  45. author

    ElMarcianito7 시간 전

    Hola gamer juguemos ligofleyends

  46. author

    이헣7 시간 전

    3:01 galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!

  47. author

    Tacticalstrike Gaming7 시간 전

    Riot gotta make some music every year the pro league music are out right fire

  48. author

    desroth7 시간 전

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Yasuo: *T-POSE TO ASSERT DOMINANCE*

  49. author

    Joshua Cook7 시간 전


  50. author

    Nyotnoti7 시간 전

    Am I the only one who only thinks the animation/cinematic/music is awesome and not thinking about memes/jokes on the video?

  51. author

    Bryboss x7 시간 전


  52. author

    Richard Morante7 시간 전

    Next time vayne should be in the cinematics fighting evelynn because she want justice for her parents

  53. author

    생각비주얼7 시간 전


  54. author

    desroth7 시간 전

    Everyone: Amazing performance Yasuo: *T POSSES TO ASSERT ABSOLUTE DOMINANCE*

  55. author

    Gerid Bowler7 시간 전

    Anyone else getting League's old cinematics in their recommended too?

  56. author

    Holy Macaroni7 시간 전

    4.08 "during the waining phase" cant unhear it.

  57. author

    The Punisher7 시간 전

    Cuando sale?x d

  58. author

    James Alex7 시간 전

    Mega super enjoy this

  59. author

    collin luton7 시간 전

    0:58 gave me chills anyone else?

  60. author

    Ngáo Capuchino7 시간 전

    So imba

  61. author

    carolyn.cruz1106 Gatos7 시간 전

    Me encanto

  62. author

    COLOM AK477 시간 전

    Halguien de español no entendí ni mierd*

  63. author


    2:23 - 2:34 Giant mecha but is a teemo there. XD Teemo eat your mushrooms and grow your size XD

  64. author

    Valentina Pineda7 시간 전

    lol that akali running like naruto at the end XD

  65. author

    benjamin eriz7 시간 전

    esta animacion vale oro es vellisima

  66. author

    김시원7 시간 전

    Faker is forever

  67. author

    남종연7 시간 전

    Michudda dorradda

  68. author

    김시원7 시간 전

    Fake is forever

  69. author

    Dari Play7 시간 전

    The animation is beutyfull

  70. author

    Eternal Asassins7 시간 전

    Luego viene Garena y les copia xdd

  71. author

    Anand Mongol7 시간 전

    How they put anime characters walking on stage???

  72. author

    fan cứng Bi Usagii8 시간 전


  73. author

    COLOM AK478 시간 전

    Like si no entendiste ni mierd*

  74. author

    Allan Da Silva Melo Allan Brado8 시간 전


  75. author

    Arts by Phoenix8 시간 전

    Who else fell hard down the K-Pop hole because of this song??

  76. author

    ErickGames8 시간 전

    Es mejor FRE FIRE 😂😂😂

  77. author

    ϟ爪丹ㄥ口K丹ツ z8 시간 전


  78. author

    Myu Dz8 시간 전

    couldnt fit any more dead memes in the video huh?

  79. author

    Wesley Lima8 시간 전

    É impressionante como a versão ao vivo é igual à gravada em estúdio... Que vozes !!!

  80. author

    Joan GT DS8 시간 전

    I love it

  81. author

    Joan GT DS8 시간 전

    I need it!!!!!

  82. author

    Putino318 시간 전

    I'm suprised that no one mentioned that Graves actually got his cigar back

  83. author

    valentina S8 시간 전

    0:03 Senna Prestige Edition?

  84. author

    svckJツᏒᎶᎬ ᎪᏟ8 시간 전

    Como no se van a morir las leyendas si se murio juice WRLD :,,(

  85. author

    joelma lisboa dos santos8 시간 전

    estou começando a gostar de league o of legends e de mobilie legends

  86. author

    Antonio Cortés8 시간 전

    Frifai se "inspiró" en este video para sacar su propia canción. XD

  87. author

    Taras16178 시간 전

    This ad is really cringe tbh. It's like he's trying to be funny, and be "cool with the kids", but fails miserably. Kinda reminds me of that mighty number 9 trailer guy

  88. author

    Sandam McGucket8 시간 전

    El inicio es similar al inicio de Sonnie's Edge

  89. author

    Antonio Cortés8 시간 전

    Frifai se "inspiró" en este video para sacar su propia canción. XD

  90. author

    OKEH KHEYO8 시간 전

    This song is inspiring me not going to school but to play league

  91. author

    Ziabatsu8 시간 전

    Nice! You just made tens of people happy!

  92. author

    Francisco Juin8 시간 전

    muchas gracias riot games por exitarme con la parte de los tres puñetazos de Vi

  93. author

    Bruxo FF8 시간 전

    F R E E F I R E 🔥

  94. author

    Astraluz8 시간 전


  95. author

    Trey Hippensteal8 시간 전

    3:08- two things, and i dont LoL ... yet. 1. Standby for Titanfall 2. (if people watch Highrollers dnd, you'll get this) "Find the Prime"

  96. author

    Justin Kim8 시간 전

    Riot and these amazing scenes man..

  97. author

    Chronos Ares8 시간 전

    Alguien más noto la referencia del anime No Game No Life

  98. author

    Jorgito :38 시간 전

    Pero no que se llamaba i am fire?

  99. author

    MAKOI 0688 시간 전