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My New Car!My New Car!

My New Car!

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I hate twitterI hate twitter

I hate twitter

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YouTube is StinkyYouTube is Stinky

YouTube is Stinky

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I Am FishI Am Fish

I Am Fish

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  1. author

    Onyx Mist5 시간 전

    like dude, its now starting to sound like my dad. "im just taking a break"

  2. author

    HighFive5 시간 전

    Sekiro is easy. I agree with u.

  3. author

    Carter Ross5 시간 전

    I DON'T KNOW MY PP SIZE HELP ME PLEASE IT'S BEEN TO LOOOONG. but for real it's good you took a break see you when you get back.

  4. author

    Arrow 21605 시간 전

    Omg he’s quitting I’ll miss you bro❤️❤️

  5. author

    Professor OOF5 시간 전

    In this video Pewdiepie looks like Malfoy from Harry Potter😂😂😂

  6. author

    Rainfire5 시간 전

    **Megalovania intensifies**

  7. author

    Jes Pla5 시간 전

    Mother we don’t care about you it’s your daughter

  8. author

    MattyIsDaddy5 시간 전

    Who else is bored and sad and is just watching pewdiepie’s old videos

  9. author

    Joe Goodboy715 시간 전

    I just realized this is just like the story of the creation of a serial killer A man kills someone close to him by accident and then continuously recreates the scenario trying to fix it.

  10. author

    니니몽5 시간 전

    안녕하세요 ...?

  11. author

    Lhei Bondoc5 시간 전


  12. author

    T Minus5 시간 전

    Anakin get the lightsaber

  13. author

    Mineslof Cat5 시간 전

    6:52 Pewds comforting his sla- I mean worker

  14. author

    Lediamondking Wiseman5 시간 전

    Her at 14: does drugs me at 14:👏😤 what!?

  15. author

    SparkyPikachu225 시간 전

    Shrek: **pulls out meat scepter**

  16. author

    Bryan Lazo5 시간 전

    Feb 19 2020 I’m this old dude I miss pewds he’s on a break right now I’m from the future he finally married martzia and hes still epic

  17. author

    Ariana Martinez5 시간 전

    I don’t even know what I’m looking at right now😂❤️

  18. author

    Evan Webb5 시간 전

    Go away evil dogger

  19. author

    Lokepter5 시간 전


  20. author

    stupidshyeep5 시간 전

    Infliction game next please

  21. author

    Duhsaka - Official5 시간 전

    1 million comment video

  22. author

    Imran Klapija5 시간 전

    How the Coronuvirus happened

  23. author

    Mohammed is here5 시간 전

    Who misses pewdoepie vid

  24. author

    Jessie Day5 시간 전

    Pewdiepie is a great KOreporterr

  25. author

    Duhsaka - Official5 시간 전

    1 million comment video

  26. author

    Donelly Ceruma5 시간 전

    aight bet

  27. author

    incredable llama5 시간 전

    Me: So is WW3 still going to happen Pewdiepie: our a fricking retard Me :I'm Weird then

  28. author

    Resident Normie5 시간 전


  29. author

    Zachary Havers5 시간 전

    Datwat is advertising on your videos make sure pewds sees this

  30. author

    Duhsaka - Official5 시간 전


  31. author

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم5 시간 전

    15:55 This voice crack..

  32. author

    Hunter Wilson5 시간 전

    Im jumping on BoJack Horseman

  33. author

    hadi yaakoub5 시간 전


  34. author

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم5 시간 전


  35. author

    Mash 20015 시간 전

    33 days

  36. author

    HexoGamer 4815 시간 전

    Soy el unico que habla español?JAJA

  37. author

    KC Campbell5 시간 전

    Holy shit makers mark

  38. author

    Nanasuke Maoyuu5 시간 전

    Gosh stop using the clips so much, im ganna get brain cancer! Had to stop watching early, knew i had to leave when i was relieved an ad interrupted, and i HATE ads. But sereously there has to be some kinda cancer from listening to this, or just an aneurysm, either way get me outta here. How do you do it pewds. Stay safe.

  39. author

    Tanish Choudhary5 시간 전

    One day Pews Was Playing Minecraft Pewds:- Wow This background music is awesome 'Marzia in a Distance'- Felix What Song Should Use In Our Wedding Video? Pewds:- Something Related To Minecraft! I love You pewds I am Watching You Since 1m subs <3 pls be back soon

  40. author

    Nguyen dinh Dung5 시간 전

    Sooooooo....When is he gonna come back? I can’t belived that i survive one month whithout Pewd!

  41. author

    Eli Fioravanti5 시간 전

    This "I'll be back" part sounds like something my dad told me once.

  42. author

    Roxy Picasso5 시간 전

    i want someone to swoon over me the way that felix swoons about dr. phil

  43. author

    Enigmafiresup5 시간 전

    I honestly did not expect the break to be this long. I expected closer to one week

  44. author

    Theo from wii sports5 시간 전

    just came to see the grave

  45. author

    Bill5 시간 전

    Woah, he's really such an ass in this one. Was he trying to be some kind of pewdiepaul or something?

  46. author

    arlyy5 시간 전

    He’s waiting in the line to get milk

  47. author

    taylor conrad5 시간 전

    i was so happy when you put the sponge video on. i got that whole thing memorized

  48. author

    megajoe7215 시간 전

    First Filthy Frank and now Pewds? Shit before you know it leafy and grade are gonna leave too...

  49. author

    Potato master5 시간 전

    Old memories

  50. author

    Dannyphantom4155 시간 전

    For having 100 million subscribers you don’t have a lot of views

  51. author

    Bradley S5 시간 전

    Holy fuck that baseball bat is useless. 3+ headshots to kill a zambie.

  52. author

    Beautifully Creamy5 시간 전

    Felix: “were people always this dumb?” Christopher Columbus: well yes, but actually no

  53. author

    just so 15 시간 전

    What happened to the genetically modified soy gang. Soylent your pants

  54. author

    BRAWL STARS5 시간 전


  55. author

    The Raccoon5 시간 전

    So click off of laugh you lose

  56. author

    Menos Catorce5 시간 전

    Donde están los españoles 😞🤘🏿👌🏿

  57. author

    Amitodyuti Bandyopadhyay5 시간 전

    And here I am thinking, maybe I should not regret my life decisions 🤣🤣🤣

  58. author

    LV_bukholdindenis5 시간 전

    Spanish fans? :((

  59. author

    Creeper Gamer5 시간 전

    Pewdiepie: im taking a break, i'll be back soon Plot twist: pewdiepie got the corona virus

  60. author

    Gaming DUBCER5 시간 전

    So like y’all just come back a month later to check what’s going on and comment on here? yup. But wassuh!

  61. author

    Akid Logan Hunter5 시간 전

    He eat his ass

  62. author

    Kuunibyou5 시간 전

    I actually got an ad immediately when this video started

  63. author

    SpinosaurusStudios5 시간 전

    *Holy crap he's been gone for more than a month* *Im sorry WHAT im still on part 30 of the Minecraft series*

  64. author

    Justo MArcelo De Alzaga5 시간 전


  65. author

    Key Clan5 시간 전


  66. author

    히릿و5 시간 전


  67. author

    Levi Dessing5 시간 전


  68. author

    Justo MArcelo De Alzaga5 시간 전

    Pewdiepie: I’ll be back *CNN:* *PEWDIEPIE IS MISSING, LAST SEEN 1 MONTH AGO*

  69. author

    Simonsayyzz5 시간 전

    A month old but comments on this vid still be getting hella likes

  70. author

    Lizzy Murawski5 시간 전

    Hes gone forever?

  71. author

    Titanskrall5 시간 전

    My final message: "It's been real, but I'm out. Goodbye."

  72. author

    iAmJayHonest5 시간 전

    btw pewds , ambidextrous is the ability to use both hands when writing and doing everyday things with ease

  73. author

    Adolfo Brigido5 시간 전

    "WTF is that" are the first word's the legend said and his last one was "Ahhhhhhhh"

  74. author

    Cermit5 시간 전

    PewDiePie: Takes Break. Also Pewds: Comes Back. *The Return of the King*

  75. author

    Benjamin Kryston5 시간 전

    The 39k dislikes are from employees of KOreporter

  76. author

    Peach5 시간 전

    gonna prank pewdiepie when he comes home! Day 817: ...

  77. author

    Não Sei5 시간 전


  78. author

    Jean Valjean5 시간 전

    My absolute favorite gif is at 1:48

  79. author

    Arnela Draws5 시간 전

    Re-watched it 2020. Idc I'm still singing it.

  80. author

    RadioActive Gaming5 시간 전

    :last words: AahHHHhHhaH

  81. author

    Trust5 시간 전


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    Trust5 시간 전


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    Olx Kt5 시간 전


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    MaskuMasked5 시간 전

    ha ha I subscribed to you because the title said not to

  85. author

    hungg 1235 시간 전


  86. author

    Freak245 시간 전

    Is it just me or 2016 pewdiepie was trying to imitate papa frank

  87. author

    Oofer Man 1015 시간 전

    Rip pop smoke

  88. author

    какойта зайац5 시간 전

    у кого-то water ship, а у нас чикибанбони :)

  89. author

    Toon Cartoon5 시간 전

    Pewdewpie is death

  90. author

    Sabs Fabs5 시간 전

    I heard cave13 whrn you was at the grave thing

  91. author

    Ace Rogers5 시간 전

    I'm surprised she hasn't done a reverse Michael Jackson.

  92. author

    Jhon Rivera5 시간 전

    One last brofist?

  93. author

    yano5 시간 전

    Mesukōsei pyūdipī (English Dub)

  94. author

    Kiyoto5 시간 전

    damn pewds how long do you last

  95. author

    Toilet Master5 시간 전

    I like how in these clips we can see Amy getting more fat

  96. author

    GirlGroup Defense5 시간 전

    She’s a troll

  97. author

    The Big Dog Gamer5 시간 전

    Bye PewDiePie

  98. author

    Anthony Andrian5 시간 전

    damn what should i watch now that there's no uploads, this lowkey sucks..

  99. author

    景銘黎5 시간 전

    Felix is actually a pro in redstone

  100. author

    FleetOrYeet5 시간 전

    Im not boomer or zoomer im a moomer