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    Aubs and mad3 시간 전

    Hey ace fam if you do decide in California there are hawks and vultures that will want to hurt the dog so please be careful

  2. author

    Eyisha Hetherington3 시간 전

    When Elle wanted a puppy for years but they gave it to the kid who can’t even look after herself let alone s dog 🤣🤣

  3. author

    Mica Castro3 시간 전

    The poppy is so beautiful ❤️

  4. author

    Kiara Jimenez3 시간 전

    I was laughing so hard😁

  5. author

    Toni Cori3 시간 전

    Yes I loved the last video!!! I can't stop watching it (Baby Mama video) Hilarious!

  6. author

    Sana Peymani3 시간 전

    poor dog 😢 she's not a toy !!

  7. author

    Toni Cori3 시간 전

    I love the into

  8. author

    nanush3 시간 전

    a puppy ist not a toy, damn it! 😠😠

  9. author

    Tenia Charlie3 시간 전

    how is he stupid when you're the one doing the prank? lmao

  10. author

    Cinia Mobley3 시간 전

    Tht was weird

  11. author

    Shante White3 시간 전

    These assholes in the comments really need help!! 1 million views just to talk shit about Austin & Catherine!! Next time they post Flock to the video as fast as you did this one to talk shit about his brother & wife to L&S) just to support them!!

  12. author

    nanush3 시간 전

    what is happpen to your mount? 😨😨

  13. author

    Culo3 시간 전

    Somebody find the damn song @13:53 It’s driving me crazy

  14. author

    Lorraine Peralta3 시간 전

    Y’all love using Elle & alaia for views huh 😂

  15. author

    Kylie B3 시간 전


  16. author

    G Fam3 시간 전

    Thats kinda mean i would cry if someome said if i wanted it i would have to pay for it

  17. author

    It's Jenn †3 시간 전

    they should name the puppy Ace 🥺

  18. author

    Kaylynn Owens3 시간 전

    He reminds me of Austin soooooo much😂😂😂😂

  19. author

    Yuriana Ramos3 시간 전

    my dog died and I am sad

  20. author


    I hope the puppy finds a great, caring home💙❤️

  21. author

    Ashley Caparrelli3 시간 전

    Bet her baby will be named Bella or Isabella

  22. author

    Celyna Garcia3 시간 전

    Dance starts at 11:32

  23. author

    Esra Bayrak3 시간 전

    The Puppy was even tryin to puke because of all the stress there............. i hope the puppy get a home with people who have the time and Energy for him

  24. author

    Juliet Calloway4 시간 전

    You know you're rich af when you think 10,000 is a low price.

  25. author

    Esra Bayrak4 시간 전

    Whats with the other dogs very good question. Shyla and landon are not old enough in my eyes, they act like animals (Dogs) are material things. Big big big thumbs down!

  26. author

    Nicole Boudrot4 시간 전

    Their thumbnail is the ace family for the clout 😂😂

  27. author

    Jan Palm4 시간 전

    Poor elle she’s Been wanting a puppy ever since she was two and then her baby sister gets one like really

  28. author

    Cutey70002 Jax4 시간 전

    i like the puppy so cute, only thing is u trying to record and those kids (dumb) just be in yo business, be like it not yo puppy it's for alaia 🤨. kid just can be annoying when its not there business. srry but the truth Luv ya'll 🌷 💕

  29. author

    SamanthaG E4 시간 전

    Alias face always seems swollen around her eyes like puffy 😳

  30. author

    Thagurl-E4 시간 전


  31. author

    Shagendy Jimenez4 시간 전

    Where are the 2 other dogs

  32. author

    chloe yvette4 시간 전


  33. author

    Roxy K4 시간 전


  34. author

    SamanthaG E4 시간 전

    Aw she looks tired 😩💕💕 how many months is she?? She looks like shes ready to pop. Still looking beautiful though

  35. author

    Unicorn Jazzy World4 시간 전

    I can feel the love and realness between Shyla and Landon, I never felt that with Catherine and Austin they seem fake like a business relationship.

  36. author

    The Real Slim Katy4 시간 전

    I don’t know how many time he said “that’s content “ cringe

  37. author

    Briauna Yurkovich4 시간 전

    The way she was looking at the baby I was gonna cry she’s in love with her little princess already 🥺💕💕

  38. author

    carter b4 시간 전

    #LSGANG💕💕💕you are the best can not wait to meet baby girl can it go any slower

  39. author

    strawberry fajitas4 시간 전

    Catherine wig is stiff. Lmao

  40. author

    Lavetta Kyle4 시간 전

    They are so fake😒

  41. author

    SamanthaG E4 시간 전

    Lmao this is way too funny

  42. author

    Eric True4 시간 전

    It’s not fair Alia got a pup bug Elle has wanted one for years and never got one

  43. author

    Eve yang4 시간 전

    I would name her Alexis

  44. author

    M. adrien4 시간 전

    I like how they actually say that they rent instead of lying and saying that they bought it I love how they don’t lie about everything like...... nvm

  45. author

    Irene Garcia4 시간 전

    They told Elle they couldn’t keep the dog she was gifted because of Austin being allergic to them but for Alaia’s birthday it’s fine?🤨😤

  46. author

    Ben Stephens4 시간 전

    Take the dog Austin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. author

    A N G E L I C4 시간 전

    I hate my life hopefuly it comes to wear i live and burn me.

  48. author

    Rossy __4 시간 전

    10,000?? I want a puppy, but not a 10,000 dollar puppy! Wtf lol

  49. author

    Niya’s Gaming Channel4 시간 전

    I love the channel ❤️💯

  50. author

    Valerie Gonzales4 시간 전

    Best fan ever

  51. author

    Viridiana Life4 시간 전

    The ace girls don’t even like dogs 🐶 good thing they did get the puppy .... because they are not toys they need care

  52. author

    Rossy __4 시간 전

    Bella?? Hmm 🤔jaja

  53. author

    I am Katherine4 시간 전

    Hey guys can y’all please support my channel

  54. author

    davinaa deevilllee4 시간 전

    Forever my favorite

  55. author

    Emma Alcerro4 시간 전

    Aww Elle wanted a puppy for a while😭

  56. author

    Pamela Zepeda4 시간 전

    And on 5:50

  57. author

    Adrey Valdez4 시간 전

    Honestly you know you messed up for this. 😂😂 here's a puppy but if you want to keep it you have to buy it🤣😝

  58. author

    Jessica Otero4 시간 전

    Shyla Looks amazing pregnant, I love how shes isnt trying to be cute...She's just Comfortable and enjoying her pregnancy❤️❤️🥰

  59. author

    Pamela Zepeda4 시간 전

    Shyla sounds like a brat on 5:49

  60. author

    Marrissa Castaneda4 시간 전

    Heyyyyyy my dogs name is snowy I thought I was the only one !!!!

  61. author

    112356 qtuie4 시간 전

    Elle looks so sad

  62. author

    Elise Rodriguez4 시간 전

    You know what's really funny my baby cousin was born three days after alaïa was born and her name is Isabella but everyone calls her bella which is the new dogs recommended name

  63. author

    Saida Mongi4 시간 전

    Landon is so skinny now

  64. author

    Antoinette Prince4 시간 전

    Love you 😘❤️

  65. author

    112356 qtuie4 시간 전

    Aliä looking like what the helll is thatttt 😂😂😂

  66. author

    Joanna Ly5 시간 전

    I love tre's track on this

  67. author

    Helena BK5 시간 전

    Don’t buy, adopt! #shameonyou

  68. author

    kynzleigh moore5 시간 전

    I love y'all and the ace family so much I love babies and little kids because I watch my 3 year old cuisine

  69. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Lmao she said who r u gunna try to compete with she's 3 do u got it bruh she's 3 lol

  70. author

    Jaslin Estrada5 시간 전

    I feel like Elle hasn’t got much attention like she used too 🥺

  71. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Lmao she said what u buy her Stockes lmao

  72. author

    Kemorah Martin5 시간 전

    I just don’t think it’s fair how Elle been asking for a puppy and y’all got alaia one instead ..

  73. author

    natys fam5 시간 전

    Why don't you surprise Elle with the dog she really wants one

  74. author

    Royal Dayliz5 시간 전

    Honestly, things haven’t been fair for elle, she gets less attention lately, not gonna inform you too much.... but elle wanted one when she was about 7 months...

  75. author

    Kiklo8545 시간 전

    7 ads..... some folks are just thriving

  76. author

    J E W E L ' S5 시간 전

    Austin gaining weight! Catherine loosing weight!

  77. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Lmao that's so cute he said u really think I'd let u take a Uber driver alone. That's nice. Lmao n then she said u gone call ur mom lmao

  78. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Hahaha lmao my favorite part is when there at Starbucks n he's playing music n there talking in Starbucks

  79. author

    JSI Nation5 시간 전

    My dogs name is Bella

  80. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    She said five blocks from Starbucks they been driving past alot of shit

  81. author

    keiras x5 시간 전

    I love your KOreporter channel please when you have a giveaway give it to me I've never gotten something from a gloger

  82. author

    yoyo moyo5 시간 전

    why do i feel like,they favoutism alaia more then elle

  83. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Wtf is he throwing up

  84. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Lmao I'm so dead 💀 he said idont listen to u idont listen to u no talking lmao is he being Pisa or Asian lmao

  85. author

    wendi reyes5 시간 전

    I hate alia bec she gets all the atenccitn and elle is all lonliy and if your readind this you better screen shot it to the ace family

  86. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Ha that's right u order u pay. Lmao he said wtf she doing lmao he said I have no money

  87. author

    taylor wilson5 시간 전

    I have a merle English bulldog also

  88. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Lmao it sounds like she knows she couldn't see his tattoos lmao I think she's calling him I would have been calling him.

  89. author

    Norah5 시간 전

    i’m sad.. elle wanted a puppy for so long but alaïa got it.. poor elle. at least she has one

  90. author

    AniiroK ZerauJ5 시간 전

    😩 even pop's got that Colgate smile someone encourage him

  91. author

    KayKay And Fam5 시간 전

    How many times did he say puppy 🐶???

  92. author

    gloriafying5 시간 전

    I’m sure they aren’t worried about more content right now🙄

  93. author

    Julie Y5 시간 전

    Idk seeing Austin’s dad all I can think of is him pulling his pants down from coles story. Sick ppl.

  94. author

    AniiroK ZerauJ5 시간 전

    ..shylays teeth are perfect....Landon what are you waiting for to get that perfect smile

  95. author

    Rheea Kahlon5 시간 전

    Someone please lmk the name of the song at 13:54

  96. author

    Telimay_BeautyLife5 시간 전

    Isn’t your baby name Nelly?

  97. author

    Miracle Coria5 시간 전

    Lmao wtf his hair is Soo fake I would have said what's wrong with ur hair

  98. author

    Aunica Leal-Willis5 시간 전

    I wish Lay lay and y’alls family was in my family so it can be like 100 💯 or 200 all mixed with my family love you ace family

  99. author

    Zanaya Kornegay5 시간 전

    aww i love u guys

  100. author

    Nautica C5 시간 전

    Did you guys get a new camera?! Omg!! I love this video 💓 love you guys